Pyaar Ke Papad 10th August 2019 Written *Last* Episode Update: Omkar and Shivika get blessed

Pyaar Ke Papad 10th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gupta saying I will forgive you only when you have tea with me. Triloki smiles and agrees to have tea only if Gupta prepares it. Everyone laughs. Triloki comes to Omkar and Shivika. Omkar greets Triloki. Triloki blesses him. Triloki says Devki had made these clothes for Shivika’s bidaai, wear these clothes, Omkar your clothes are also there. Shivika happily cries. Shivika says I m very happy, its tears of happiness, I always wanted you to love all of us. Triloki apologizes to her. He says I feel Omkar is my Guru, he has taught me that love is the biggest Dharm, get ready and come, else I will make Omkar a Ghar jamai and keep him here. They smile. Shivika says I m very happy today, what more will I wish. Omkar says its GST’s call. GST asks how do you feel today. Omkar says very good.

Omkar says I will come in the car. GST asks what should be name of your love story book, you are very talented, you won everyone’s heart by love. Omkar says everyone did this together, I m lucky to get such a good family. GST says get children soon, so that I tell your love story. Omkar asks him to tell story to other children, when is he telling feelings to Dolly. GST says she is happy with friendship, I have no courage, I m scared to lose her.

Omkar says your face is your heart, go and tell her. GST says if Dolly agrees, how will I convince mum, Dolly isn’t ideal bahu, everyone’s love story is not like you, when are you coming. Omkar says I m coming. GST says everyone is fulfilling their wishes today. Omkar asks what. GST says nothing, come soon. Shivika hugs Omkar. They get ready. Triloki prays to Devki’s pic. He praises Omkar. Kishore says its good that you rectified your mistake. Triloki says I will drop Shivika to her home with all the rituals, I will do her bidaai today. He hugs Shivika and cries. Omkar and Shivika come there with her family. Mikki stops the car.

Everyone goes out and sing, dance and play dhol. Hai celebration….. aaj ki party….plays…. Everyone dances. Jaya does their grah pravesh and welcomes them home. Jaya says I know that you are a diamond. Shivika smiles. Jagat says there is nothing like profit and loss in relations. Jaya asks him to stay out of their matters. She apologizes to Shivika. Shivika says no need to apologize, I have forgotten it. She hugs Shivika. Chachi asks GST why didn’t he shower flower on anyone. Nandu asks GST what will happen after marriage. Chachi says I know everything, Omkar called me and told everything. She unites GST and Dolly’s hands. She showers flowers on them. GST asks what are you doing. Chachi asks Dolly to handle GST now. Shivika says you risked your life for me and didn’t tell me, I love you. Dolly says I love you too. Omkar asks GST to get set now. He gives a ring. Shivika gives a ring to Dolly. Chachi says get married and settle down. Triloki says GST is lucky, Omkar had struggled a lot to get his love. GST and Dolly exchange rings. They get engaged. Everyone smiles.

Gupta says this has happened, now we can hug Samdhi ji. He hugs Triloki. Everyone claps. The man asks Triloki what happened today that he has come here. Triloki says Omkar explained me, that its fun if we all live together. Maya says now this family is complete. Shivika says no, one member is less. She calls the lady. A girl comes running and hugs Maya. Mangal thanks Shivika. Jaya says Nikki has come. The lady comes and says Shivika requested us to keep adoption procedure today on the special day. Omkar hugs Shivika. Gupta says love has won. Mangal says Omkar has done a lot to get his love. Omkar says yes, our love story started on Shiv ratri. Shivika says I understood his love, but couldn’t say, I couldn’t stop myself when Omkar met with an accident. Mangal says we don’t know about it. Nandu says we had to become kinners to enter the wedding. Omkar says everything got fine, when there is belief in love, love wins. They all dance. Triloki hugs Omkar. Shivika smiles.

The show ends on a happy note.

Update Credit to: Amena

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