Pyaar Ke Kuch Rang Aise Bhi – RagSan FF – Episode 3

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Pyaar Ke Kuch Rang Aise Bhi

Episode 3

*-*-*-Maheshwari Mansion

*~*~*~Neha Room

(Neha character played by Subha Rajput as Sanskar’s first sister)

“Neha…What are you doing?Sanskar asked his sister

“I’m cleaning my room bhai” Neha replied

“You no need to do all these things Neha.Wait I will call someone for cleaning your room” Sanskar spoke

“No need.I will manage.Ok tell me, why you came here?I mean do you have any work with me?” Neha asked

“Actually I came here to spend some time with my sister” Sanskar replied

Neha “Suddenly…Why this much love towards me?”

Sanskar “Maa,Priya,Nikki and I will always love you Neha”

Neha “I know how much my sisters love me bhai.But Maa only loves you only you…”

Sanskar “It’s not like that Neha…Maa loves all of us equally…”

Neha with teary eyes “Then why she didn’t send me to school.Why she snatched my childhood from me?Why I’m like this?”

Sanskar with teary eyes “Neha…You know our condition at that time right?If you want you can continue your studies now”

Neha “Now?Will you give me the same happiness which I lost in my childhood ?Will you?I know bhai…The answer is you can’t…Then leave it…”

Sanskar left the room.


*-*-*-Sujatha Room

Sanskar “Maa…”

Sujatha “Come inside beta”

Sanskar sat beside Sujatha and said,”I know you heard everything maa”

Sujatha made Sanskar sleep on her lap and said, “One day, she will understand everything Sanskar”

Sanskar “I’m waiting for that day”

Sujatha brushed his hair softly and said, “Go to office Sanskar.You will feel better”

“Ok I will go to office.But promise me that you won’t cry?” Sanskar asked his mother

“Ok baba I promise” Sujatha replied with smile

Sanskar took Sujatha’s blessings. Sujatha blessed him to stay happy.

Sanskar “Ok bye maa”

Sujatha “Bye beta”


Just then,

Ragini came to Maheshwari Mansion.

Sanskar “Good morning Ms.Bose”

Ragini “Good morning Mr.Maheshwari”

Sanskar “Ms.Bose…You said you prepare Maa’s diet chart know?Will you show me?”

Ragini “Of course I will show you”

Sanskar “Ms.Bose!!!”

Ragini “What Mr.Maheshwari???”

Sanskar “What you did?”

Ragini “What I did?”

Sanskar “No spicy food,No sweets!!!If you ask maa to stop all her favorite food at once.Then she will feel bad”

Ragini “Mr.Maheshwari…I can understand but as a Nutritionist I can’t support that type of food.It’s not good for Auntyji’s health”

Sanskar “Ok Ms.Bose”

Ragini “Ok Mr.Maheshwari”

Sanskar “Ms.Bose”

Ragini “Now what?”

Sanskar “Nothing.You can go”

Ragini “Thanks”



Ragini “Gollu bhaiyya…”

Gollu “Dr.Didi…”

Ragini told everything to Gollu bhaiyya.
He prepared according to it.

Ragini “Auntyji”

Sujatha “This is for me?”

Ragini “Yes”

Sujatha made faces.

Sujatha “Beta…Roti without ghee😞and beetroot juice”

Ragini “Eat and drink this for 2 days Auntyji”

“After that, I can eat ghee roti’s and no need to drink this juice” Sujatha asked with excitement

Ragini “No…I mean you will get habitual to eat and drink all these things”

Sujatha’s face fell down.

Atlast she completed her food.


Ragini “Auntyji…I’m leaving…”

Sujatha “Ok beta”

Ragini surprised to see her brother.

Ragini “Dada…You here?”

Sohan “Yes Ragu…Actually tumhari scooty ne trouble diya toh I came to pick up you”

Ragini hugged him and said, “Dada…You are best”

They are going on bike…

Sanskar saw them.

Sanskar in mind “Who is he?Why Ms.Bose going with him?In which way he related to her?I must find out”

To be continued…

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Sanskar Neha scene was touchy.ragsan talk about sujata’s diet was hilarious.doesnt he know that now her diet is more important?Ragini sujata scene was nice.Sanskar is wondering who is Sohan to Gauri,ha ha

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      Thank you Jasminerahul. I’m glad that you liked all scenes dear😊

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