Pyaar karu tujse Rab se jyada RAGSAN OS

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Hai exams are over..SO this OS..I will post my stories…don’t worry about them..


A beautifully decorated wedding hall is shown …Everything was symbolizing festive glory..Many ladies surrounded the groom who was already seated in the mandap..His face is reavealed to be sanskar..He was laughing with his friends..Suddenly a girl comes there grabbing everyone’s attraction…She was drenched in blood ..her lips were cut at the corners and blood was oozing out of it.Her hair was total mess ..Her clothes were torn in multiple places ..Her feet was cut..As she dragged her feet it left a blood mark..Her eyes were souless..There were several bruises on her body..Everyone was shocked seeing her and her state..All the guest started hushed whispers..

Suddenly she fell forward..

“Ragini !”Sanskar shouted .He rushed forward towards her and held her before she could fall…Another girl in red lehenga also rushed forward calling ragini’s name..

It was swara..

“What happened ragini,Who did this to you”He asked his voice full of concern..He couldn’t keep himself calm after seeing his ragini like that..Yes she was his ragini..He loved her ..He was supposed to get married to her and now she turned up like this..

Ragini put her blo*dy hand on his chhek ,smiled at him and fainted..

“Ragu get up..Sanskar lets take her to hospital.”Said swara..She was ragini’s bestie..They were childhood friends…Though swara was a rich girl ,she was always alone..Her father was busy in business and ragini was her best friend..She was frantic looking at her best friend like this..

Ragini’s widow mother sumi was horror striken ..It was her dream since the moment ragini was born to see her beautiful daughter married..ofcourse every mother dreams this..Her princess was about to get married but what happened to her…


Ragini was rushed to hospital..Sanskar braced himself against the glass door of ICU.He was staring at her without blinking..

Sumi was crying continuously while swara sat next to her consoling her…

“Aunty don’t worry ragu will be alright…”She tried consoling sumi..

Doctor comes out..

“what happened doctor..she is alright na..”Sanskar asked ..

“Sorry mr. sanskar she is fine but it looks like she was forced.She was raped Whoever that person was he was worse than animal.She is wounded very badly”

Sanskar couldn’t believe it.”what..She was laright..It was our wedding..How can”His voice trailed off He couldn’t speak anymore

Sumi fell back in her chair.Sujatha, sanskar’s mother was attending her..Swara pats sanskar’s shoulder..”Ragu is fine na doctor”She asked..”Yes she is fine but she is still in shock..It will take time for her to come out of shock..As of now we kept her under observation.”

Doctor goes back..

“She was perfectly alright when we helped her to get ready….Who could have done this” It was more like swara was talking to herself..

Sanskar was not listening.His eyes were focused on ragini(Yaar I am shifting my original writing style)


After 3 weeks ragini was discharged..since that day sanskar has not visited her neither has he called her..It was killing her..She remembered a blurry vision of all that happened that day..


She was getting ready….Swara came from behind..

Swara: perfect Ragu..Acha ragu you will be okay na..See Even I didn’t get ready..

Ragini: oho swara ..Please go and get ready..

Swara: you sure..

Ragini: yeah..

Swara leaves after hugging her friend..

Ragini receives a call.

Ragini: so missing me so much ha?

It was sanskar

Sanskar: yes..Shall I come to your room.I am dying to see you.

Ragini: no sanskar ..You cant see me before wedding..Its not right..

Sanskar: I don’t care I am coming..

Ragini: sansk..(He disconnects the call.)

Ragini taps her head with her mobile while blushing..She hears door opening..

Ragini: Aagaye..

She looks back and was shocked to see another person..His face is revealed to be Nikhil..

Ragini: who are you..What do you want..

Nikhil:I want you.

Ragini (angrily): what?

Nikhil: You are getting married to sanskar ..But I thought I will taste you before sanskar..

Ragini : Get lost from here or I will shout.

Meanwhile baraat comes and there was lot of noise..

Ragini gets scared and Nikhil smirks..

Nikhil: please shout..I love it when girl makes noise..

He pounces on her..Ragini tries to escape but he slaps her ..She tries her best to escape but he was like an animal pouncing on her..He lifted her and threw her on bed and the lamp near night table fell on the wedding card burning it as well as ragini’s dreams..

Fb ends..

She snaps out of it and falls down crying..

Here sanskar was in his room looking at ragini’s photo..He wanted to visit ragini but his parents stopped him in the name of family’s prestige ..

Sujatha comes there…

Sujatha: sanskar

Sanskar: haa ma.

Sujatha: we want you to marry swara..

Sanskar:but maa.

Sujatha: sanskar we know you love ragini but we cant let such a girl to be our bahu…We wont be able to face anyone..For you we accepted that middle class girl as our bahu but we cant accept a raped girl as our bahu..

Sanskar: okay ma.your wish..Do as you want..

Sujatha leaves and sanskar turns towards window lost in his thoughts


Sanskar comes from US..He was bought up there only..He comes to one college..He asks someone something ..they point towards two girls..

One girl was dressed in blue sleeveless top and white miniskirt..Next to her there was another girl in a beautiful red coloured anarkali..He goes quietly behind them and lifts the girl in miniskirt and hugs her from back..

Sanskar: swaruuuu…

The girl looks at him in shock and points him to leave her..

He sets her down..

The girl in anarkali was also shocked..

The girl in miniskirt slaps him hard..

He was shocked..and the girl in anarkali bursts out laughing..

The girl in miniskirt was revealed to be ragini and the girl in anarkali was revealed to be swara..

Ragini: I am not swaru..I mean not swara..

Swara: I am swara ..She is my friend.

Ragini folds her hands across her chest and was tapping her foot vigorously

Sanskar: but how come you are in traditional dress ..I don’t believe this..

Swara:we changed dresses for one day..this is her dress..

Sanskar : great..(He was eyeing her toned legs)By the way maam you should lose weight..You are heavy

Ragini: see I told you na swara ..It was a bad idea..come lets change..

Swara: no ways …Deal is deal you will have to be in this dress for whole day..

Ragini: argh

She goes from there angrily and sanskar keeps on staring her..


Swara: What is intresting.

Sanskar: she is intresting ..I mean how can anyone look so pure and sanskari in miniskirt..When I lifted her,I could sense her uncomfort ..She felt it because I was a stranger..I like that

Swara : something something ha?

Sanskar: may be..Come lets go..


After few days

Sanskar and ragini used tease each other ..ragini also started feeling for him day..

Sanskar come to her with his hands behind..

Ragini: what happened sanskar..

He kneels down in front of her

He pulls out one rose..

Sanskar: I love you ragini..Do you love me..

Ragini gets nervous and lowers her head..

A voice:Don’t think ….say yes

Ragini turns around..It was sumi..

Ragini: maa?

Sumi: this guy is a fevicol..Yesterday he proposed me in the same way..

Swaragini: what?

Sumi: haa for your hand.He didn’t leave my feet until I said yes..

Ragini blushes..and looks at sanskar and nods..

Sanskar: words please..

Ragini: yes..

She takes the rose..

He takes another rose

Sanskar: will you marry me.

Ragini: Yes..

He takes another rose

Sanskar: will you be mine for seven births(haha I almost wrote seven months instead of births)..

Ragini: yes.

He takes another rose..

Sanskar: will you become mother to my son

Ragini: yes.

Sanskar takes another rose

Sanskar: will you become mother to my daughter.

Ragini: Yes..

Swara was already yawning..

Sanskar: will you be mother to my son

Swara: hey wrong already asked that..

Sanskar: he is my other son..

Ragini: how many are you planning sanskar..

Sanskar: one son,one daughter ,again a son and again a daughter then twin boys and then triplets..and then twin girls.

Swara was counting the number in her fingers

..Swara: total 11

Ragini: are planning a new cricket team ..


All the three of them burst out laughing..

FB ends

Sanskar keeps back the photo of ragini..


Sanskar and his family visits ragini’s family..

Sumi welcomes them

Sujatha: sumi ji we have arranged sanskar’s marriage with swara..

Swara comes from behind..

Sumi is shocked..

Sumi: did sanskar say yes..

Ragini comes there..ragsan stare at ecahother..

Sanskar: yes aunty..Sorry ragini but for my family..

Ragini fights back tears..

Ragini: I can understand sanskar..Please move on..

Swara comes and hugs ragini..

Swara: I cant marry sanskar..I am sorry ragini..How can I when I know that you love him..

Ragini: no swara ..please marry him ..only you can keep him happy..

Swara: I don’t understand how can sanskar marry me..

Ragini goes inside crying..


It was swara and sanskar’s wedding day..


Ragini was in the hall seated in the front ..Swara insisted that she will marry only if ragini comes to marriage..

It was time for pheres..

Swara and sanskar stand up..

Pandit: first bride ..

Swara comes in front..but sanskar stands still..He removes the cloth with ghatbhandhan and throws it into fire..everyone looks on shocked..

Shekar,Swara’s father looks at him in rage..

Shekar:I am telling you sanskar this is the right way to stop a wedding..

Sanskar: sorry uncle really sorry..I know this is not right to stop a wedding like this..Instead I should have hired a person to rape your daughter to stop a wedding..Right?

Swara and ragini looks shocked..

Sanskar: let me I right swara..

Swara looks pale..ragini stumbles back

Swara: what are you talking sanskar ?

Sanskar: u know what I am talkinh..and I know u know..

Swara looks at ragini..

Swara: ragini don’t believe him ..Sanskar do you proof.(She looks at him with smirk)U cant prove it

Sanskar: sure I can…

He takes out his mobile…


Swara was ready as bride..she was alone..

She takes out swaragini’s pic. And smiles at it and tears it..

She smirks evilly at ragini’s pic..

Swara: oh poor ragini..But its your always get best things…what do you have?? you are a low class girl..Since childhood..Who is first in class ragini, who is a good girl ragini..who is the moniter ragini…Ragini ragini ragini…How can they chose you when I am there..So I became your friend..And you fool you started making sacrifices for me..Remember we go for shopping…whatever you selected I made you reject them and guess what I have them ..I loved sanskar but he chose you..How can I let you have a handsome and rich guy..Thats why I planned your rape..see now sanskar is mine..

Swara: sanskar is mine..sanskar is swara’s..

She sings it


FB ends..

Ragini was shocked..

Ragini: why swara..

Swara: Haa I did this..I loved sanskar ….you thought you will marry sanskar and be equal with I had to do this..

Ragini: I thought you were my best friend..

Swara: your fault..I used you for my reasons.

Sanskar: ragini she planned all this for a long time..She killed that guy who raped you..

Ragini was even more shocked now..

Swara: yes ..Nikhil was crazy about me..(she was talking as of she was proud of it..)I told him if he rapes you I will love him..U know ragu I was loyal..I slept with him to rape you..but he was greedy..low class na..He wanted to marry dare he..he said if I don’t marry him he will tell everything to sanskar so I killed him….Not my fault again..

Sanskar: but swara He told me everything..But before I could take him to police you killed him..That’s why I agreed to marry you ..This way I will get a chance to gather proofs against you..

Swara: so will you marry this girl(She points to ragini)this ..this impure girl..

Sanskar: yes because I never loved ragini for her body..It was her soul that I loved and no one..not even god can taint her soul..She is always pure for me..

Police drags swara from there while swara sings like mad

Swara: swara is best than ragini…n She is best than ragini..

After they go..sujatha agrees for ragsan wedding..

Sanskar : what you thought ..that I will leave you.. not even in your dreams madam..Remember you promised will be mine for 7 births..

Ragini: that was the best decision I have ever taken..

Sanskar: which decisison..

Ragini: to say yes to you..

Sanskar:You sure.

Ragini (looks in to his eyes): yes.

Sanskar cups her face and both smile at each other..




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