Pyaar ka Junoon Ragsan (Promo)

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Hi guys… Hope you guys are doing well! I’m here with a new Ragsan ff. I know I didn’t update my old ffs. Actually I got busy with my college. But this time I’ll be regular.. Here’s the promos of Junoon.. Hope u guys will like it.


She watched people surrounded by the bed crying. she stood there at the corner of the room watching the love of his life dying in front of her. tears rolled down her eyes. she wished why it was not her instead of him, she wanted to die, what has he done? why is it me that i have to go through all this?? why why why? she asked herself, she closed her eyes let the tears rolled down her face.



She sobbed everyday and night recalling all the wonderful moments of life she spent with him. They were only the moments that kept her alive. She looked at his picture, “I am coming, don’t worry, we shall live again if not in this life but every other life, I promise you that my heart, my soul, my body all belongs to you” she smiled; you don’t have to wait anymore” with that she picked up a small tube that has some cloudy colour liquid and has a label of DANGEROUS symbol but also says poison, she brought the bottle close to her mouth…”



She was being taken into hospital on a stretcher. A person who is also with her says, Main tum ko Chor do yeh main hone nahin donga, tum mujhko chor do yeh main kabhie hone don ga! He waits outside the theatre as the red light has been on for the last eight hours. He waited impatiently and pacing around! Suddenly the doctor comes out with a serious look on face…



She sits there on the bed. A person comes behind from her and kisses her neck. He whispers, I have been waiting for this moment for long! A tear escapes from her eyes without making notice to the person. The person bends to kiss her on her lip, before he can move any further the room has gone black.

Who is that person? Why is the girl motionless and why she is crying?




A shadow appears from behind as he watches the two people hugging. he tightens his fist in anger and hits it on the tree. His hand is full of blood and a mark is shown there, the same spot where the two had written their names on when them two were in love once! he is hurt and betrayed. He has a determined look on his face and is conceived to see them hurt whatever they do. he will erase the happiness in their life, he promised himself he will do anything to hurt them even he have to kill someone or murder someone. MURDER , he thought, this gives him the sign of next step he will take! He smiles, an evil and charming smile…..


How’s it guys? Too much suspense? All your questions will be answered in upcoming chapters. The character analysis of this fanfic needs not to be posted as all the character will reveal itself in the Fanfic.

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