Pyaar ka Junoon Ragsan (Part 1)

I grew up on my own as my parents died when I was two. I did not know how my parents looked but still I am Ragini Chopra. I do not even know how many relatives I have or any aunty, uncle or family friends. All I know that I, Ragini Chopra was the daughter the rich man who has died but why me, I am living the life of hell. What have I done so wrong in my life that I have to be paid for this big punishment? Even though I have a big house, big car and money, my all life is torment, agony of pain. I am 18 now and am living on my own. I was raised by my maid who left me at the 16 but after that I took care of myself and made myself comfy in the lonely big house. It was only me and my voice that echoed all around my house, I spent the last two years not by myself but with the silence.

Who thought that the school life is the best memory of your life but for me it is the best memory of pain and agony I have been through? I did not even know how to make friends. I was that simple that no one even took that serious to me. The word “friends” was far beyond my reach. I spent my school life by surviving and gulping down the pain of loneliness’ People won’t even look at me, even spending the last 16 years at school I was treated as stranger not as a mate, class fellow just a stranger. Stranger that has just joined the school and was about began a new life. I waited each day but every seconds of my life waiting for my prince charm to come and rescue me from all the pain, silence and take me away by just one kiss. Then I’ll spend all my life with him enjoying all the dreams that every girl long for. It’s just one of my foolishness that I kept me believing that it’d come true. I waited two years all the time; no one was there to keep me company. It was only me and me. Even though my neighbors who lived next with me for eighteen years don’t even talk to me or say hello! They would just throw a dirty glance and drive away with their own work. I waited any sign from anyone to show that they want to know me more and become friends.

I cry every night looking at the picture of my parents enquiring why did they left me alone. Why was I born even I have to live life this? Even orphans lead better life than me, they have friends, someone to look after but me, why me.

Why is life so harsh to me, what sins have I committed that I am paying to live this life. Why God is being so unfair to me! What more does he want? Did he just not punish me enough by making me isolated from all other?????

I have been alone most of my life. Emotionally alone, socially alone; Void of feeling pleasure from social interaction in a world that values this above almost all else. Mostly I am walking down the street “blind” to the way of the world. Walking down the street listening to the music that soothes my soul having no choice but to be oblivious to the apparently otherwise obvious as far as others are concerned.
Music is the only thing that gives her the company. Oh’ how much she loved his voice, it was so sweet and adorable. The way he sings the love and romantic songs; that made her forget everything. She always closes her eyes listening to his music as if he is referring to her. Not only is she in love with his voice but also his handsome face. She wished it was him, her prince charming! She knew that it’s not going to come true! If school boys didn’t even date her what would the popular rock star would do her, treat her like a tissue paper! Once used throw it in a bin?
I’ Ragini Chopra lives the life in two name. What wrong with being Ragini, she wondered. I am good looking; I have got everything, money, power wealth? What else the people look in for? What did I not learn from all these years, what? The only thing she lacked is confidence, ability to make friends rather than keeping quiet, an ability to talk and be friendly but she is friendly!

The other name of Ragini is Angel. “Angel” thought Ragini, people would laugh at her if they come to know her close and see her. Angel is the name that her maid used to call her. Sadly, she was the patient of cancer and died away. She was like a mother to her and she never let her feel alone and treated like her own child. The name was inherited from her parents. This was her nickname that she used.
‘Angel’ thought Ragini, what beautiful a name? Angel is given to those who lives a good life and are happy with it. Why me, Angel? Is something big going to change myself, is a miracle going to happen so soon? Foolish, she thought miracles only happens in fairy tales!
Her college life seems to be better than school as she got to meet more new people from different culture and different backgrounds. She was no longer treated as or being ignored. She promised herself to change herself and it did work for her. what scared her the most when she fell for a guy, who is the hottest guy, the guy which make every single girl fall and drool over him. She thought it was normal but didn’t admit in front of everyone nor her friends as she was shy  .

She has to walk past him every day. As she has to walk past him, her legs start to shake, her lips tremble when he sends a charming smile to her.

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