pyaar ka dusra nam – Sangini episode 16

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“Laksh get up yaar Laksh please here I am stuck in problems and this boy is sleeping. Laksh get up” Sanskar tired to wake up Laksh.
“bai please let me sleep ” Laksh mourned .
” shut up and get up. I made a blunder ” Sanskar said.
” bai you and your not so serious problems please don’t involve me in those ” saying Laksh woke up and Sat on bed still closing his eyes.
” this time it’s more than serious Laksh. it’s about ragini ” Sanskar says.
” what happened now” Laksh asked uninterested. Sanskar said about his and ragini fight at breakfast he getting angry and shouting at her.

“bai this is too much how can you this time even I am not Happy with your behaviour ” saying Laksh left angry.

” I know I was rude I had realised my mistake please help me if not you who will help me ” Sanskar said following Laksh making puppy face. but Laksh was not paying any head to him.
” Laksh please yaar siddhant was reacting as if I commited a crime and ragini she is crying as if I had done something, stupid girl ” Sanskar said for which he got death glares from Laksh.
” k I will admit my mistake don’t give me that look please help me are else all will know that ragini is not my girlfriend and next moment they will fix my marriage with Swara ” Sanskar requested.

” but bai still I feel you should tell all of them truth ” Laksh says lost.
” k I will tell but not now I need time think about another plan and for just today manage I will send ragini back definitely ” Sanskar says.
” bai you are being selfish because no one should know the truth you want to send her away but even she will go also everyone will get dought right ” Laksh asks confused.
” ragu don’t cry I can’t see you like this “siddhant says being concerned and sits beside her consoling.
shekar feels happy unknowingly. sumi and swara are surprised by seeing siddhant bonding with ragini in such short span of time.

Swara is feeling uncomfortable by seeing their bonding.
” ragu this is the right time convince siddhant bai to let you stay in GM ” ragini thought and started crying more.
” don’t know bai Sanskar is behaving odd now a days I am feeling scared to be with him i can’t stay their any more ” ragini fake cries.
all are shocked by her confession.
siddhant tightened his fist thinking if in front of him Sanskar is too rude to ragini how is he behaving with her when they are alone. his heart is not believing Sanskar will behave like that but he can’t even ignore ragini cries.
“ragini i think their is a misunderstanding bai will not do anything like that with anyone ” uttara says.
” ha ragini in this I think uttara is right you are mistaken about Sanskar ” Swara says. all can clearly sense anger in her voice.

” and more over bai loves you how can he behave with you like that he will not behave that rude even with his enemies “uttara takes Sanskar side.
” love where that came from ” ragini thought.
Sanskar and laksh who just came were shocked and afraid of ragini reaction.
” excuse me … “before ragini could Something Sanskar immediately ran to her and hugged her.
” am sorry ragu you know na how stupid I am and if I get angry I will get out of control and I take all my anger on you ” Sanskar says.

ragini was shocked.
” and why not when you are mine I had a right on you “Sanskar says cupping ragini face.
she was getting shock on shock.
” shut up Sanskar is this the way to show your right on her ” siddhant said.
” I know siddhant but what I can do I am trying to convince all of them for our relation and ragini she is not ready to change herself a bit “Sanskar says acting as if he was sad and hurt.
ragini is not understanding anything she thought she is only drama queen but Sanskar is acting more than her.

she was about to speak but Laksh sighed her not to speak.
” why Laksh is asking me to keep quite even he is involved with this daku ” ragini thought.
” ragini please forgive me for my mistakes I can’t leave with you I mean I can’t leave without you ” saying again Sanskar hugged her.
shekar was burning in anger while Swara is hurt.

” if this drama is completed all can move to their respective works ” shekar says.
” shekar leave it and come with me ” sumi dragged him in.
” Swara shall we leave ” uttara says.
Swara is continuously looking at Sanskar Laksh who was observing her felt guilty.
” Swara lets go ” uttara says again which made her jerk.
uttara and swara also leaves.

” this is last and final warning Sanskar don’t you dare to ragini i will not forgive you “saying siddhant also leaves. Sanskar gulped in fear.
” what is happening here?? “ragini asks.
” bai it’s time you say the truth “Laksh says.
” k but not here ” Sanskar says.
in Park….

ragini folded her hands and looking at Sanskar angrily by raising her eyebrows.
” Hello don’t give me that look “Sanskar says.
” shut up I am right you are a big kamina Playing with others feelings idiot, moron “ragini huffs in anger.
” don’t you dare to say a word I am not Playing with anyone’s feelings “Sanskar says.
” enough guys, bai I am with ragini you should say truth everyone are hurt because of one misunderstanding try to understand ” Laksh says.
” come on Laksh you always support this mad girl “Sanskar says for which he got glares from both ragini and laksh.

” k I am wrong but once you think if even I say truth nothing will sort out but the things will versen I can’t go against bade papa and you know how is relation between me and Papa so even I can’t talk to him. so I should marry Swara after that what about Swara I can’t give her that love and laksh you tell me how you will feel if the girl whom you love will become your babhi ” Sanskar says.
” bai please I think already we talked about it I don’t want to talk about it now it’s on your both what you want to do I am going home “saying Laksh left.
” I think if Swara realises Laksh love problem will be solved after that we can tell truth to everyone then their will be no problem “ragini says thinking.
” wow for the first time your words have some sense ” Sanskar says.

” what you mean I will talk non sense “ragini huffs.
” I think their is no need to say about it “Sanskar says.
” don’t act smart k still I had not forgiven you and more over you want me to go away right ” ragini says.
” I don’t care if you forgiven me or not “Sanskar says.
” but it matters to siddhant bai don’t forget his warning “ragini says.
” are you trying to blackmail me “Sanskar asks.
” aww now I agree you are smart Yes cutie I am blackmailing you “saying ragini pulls Sanskar cheeks.
both are lost in each others eyes.

” so… “Sanskar says.
” so.. “ragini repeats .
” so I am cutie I thought I am daku, karela and… “Sanskar says coming close to her.
” wo… I.. just… I didn’t mean it “ragini says. she is becoming nervous due to his closeness.
” really so I am not cutie ” Sanskar acts disappointed.
” don’t try to act smart karela ” says
ragini and stamps his foot.

” mad girl ” shouts Sanskar holding his leg in pain.
” k Sanskar I will not say to anyone that I am not your girl friend till Laksh and swara become close but you should promise me that you will not do anything to send me back. you will say that I am winner of the challenge in front of office staff and also will give me nice cabin not that cabin without AC deal “ragini says to Sanskar who is sitting beside her and driving the car.
” Oh God.. k I will do what ever you want “Sanskar says after thinking” but you should listen to me “.
” why should I listen to you “ragini asks.
” because you are going to stay in my home as my so called girl friend so you should behave ” Sanskar says.

” you mean I will not behave properly, you are the one who should learn how to behave with girls not me have you forgot how you had hurt me “ragini says in anger.
” Oh no Sanskar ragini became serious now what should I do ” Sanskar thinks and suddenly he gets an idea, he stops the car and gets down.
” why you stopped the car ” ragini who is still angry asks while getting down.
” come with me “saying Sanskar takes her to the bridge.
” where are you taking me “ragini asks.
” from the time you came you had not scene kolkata today I will show you the real kolkata “saying Sanskar points to the bridge.
” wow it’s beautiful ” ragini says” but mumbai beach will be far better than this bridge over here “ragini says showing attitude.

” how much I try this mad girl will show attitude only calm down Sanskar now it’s her time “Sanskar thinks another idea strikes his mind.
” wait a second I will come “saying Sanskar goes and brings flowers.
” I no ragini from the day we met we are not going well with each other but from now we can be good friends please accept my apology and even these flowers “Sanskar says by kneeling down.
ragini opens her mouth in shock.
” close your mouth and take these flowers my legs are paining ” Sanskar says.
ragini takes the flowers. Sanskar gets up and forwards his hand ” so friends “.
” k friends “ragini says still shocked.

” k come lets go this is the first time I am late to office ” saying Sanskar goes.
” am I dreaming “ragini thinks” may be I am over thinking or he is not that sadoo as I thought ” ragini thinks.
” come fast “Sanskar shouts.
” hmm “saying ragini runs and collides with Sanskar who is walking in front.
she stumbles and about to fall but Sanskar holds her. flowers in ragini hand showers on them while Sanskar is holding ragini by her waist and both are lost in each other.

***this part is not proof read ***

hope you like it… negative and positive feedback is welcomed….. keep smiling… stay blessed… spread positivity… love you all ???

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