pyaar ka dusra nam – Sangini episode 15

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“I had decided sumi I want swara to get married soon, I can’t see her in pain ” shekar says wiping his tears.
” and do you think swara will agree, she loves Sanskar, at least give her time to forget him ” sumi says.
” love I hate that word, that lady cheated me in the name of love and now Sanskar cheated my angel. I hate them ” shekar shouts.
” shekar please don’t shout if siddhant will listen he will feel bad. though he thinks me as his mom the truth is siddhant is not my son he is janki son ” sumi says lost in thoughts.
” don’t take name of that cheater lady sumi. siddhant is my son our son not hers ” shekar says annoyed.

” k I will not mention her you should also not think about it ” saying she hugs shekar.
” but I am worried for shona, you see I will get better groom for my angel who is far better than Sanskar and I am not going to leave Sanskar that easy he should pay for hurting shona ” shekar says angry.
” sometimes I get fear shekar you go out of your limits when you are angry, we can’t blame Sanskar fully. he don’t know about this alliance ” sumi tries to make him understand but shekar was in no mood to listen.

” drink it ” saying siddhant giving black coffee to swara.
she wipes her tears in order to hide them.
” no need to hide them let them flow shona you will feel better ” he says. she immediately hugs him and cries.
” sorry bai I am not able take it any more. when ever I see ragini with Sanskar I feel like I am incomplete. I don’t want to be a hurdle in between them I want Sanskar happiness only but I feel like it is my place and ragini came in middle of us.
if she is not their today I and Sanskar would be together ” Swara says crying.
” I am bad na bai how can I blame ragini it’s me who is coming between them ” she completes.

” shut up shona enough of this I know it is hard for you but stop blaming your self. I know how pure your heart is and about ragini she is not at fault. it’s destiny which made ragini come in Sanskar life and I believe even in your life their is a man who will love you more than him. and trust me I will get him into your life where ever he is prince of my princess ” siddhant says.
” but how can I love him bai I love… ” before she says siddhant keeps a finger on her lips.
” enough of this crying section from today no more crying we should only enjoy and today lets watch your favourite movie ” siddhant says wiping her tears.
swara smiles and unwillingly agrees.
siddhant and swara enjoys movie later they gossip. siddhant says what all happened in office. his and ragini talks their dinner. swara feels strange knowing siddhant bonded with ragini so well in short span of time.


” Laksh what’s wrong with you man, you messed up your room ” Sanskar says entering Laksh room.
” bai I am in no mood to talk please leave ” he says angry.
” Laksh just say it I may help you. what is your problem ” Sanskar asks holding his hand.
” you bai you are my problem because of you my shona is hurt, why can’t you understand she loves you so much ” he says walking past by jerking his hand from Sanskar’s hold.
” not again Laksh we already talked about it don’t you think it is silly to dig on that matter again ” Sanskar says uninterested.
” bai it’s not silly, it is serious today by seeing you and ragini so close swara was in tears. she is heart broken bai please accept her in your life I can’t see her sad ” he says holding his hands.
” look Laksh, I can’t accept swara because i never had such feelings towards her and even if I try I can’t do it. she will never be happy to be with a man who doesn’t love her. swara is a sweet girl I don’t want her life to ruin. and I am not insulting her love but her affection towards me is not love it’s just infatuation. she deserves a man who can love her to the core who can give her that happiness which she needs and that is you Laksh ” Sanskar says.
” bai if mine is also infatuation then ” he asks.
” I can say it for sure that your’s is not infatuation. if it is then you will be with swara now not here asking me to accept her. look Laksh it is the time to make swara realise your love” Sanskar says.

” but I feel she deserves better than me ” he says.
” shut up who said that don’t dare to talk like that again. you are best Laksh. try to make swara understand your love ” Sanskar says patting his shoulders.
” thanku bai you always have a solution for every problem ” saying Laksh hugs Sanskar.
” not for that mad girl ragini, I came here to ask solution for that only ” Sanskar says annoyed.
” ragini really bai, she is such a sweet heart and I am not getting what you are doing, why you are hiding truth and what ansh is saying, what is happening at dinning table ” Laksh asks breaking the hug raising his eyebrows.
” wo wo… nothing.. is… happening like you are thinking ” Sanskar says fumbling.
he gets a glare from Laksh he tries to hide his blush soon composes and says
” it’s just a accident Laksh I had not kissed her intentionally ” Sanskar says finally.

” why every accident will happen with you that too this intense, that too only with ragini ” Laksh asks teasingly.
” please yaar Laksh don’t tease me and we should bare her only for one more day tmrw she will leave ” Sanskar says smirking and says about their challenge.
” and if she completes her challenge then ” Laksh asks.
” no if she completes then I will be in trouble, I should pretend her as my girl friend ” Sanskar says.
” that is why I am saying to tell the truth but you being stubborn ” Laksh says.
” you are not getting me Laksh if I say truth they will force me for marriage with swara ” Sanskar says.

Laksh feels sad.
” see that is why I don’t want to say and please don’t make that faces we will sort out the things ” Sanskar assures Laksh.

” suraj please help me I should win this challenge or else that karela will kick me out ” ragini says to suraj who was talking to her in call.
” I understand ragu but mehta’s industries are construction based we are designing firm how can I get you their statistics that to in a night ” suraj says.
” don’t say like that you know na how weak I am in these stuff please do something ” she says munching chips.
” k I will try and don’t eat too much it’s too late ” he says.
” shut up, I know when and how much to eat ” she says being irritated.
” sorry now don’t be irritated. riyu and sanju are very much angry, janki mam she is hurt why don’t you talk to them once ” suraj says.
” you know na suraj I can’t if I talk to them then I will fall week and I will not be able to stay here ” she says disappointed.
” ragu are you alright ” he asks.
” hmmm ” she hums.
” if you be like this how you are going to Complete the report. my ragu is very much active when it comes to any challenge and till date she had never lose ” he says to cheer her up.
” k now I should work on report as soon as you get any info mail me, bye gud nt ” she says.
” gud nt ragu ” he says.
” bai whom you are talking this night ” riya asks entering into suraj room.
” just a client, why are you still awake aren’t you sleepy ” suraj tries to cover up.
” I know bai is talking to ragu I heard him saying ragu but why is he lying to me. their is something they are hiding from us for sure. I need to know about it ” riya thinks.
” I just came to check whether you slept or not. k gud nt ” saying riya leaves the room.
” thank God riya had not got dought or else she will bombard me with questions why ragu is not calling them and all ” suraj feels relieved.

” now how should I complete this one ” ragini is in thoughts.
” may I come in ” she hears a knock on her door.
” Laksh what are you doing here ” she asks as soon as she spots the voice is of Laksh.
” I was just passing by and saw your room lights on so I came to check ” he says scanning her room which is scattered with papers, ragini is sitting on her bed with laptop in front of her and chips bowl in her hands.
” I am completing report ” she says pouting and singing him to sit.
” you know even for my finals I had not worked this hard. may be you bro would have said about our challenge ” she says munching chips and offering him to have by forwarding him the bowl.

” hmm bai told me but I didn’t expect you will take it this serious. by seeing your room I can I also never worked this hard ” he says.
” please Laksh help me I should win this challenge or else I will be thrown out and staying here is very important for me ” she says lost in thoughts.
” hello mam where are you lost ” he asks waving hand in front of her.
” nothing please once look at this report and suggest me any changes I have to make ” she asks.
Laksh checks the report and asks her to add statistics related to projects that are undertaken.
” but their I no info online ” she says.

” I had a idea, Papa maintains the records of all the projects in order to develop upcoming ones. you may get them in study room” he says.
“then come lets get the info ” she says.
” are you mad info will be in Papa personal system and I don’t know password of it and don’t ask me to ask Papa that to at this time I am not going to do that ” Laksh says.
” please Laksh you can’t do it at least for your friend. this is what you value our friendship ” she says making puppy face.

” God knows why I am doing this. hope hitler will not eat me raw “Laksh says standing in front of dp’s room door.
ragini chuckles listening him.
” what is their to chuckle ” he asks making faces.
” you are afraid of dp uncle who is such a sweet heart and you are calling him hitler while your daku bai is their to be called hitler ” ragini says making faces.
” oh please my bro is not hitler and you are calling Sanskar as daku seriously you got mad he is the coolest one of our family ” Laksh says facing ragini.
” coolest an Sanskar hahaha joke of the decade ” ragini laughs.
” ragini you are impossible ” Laksh says.
just then they hear door open sound.
” this is all because of you now we are finished ” says Laksh which is audible to ragini only and turns to face dp who is standing their shocked to see them.
” sorry Papa we are not here to disturb you actually… ” ragini interrupts Laksh and says.
” actually I am working on something and laksh is helping me. we need some statistics of mehta industries. Laksh said we may get it in your pc as you will keep all the records and I know this is too late but tomorrow is dead line so we came here. please uncle help us ” ragini says in a go and waits for the reply. Laksh closes his eyes expecting dp would yell on them.
dp smiles and gives them keys of his desk and says password for his pc which shocks Laksh.

” am I dreaming Papa not yelled at us nor taunted ” Laksh says while they are working in ragini room after collecting the info they needed.
” I told you, uncle is very nice don’t know why you are so afraid of him ” ragini says.
” you don’t know ragini may be you are guest so he didn’t said anything ” he says.
” I know you never tried to talk with uncle like a friend you always treating him as a strict father so you are so afraid of him once try and talk. trust me he is a wonderful father and a lovable superior of this family ” ragini says.
” I am not talking I am better like this only ” saying both started working.
dp listens to them and also sees how they are working.

” where you went at this time ji and what ragini and laksh doing at this time ” ap asks dp who had just came into his room.
” ragini is working on some report and laksh is helping her. they need some info from study so came to ask ” dp says smiling.
” and why are you smiling for that ” ap asks confused.
” ap don’t you find strange Laksh who never serious about his career or business he was helping ragini that to sacrificing his sleep. ragini has something her which will make this family bond stronger. I am happy to see Laksh I taking something serious at least for his friend. I know Laksh is talented but he need a push to make it useful and I am seeing that is ragini. after hearing their convo I am sure about it ” dp says and also says about their convo he heard.

” I don’t know about all but I really liked ragini. she will be able to handle this house and Sanskar but sujatha is not ready to accept it ” ap says.
” don’t worry we know about sujatha she is good at heart
though she doesn’t show. it will take time bit she will accept ragini in Sanskar life. before we proceed in Sanskar and ragini matter I need to talk to shekar and make everything clear ” dp says.
” hmmm you are right ” ap says.

Laksh woke up and makes ragini wake as they both slept in sitting position.
” Laksh let me sleep ” ragini says.
” k you sleep and bai will win the challenge ” he says.
” no “shouting ragini wakes up.
” good now go and get ready I am going to my room as I am too sleepy ” he says.
” this is not fair you will sleep nicely while I should go to office ” she says.
” so it’s your problem I helped you my work is finish and for God Sake don’t even say to bai I helped you or else he is going to kill me ” Laksh says.
” k ” ragini says pouting.
” all the best ” saying Laksh leaves to his room.

ragini gets ready fast and comes out of her room. while passing Sanskar room she enters his room and finds he was not their. she hears sounds from washroom.
” so karela is getting ready to office he kissed me right. now I will show him ” she thinks and latches washroom door.
Sanskar after finishing bath he tries to open the door but finds it locked from outside and becomes shocked. he calls out for opening the door.
” see karela how much you shout no one is coming to open it unless I am here ” ragini says.
” you crazy girl. are you nuts why you latched the door open it or else I am not going to leave you ” he shouts frustrated.
” hahaha first you should come out na then we will see ” ragini says.
” ragini open the door dammit don’t irritate me ” he says in anger.
” first say me sorry then only I will open ” she says.
” why should I say sorry ” he asks.
” because yesterday night you you… ” she feels embarrass to say he kissed her.
” what will you say or not ” he shouts.
” I will not say why you know why so say sorry ” she says.
” ho she is talking about kiss ” he thinks.
” k sorry now open ” he says.
” what ‘sorry’ imitating Sanskar plead me ” she says.
Sanskar who is irritated by now says” sorry ragini please open the door ”
ragini opens the door Sanskar who was
leaning against the door doesn’t not realise and falls on ragini due to sudden jerk.
ragini stumbles but manages not to fall and Sanskar balances both of them by holding door with one hand while other is resting on her waist.
both are lost in each others eyes. ragini is feeling goosebumps as Sanskar is so close and he was just in his towel. water is dripping from his hair which is falling on ragini neck making her more nervous.
Sanskar moves his head more closer to ragini. he rubs his cheeks to hers without breaking the eye lock.
she feels week in her knees. he moves more closer their is no gap between their lips. they can feel their heart beats increase.
“champ don’t run you will fall ” they here adharsh voice from corridor outside the room which gets them back to senses.
Sanskar leaves her and avoids eye contact while ragini goes from their.

ragini comes into her room and pins herself to wall closing her eyes.
she is still breathing heavily as if she is running.
” what is happening to me how can I allow Sanskar to come so close to me. I always lost my self in his eyes. I should control this abnormal feelings for Sanskar. I can’t fall for Sanskar. I should not forget about my promise to mom. I am here for siddhant bai and I should concentrate only on tha ” she thinks.

” not again why I always lost my senses around her and why all cosy moments happens between me and ragini only. IS Laksh saying truth am I falling for her. no this can’t happen I can’t fall for ragini. she is mad and I hate her that’s the truth ” Sanskar thinks and gets ready.

ragini comes down and wishes all at dinning.
” hi ansh ” she says who is staring milk glass and making faces.
” hi ” he says and sits silent.
” champ drink milk fast or else your mom will scold me ” adharsh says who is sitting beside ansh for which pari glares adharsh as he always make her embarrass​ in front of elders.
” Papa I don’t like milk you know na ” ansh says pouting.
” ansh if you want to become strong like your Papa, Sanskar chachu and laksh chachu drink milk ” sujatha says coming out of kitchen eyeing ragini.
ragini gives her a smile but sujatha ignores.
” why aunty always eyes me like I had Stolen her chocolate ” ragini thinks and laughs in herself. all stare at her.

” why are you laughing ragini ” ap asks.
” wo aunty actually I felt like sujatha aunty will always keep the expression like a child who lost her chocolate ” she says and chuckles. for which rp and ansh laughs loud while all others supress their laugh. sujatha eyes ragini angrily.
” sorry aunty but you look cute with the angry expression that you try to maintain but always fail ” saying she walks to sujatha and pulls her cheeks.

all smiles seeing ragini and sujatha.
sujatha tries to maintain angry but slightly blushes when ragini calls her cute.
Sanskar just then comes their.
” wow you are so cool new chachi ” ansh says looking at ragini.
” new chachi why you are calling me like that ” ragini asks confused.
” because ansh want one chachi you are new so he is calling like that ” Sanskar says in order to cover up.
all gives him sheepish smile not understanding his behaviour.
Sanskar to avoid dought winks at ragini as of teasing her.
” this Sanskar why he is winking. he is planning something I guess I should find out ” ragini thinks as she is not convinced by his explanation. she thinks to avoid for now. she goes to ansh.

” you can call me ragini like I am calling you ansh ” she says.
” but you are elder to me ” ansh says.
” Yes I am elder to you but in friendship are doesn’t matter will you be my friend ” she says.
” oh God at least spare ansh you a your friendship scares me ” Sanskar says taunting her. ragini glares at him.
” you know ansh I am not just cool I am super cool and your Sanskar chachu is jealous of me ” ragini says.
ansh chuckles.
” oh please me jealous that to for you in your dreams ” Sanskar says.
” Sanskar ” adharsh signs Sanskar to keep quite as dp also present their.
” oh no now I am finish bade Papa will scold me for sure ” Sanskar thinks.
all feels dp will be upset with Sanskar and ragini but dp is enjoying their nok jhok which only ap understands.
” ansh leave this karela maheshwari he talks bitter words only ” she says.
Sanskar controls his anger as all are watching him.
” why are you calling Sanskar karela. my son is sweet not bitter don’t call him like that ” sujatha says supporting Sanskar.
” hahaha sweet I think you need Visit a doctor aunty ” ragini says laughing.
all shocks by her words.
Sanskar gets angry on ragini.

” we are leaving for office ” saying Sanskar holds ragini hand .
” arrey let me complete my breakfast ” she says.
” you can eat in office ” saying he drags her.
” see ansh drink milk or else you will also become like Sanskar sadu he also avoided milk like you only ” she says winking at ansh. ansh chuckles.
” all of you want to give her a chance see how she is talking and Sanskar how much he changed before he used to not spare if any one talk to me Like this even it is rp ji but now he not even reacted instead he had taken her away by holding her hand ” sujatha says and rushes to her room in anger.
” why choti dadi is angry ” ansh asks.
” because you are not drinking milk “adharsh says for which again he gets glares from pari.

” sadu maheshwari leave my hand it’s hurting. I can walk ” ragini says trying to get rid of Sanskar hold.
they were standing near Sanskar car.
” how tightly you held my hand daku ” saying she rubs her wrist.
Sanskar pins her to car forcedly by holding her right wrist with on hand and left shoulder with other.
” what the hell ” ragini shouts.
” don’t shout I can shout more than you. what you are doing inside ha ” he asks in anger.
” I was just making fun ” ragini says who was afraid by seeing Sanskar anger.
” for you every thing is just fun. because of you mom would have felt hurt ” he says.
” I was just kidding and I had not said anything like it would hurt anyone ” she says tears are forming in her eyes.

Sanskar tightens his grip her shoulder and wrist.
” you will not understand anything grow up ragini you may be kidding but it will be hurtful to others ” he shouts.
” Sanskar my hand is paining please leave me and why are you making it a big issue ” she shouts.
” I said don’t shout. don’t think I will spare all your stupidity ” he says.
” Sanskar please leave me it’s paining ” she cries.
” Sanskar leave her ” he hears a voice.
he leaves ragini and turns. he finds siddhant and swara who were shocked to see Sanskar behaviour towards ragini.
they just heard ragini last words.
ragini avoids looking at siddhant as she is not able to control her tears.
” Sanskar I had not expected this sort of behaviour from you. I told you not to hurt ragini ” siddhant says. loved was angry to see tears in ragini eyes.
” siddhant just stay away it’s matter between us ” Sanskar says. siddhant and swara were shocked with Sanskar words as he never differentiate him and siddhant.
siddhant feels hurt. uttara who just came out stands confused.
” swara take ragini to GM “siddhant says. Swara goes near ragini holds her shoulders and takes her to GM.
” may be it’s your personal but I will not just see if you are physically assaulting ragini” siddhant says glaring Sanskar.
” bai what siddhant is saying ” uttara asks confused.
” I don’t know uttara. physically assaulting are you nuts siddhant think before you speak ” Sanskar says he was angry.
” then what should I name what just happened. ragini is crying in pain and you are not ready to leave her. I never expected my friend will stoop so low ” siddhant says feeling disgusted.
Sanskar realises what he done. his anger overpowered his humanity. how can he behave so harsh with ragini he is feeling disgusted on himself.
” I didn’t mean to hurt her I was just angry ” Sanskar says.
” and you took your angry on her ” siddhant says and leaves from their.
” bai what siddhant said is it true ” uttara asks.
Sanskar lowers his head feeling shame at his action.
” how can you bai ” uttara says and goes to GM.


swara makes ragini sit on sofa and she went to grab water for ragini.
” shona you came back this early ” sumi asks who came to hall followed by shekar.
sumi and shekar shocks seeing ragini crying.
” maa I will say afterwards ” saying Swara gives water to ragini but she is refuses to take.
Swara forcedly makes her drink water.
siddhant also comes followed by uttara.
” ragini calm down ” swara says.
siddhant feels hurt seeing her like that.
” shona I told ragini is strong but I think she is not that strong ” siddhant says winking at swara. she understands what siddhant trying to do and acts along.
” ha bai you are right see she is not ready to stop ” swara says.
sumi, shekar and uttara are confused first but later they gets they are trying to cheer ragini.
” hmmm how can ragini be like this I am not able to digest this ragini ” he says sitting beside ragini.
” may be this is actual ragini the ragini you met is just pretending to be strong ” swara says.
” I am not pretending to be strong I am strong only but don’t know why I am letting Sanskar hurt me again and again bai ” saying ragini hugs siddhant.
sumi and shekar shocks by hearing ragini addressing siddhant bai.
swara signs them assuring she will explain everything afterwards.
shekar doesn’t like ragini as he thinks she is Sanskar girlfriend but his heart pains seeing her like that.

uttara feels ashamed of Sanskar act and amazes seeing her bonding with siddhant.
swara feels jealous as siddhant was only her bai but now some one are calling her bai and the way siddhant soothing ragini pain also makes her little insecure.
” don’t think about it ragini leave it ” siddhant says.
” ha bai I will not cry for that sadu. he proved that he is daku. I hate him I can’t stay with him in his house for a day also. I will leave from here and go away from Sanskar ” ragini says holding her tears not to flow.

*****sorry for typos. this part is not proof read *****

please excuse this late latif and d share your views. positive and negative feedback is welcomed. thanku all for reading and supporting this ff.

keep smiling.. stay blessed… spread positivity…love you all ???

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