Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avantika telling about planting Poonam. Adi asks did Ayesha knew this. She stays silent. Adi says how can you do this mum. He asks did Poonam know, its ridiculous, everyone knows, except the groom. He asks Ayesha why did she not tell him, she is his wife, how can she get involved in all this. Adi says you left me alone with Poonam and thought I will love Poonam. Adi scolds Avantika and Ayesha defends her. She says even she is with Avantika, as she feels he won’t move on with her face. Nani asks do you really want Adi to leave you and marry someone else. Nani says I m sorry but I have to break my promise today.

She tells everyone that Ayesha loves Adi a lot. Everyone is shocked. Rubel and Kaira are happy and hug Adi. Nani says its true that Ayesha loves Adi, and so she did not go to London and agreed to Arif. Sheela says she knew this before. Adi looks at Ayesha. Poonam says she can’t forgive herself. She says Ayesha, I had a feeling that you love Adi a lot. She says why do you want to go far from him. She says it needs lot of courage and only true love can give this strength. She says Adi is very lucky to get true love twice in his life. She asks him not to lose Ayesha.

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She says even if we got married, I would have not loved you like Ayesha. She tells Avantika to accept Ayesha for Adi’s happiness. Ayesha cries. Poonam defends Ayesha. Poonam says only Ayesha has a right on Adi and no one can take this right. She says don’t make Ayesha leave from Adi’s life. Ambika says fine, if everyone want this, why should I stay here then. She says the home where no one values my daughter, I will break my relation with you all. Nani stops her. Ambika says you won’t understand this pain. Poonam says she will talk to Ambika, but she requests them to accept Ayesha. Ayesha stops Poonam.

She says she admits that she loves Adi, but she can’t put burden on Adi. She says I know how much Adi loves Pankhudi. She says she understands his feelings, I did not wish you to marry Adi being afraid of Avantika, but because I love Adi and I did not wish to hurt him with my face. She says the truth is this face will always make him feel Pankhudi’s loss. Sheela and Nani asks Ayesha not to go. Rubel says yes, give Adi some time. Ayesha says she can’t compromise, and even Adi’s silence is saying this. She asks Poonam to think about Adi again. She says she will go from here now.

Ayesha says she is going from this city, sorry. She starts leaving. Harish says you won’t go anywhere Ayesha. Everyone look at him. He asks where will you go, and what you want to prove, your greatness. He asks Adi to decide about his life, what does he want, he want to spend all life with memories. Adi asks why is he saying this. Harish asks are you stupid. He says can’t you understand you are very lucky that someone selflessly loves you. He says you should accept her. Adi says what can I do dad. How can I tell my heart to forget Pankhudi, and give her place to someone else.

Adi scolds Ayesha and says he won’t listen to anyone. He says do what you want, stop making my life a game. He leaves. Harish taunts Avantika for all this. He says the problem s not in Ayesha, but your son. He blames her for everything. He says if my son’s life gets spoiled, you and your ego will be responsible. Avantika says enough. She goes to Ayesha. Everyone gets worried as Avantika gets much angry.

Adi asks Ayesha does she really want to go. Ayesha leaves. Harish asks Adi to stop her. Adi says please don’t make it difficult for her.

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  1. I think adi should accept ayesha



  2. Ayesha should just leave

  3. Guys pankhudi is back….what will adi do….

  4. Ayesha should leave and pankhudi should not come, let adi be and live with his memory, and continue the serial with rubel and whoever his wife is they should have kids and life goes on, let adi be old and die with pankhuri’s memories, rest of family pitying him….poor adi. and everyone else to move on….

  5. How can pankhuri come back she is dead, since when did dead people rise to be alive……… it happens only in stupid indian series
    adi cant move on this series is getting very lame and stupid
    I never watch it……… only read the updates saves the time

  6. It is rediculous to get back pankudi.. they are making us fools…

  7. This is so stupid how they will bring pankuri back they r just playing with ayshas feelings. N making us fool. I feel bad for aysha

  8. What is this why is Pankhuri coming back

  9. pankhuri isn’t dead.. she was in coma fr last 2 yrs.. nw wt will happen to ayesha..

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