Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pankhudi saying that it is not her duty to give answers to them. She says she got practical in life. She says people always doubt you if you are good. She asks Anuj whether she can stay here. Anuj agrees, Manik chacha too agrees. Rubel says how can you agree? I will not stay here if she lives here. Pankhudi says then ok, I will asks the driver to drop you, pack your bags. Sheela asks rubel to calm down. Rubel says I will not bent infront of her. Chachiji says Pankhudi is the member of the house, Pankhudi replies that she is the owner of the half property. Sheela thinks she is behaving like Avantika. Pankhudi says she don’t want to waste her time and will be going to her room. She says if anyone have questions in mind then keep it to themselves as she will answer to anyone. Everyone looks at her as she is walking on the stairs. Pankhudi comes to Adi’s room and gets emotional. She says sorry to Nanu’s photo and says I hurt everyone intentionally to save Adi. I am walking on the wrong path to find the culprit. She asks for his blessings. Pankhudi then cleans up the room.

Pankhudi takes Adi’s photo and cries, while the PKDH song plays in the BG. Adi is asked by the CBI officer to open his mouth infront of Vikram sir. Vikram comes and asks Adi to confess his crime. Adi says he didn’t do anything. Vikram asks him to tell the truth. Pankhudi calls Avantika, who says they have just reached the head quarters and will make Adi talk to her.

Kaira comes to Pankhudi’s room and says what is happening? She says she is totally loving this. She says she is happy and curious to know about the matter. Rubel comes and says I will explain to you. He closes the door. Pankhudi says why you came here, if anyone see us. Rubel says everyone is shocked, even to get out of their rooms. He congrats her on their success. Kaira asks what is happening? Chachiji says they can’t throw Pankhudi out of the house. Chachaji says he was shocked. Chachiji says she was shocked to hear her speaking about her rights and property. Kapil says that’s why he was against it.

Rubel says chote nanaji tried to maipulate him and sadly he fell in their trap too. He says we have to teach him a lesson. Kaira feels happy that Rubel is with them. She hugs him. Rubel says he have to do important work. Kaira asks for their plan and says she will become the communication link between the two. Rubel agrees. Kaira says Kapil is not like he looks. Pankhudi says but why Anuradha will lie to me. Rubel says they will find out the truth and get Adi out of the mess anyhow. He says being good is not difficult.

Avantika and Harish meets with Vikram. He didn’t let them meet with Adi. Avantika and Harish requests him but he says Adi is accused. Harish says he is not the accused. Vikram says you are actor naa, and says you did give your son a good training. He really acts well. Harish says his son is innocent. Vikram says court needs proofs and he will provide the proofs.

Harish tells Vikram that you are making a father scared, but he says he has faith on his son. Vikram says lets see who wins. Pankhudi says nanaji might be happy that his Rubel is with his family. Kaira asks about her look. Pankhudi remembers in the flashback how Avantika trained her. Pankhudi says it was possible because of mom. She remembers “Avantika saying that she needs a brand new confident pankhudi, who will not keep quiet if anything bad is happening. She says you will fight back. You are not a fool to keep quiet. Whatever you are doing is for Adi, so don’t need to feel guilty. Harish asks her to be like Avantika. Pankhudi says but how can she become like her. Avantika asks her to think what she will do in that situation and follow that. Avantika asks did you get it? Pankhudi loudly saying yes mom,I got it, dont repeat the same thing”. Pankhudi says that’s it. Rubel leaves. Kaira says bua will make Adi talk to you. Anuj wonders what happened to Pankhudi. Sheela says everyone can’t be like her. She says Pankhudi doesn’t care about her husband and is interested in property. Anuj says he have to think about how to get Adi out. Sheela says she is nothing and pennyless. She thinks she have to act smart. Avantika tells Harish that Pankhudi is calling her again and again. Harish picks her call and asks her to calm down. He says we didn’t meet with Adi. Avantika says she will manage here and asks Pankhudi to handle everything there. She asks her to be strong. She tells harish that she is scared that if anyone try to take her advantage.

Chachiji shouts at Anuradha and says don’t try to become the owner and everything will happen according to her in the kitchen. pankhudi stops her and asks her to relax. She says she came back and will decide about the menu. She asks her not to take stress. She says she ordered Ram casettes for her and asks her to listen to it. Chachiji angrily leaves. Pankhudi tells Anuradha to stand for yourself. She says be confident and fight for your rights. Adi looks depressed and thinks about the past incidents. Then he thinks about Nanu’s wishes. Adi cries and says mom please take me away. Pankhudi thinks you are our strength Adi, don’t get weaken in any circumstances.

Latika wakes up in the middle of night and wonders where is Rubel gone. Rubel asks Pankhudi, did you talk to Adi. Pankhudi says no, he didn’t meet mom and dad, and says don’t know Adi is in which condition. It seems Latika hears them talking and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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