Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nafisa asking Adi to do something and stop the marriage. Farida tells Nilofer that she will do all the arrangements and Arif is a fashion designer so he will arrange everyone’s clothes. Nafisa goes to Arif’s office to meet Jackie and gets his address. Ayesha is upset. Nilofer hugs her. She says this is important decision and you will always be happy with Arif. Nafisa tells Adi that they have to go to Jackie. Arif asks Jackie to leave from the city till he proves he is not involved. He asks him to go on a holiday and he will deposit his triple salary in his account. Jackie thanks him and says I will leave now.

Adi and Nafisa come to Jackie’s house and sees the lock. Ayesha gets ready for the Nikaah. Ruksaar makes her look beautiful. Nilofer is happy seeing her. Jackie runs and Adi sees him. Adi asks him to stop and Jackie tries to escape. Adi nruns after him. Adi catches him. He asks how dare you do this. Jackie says I did not do this. Adi asks then why did you run, I will call police. Jackie says no, I will tell everything. Arif did this. Adi slaps him. Nafisa slaps him too.

Adi asks how did you do this, where is the sub editor. Jackie says I don’t know. Adi says call him now. Jackie asks him to wait ate bus stop and he is bringing money. Adi says lets go and catch him. He takes Jackie with him. Nilofer asks Ruksaar to call Nafisa. Jackie says I just followed Arif’s instructions, don’t give me to police, my career will be ruined. Nafisa says shut up, take us to the editor. Ruksaar calls Nafisa and asks where is she. Nafisa says I m coming. She asks Adi to hurry up.

Farida asks Nilofer to bring Ayesha as Maulvi Sahab came. Adi comes to the bus stop and comes to know bus left. He asks Jackie to call the man. Jackie says his number is switched off. Adi says he won’t go without money, lets find him. Farida says we have to Nikaah today as its Ramzam from tomorrow. Ayesha looks stunning in her wedding attire. Adi and Nafisa are finding the sub editor. They don’t get him. Jackie says maybe he came to know, so he has run away.

Arif is glad seeing Ayesha. Nilofer waits for Nafisa and says we can’t stop them for her. The maulvi asks Arif is he ready to marry Ayesha with Meher 5 lakhs. Arif says Qubool Hai thrice. The malulvi then asks Ayesha is she ready to marry Arif. Ayesha is quiet and upset. Arif and everyone looks at her. She does not say Qubool Hai. Noilofer asks Ayesha to say it. The maulvi asks again. Adi comes and says no, Ayesha is not ready for this marriage. Everyone looks at him.

Adi says I m sorry but this Nikaah can’t happen. The maulvi leaves. Arif asks what are you trying to do. Adi says I won’t let Ayesha’s life get ruined. He says Arif has morphed Ayesha’s pic and got them published. Arif says you are doing this intentionally, as you have seeded doubt in her mind against me. Farida says my son can’t do this. Arif asks what proof does he have. Adi says I have two proofs. Sub editor of the magazine, do you know him, you paid him money, he was running from city and I caught him from the bus. He brings Jackie.

Arif gets tensed. Farida asks whats this. Jackie names Arif to be behind all this. Arif says Adi is doing this. Nafisa comes and says Arif, your truth is out now. Nilofer says Nafisa? Arif says what happened to you. Nafisa says yes, I m saying this. She says today I want to accept my mistake infront of everyone. She tells Nilofer that she is also responsible for this. She says I m also your culprit. She cries and apologizes to Ayesha. She says I did not wish you go to London, so I went to Arif.

Ayesha asks but why so much hatred. Nafisa says this is my mistake, its since childhood when you were better from me and everyone praised you. She says I wanted to be ahead of you, I forgot you are my sister. She cries and says I regarded you my enemy, when Rubel’s matter came out, I felt you told everyone. She says so I made a plan with Arif. Adi says she did not know Arif can fall so low. Adi asks Arif to accept his crime else he will call police. Arif says yes, I did this, I wanted to ruin her, defame her, so that she becomes helpless and does not have any option than marrying me. Everyone is shocked.

Farida slaps Arif and says are you not ashamed to do this with any girl. She cries and says I can’t believe I fought for women all my life and my son did this. Arif says what would I do, I got everything I loved, I loved Ayesha but she rejected me. So I blackmailed her with those papers to agree for photoshoot. Adi asks what was in it. Arif tells him that it had Pankhudi’s death certificate, which Ayesha wanted to hide from you. She agreed to do the photoshoot and did a deal that I should not tell you. Adi looks at Ayesha.

Nilofer asks Harish will he make Ayesha his bahu, will Adi marry Ayesha. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. omg ayesha and adi what a cute couple harish u have to say yes

  2. yes adi u should marry ayesha.but plz save ur beard it is not good to u.again plz be handsome.that adi was so cute.

  3. This guy arif is just disgusting.but it was an awesom episode.

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