Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi defending himself to Ayesha, that he does not like taking pills, but he does not get sleep. He cries and says he has Pankhudi’s memories with him, and maybe his mum is right, that I could not accept her death, so I find her in night’s darkness and I will keep finding it all my life. Ayesha says but Adi, you can’t depend on this pills all your life. Adi says this heart does not understand anything, and I need pills to get sleep, and don’t share this with anyone, as Avantika will worry for me. She says fine, I won’t say anyone, but I need your pills bottle so that I can give you myself. He agrees as she is his friend. She says I know your fear, but you understand my fear, if you take many pills together then. He says no. She says you asked for my trust being a friend, now I m asking it. Pyaar nai dosti hai…………..plays…………….

Adi goes and brings the pills bottle. He gives her. Pyaar ka dard hai…………..plays………….. She says I will give you this daily to you, but promise you will try to sleep. He says fine. She says go to your room, I will bring it. He leaves. Ayesha comes to her room and takes water. She thinks sorry Adi, your sleeping pills bottle will have vitamin tablets now, I m breaking my promuse but I won’t let you break down. She says habits are for mind, maybe this will make him get sleep by this.

She exchanges the medicines and says I will throw this. She keeps the pills in kitchen. She boils some milk and Sheela comes there. She gets the pills and thinks Ayesha was adding this pills in milk that she was going to give Adi. She is shocked seeing its sleeping pills. She says she will tell everyone about this. Ayesha says listen to me, what you see is not always the truth, this is vitamins tablet bottle, you can check with any clinic. She says Adi takes sleeping pills at night, Dr Rustam asked me to stop him, so I have kept vitamin tablets in this, so that he stops taking sleeping pills.

Sheela asks why did you not tell anyone. Ayesha says its not mental problem, its by heart. Adi won’t be able to live like this, don’t tell this to anyone. She says I can’t let anything happen to Adi as I……… She stops and asks her to confirm with Dr Rustam and she will agree to whatever she says. Sheela leaves. Sheela comes to see Adu and sees him working at night. Adi sees Sheela and she smiles. He asks her to come in. She gets tears in her eyes. He asks what happened. She says its night, you sleep now.

Adi says yes, but I don’t get sleep at night. She says try to sleep early. He says yes. She leaves. Ayesha comes to Adi and gives him vitamin tabs saying its sleeping pills. Adi says he trusts her. Sheela comes in her room and says Pankhudi, you left and Adi’s happiness is gone, I will talk to Dr. Rustam in morning to confirm. Ayesha thinks when will Adi sleep today as he did not take his pills. She says she will check him in some time again. Avantika sees Ayesha going to Adi and taunts her for being a fabulous actor, why don’t she join Harish. She says I m not a fool and I don’t like people who don’t listen to me.

She asks Ayesha to take her suggestion to be away from Adi and her. She asks Ayesha to go and sleep now, and not worry about Adi, as she is there for him. Sheela gives good news to everyone that Kaira gave birth to her baby and everyone is very happy. Nani brings Ayesha to her room and asks her why is she crying. Ayesha tells her about Adi. Nani asks what happened, he is happy after so many days. Ayesha says yes, Adi pretends to smile and we did not share his pain. Nani asks what do you mean. Ayesha tells her about his sleeping disorder intake.

Nani says we will consult a doctor. Ayesha says I met Dr Rustam and tells her everything. She says Sheela won’t tell this to anyone. Nani says you should have told me or Harish. Ayesha says yes, tell me how to find his sleep back. Nani says you mean Adi stays alone and is immersed in Pakhudi’s memories. She says change his habit, you don’t let me be alone and make him have any new habit, it takes 21 days. Ayesha says how to make him busy. Nani says think what can he do for 21 days. Ayesha says she will act smart but what to do.

Ayesha makes Adi busy and thinks he won’t need pills today, but he asks for pills.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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