Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Adi telling Harish that Avantika was right about Vikram, he is not a nice guy. Harish is shocked. Bau ji and Mama talk about Vikram and his dad. Harish says I can’t believe this. Avantika says Adi agreed to his demands. Adi says I did all this for Kaira. Adi says I know you care about Kaira, if I have to bend for Kaira’s happiness, I will, as there is no option. Avantika says we have an option. Adi says I understand, but Varun is not a strong guy, I don’t want Kaira to feel alone. Avantika says Varun will not protect her. Harish says we made a big mistake. Vikram alone fooled all of us. Adi says I agree, we did not judge him right. Harish says if he wanted revenge, he could have taken it directly, what was the need to involve Kaira. I guess we should have agreed with Avantika.

Avantika says if Vikram is thinking he will command us, it won’t happen. Adi says give him the letter if recommendation. Avantika says are you out of your mind, I respect that chair and won’t let any wrong man sit on it. Adi says Kaira won’t be happy with us. He says I m sorry, but I have seen you alone for 25 years, I have seen you crying day and night, I don’t want this to repeat with my sister. Adi leaves. Avantika asks Harish to explain Adi. Harish says he is right, Vikram has the upper hand and its true that we are girl’s parents. Avantika says this is 21st century. Harish says I know world changed, but emotions don’t change, I think you should give that letter to Vikram. Avantika says no, I m sorry, I won’t let Kaira hurt and I won’t do anything wrong, I will never give him my chair.

Adi asks Pankhudi to bring food. She asks did you not to got office, Rubel said. Adi says yes, i went for important meeting. Rubel comes and asks where were you. Adi says I m sorry, its my mistake. Rubel says don’t be upset. Nani comes and sees Adi scolding Pankhudi. Adi leaves. Nani asks Pankhudi to give Adi some space. Rubel argues with Nani. Nani scolds him and leaves. Rubel says yes, I should have not asked Adi like that, I will see you later. Sheela asks Pankhudi to send Kaira’s luggage. Pankhudi says I will go and meet Amrita also. Preeti asks Sameer about his interview. She says you deserve something much better.

Sameer says stop it, I don’t want your sympathy. Pankhudi comes to meet Amrita. Amrita says Vikram is not at home. Amrita thinks of telling Pankhudi the truth. Vikram comes and says can Pankhudi make tea for me. He says I love the tea which you make. Amrita says she is our guest. Vikram says she is our family now. Pankhudi says sure, I will make it. Payal argues with Rubel. Anuj says Rubel, you should be used to all this. Rubel says Adi took Rs. 25 crores from company account. Anuj says maybe he has some valid reason. Rubel says but its against the rules. Payal says ask Adi. Rubel says I won’t ask him, I m not doubting on me. Payal says clear your doubt, if Adi is in any problem then. Anuj says I will talk to him.

Anuj tells Adi he needs to talk. Adi gets Vikram’s call. Rubel says you won’t talk to him dad, I will talk to him. Vikram tells Adi that Pankhudi is making tea in his house and he is thinking he should ask her to cook dinner also. Adi gets angry. He says if you insult her then….. Vikram says don’t worry, I will not pay her, I did not tell her anything. Pankhudi says Amrita made the tea and did not take my help. Adi hears that and says overconfidence is injurious for health. Vikram thanks Amrita and is angry. Amrita thinks how she stopped Pankhudi from making tea and Pankhudi teaches her. Amrita is happy that Vikram liked the tea she made. Pankhudi leaves.

Vikram scolds Amrita for making the tea. He says you think small, I think you should celebrate as you have to see major failures now, you have to see how I hurt the Diwaans. He hurts Amrita and smiles. He says I m not interested in you, go and make a better tea. He says now the time for Preeti, who will be reaching home on time, till I want. He calls Mrs. Khanna and asks her to make Preeti late. He says lets see how Adi solves everyone’s problems.

Mrs. Kapoor asks Preeti to give her lift. Preeti says sure. She looks at Preeti’s purse and smiles. Pankhudi comes home. Adi asks where did you go. Pankhudi says to Vikram’s house to give Kaira’s luggage. He asks what was the need to go in someone’s kitchen, you are not a servant. She says he requested me, we are family, is there a problem between you two. Adi says I don’t like this. He leaves. Pankhudi says I have to find myself what is the problem. Sameer asks Preeti will you come home soon. Preeti says I have pending work in office.

Sameer says I was thinking we will go for movie. Sameer’s mum is angry. He says I will bring your purse. Vikram talks to Adi and asks him to come with Avantika. Adi says I m coming, see you at the chamber. Pankhudi looks on and says why is Adi going to chamber.

Adi asks Avantika how did she decide to give Vikram the letter. Pankhudi comes there to find out.

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