Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Adi asking Pankudi if he can come and pick her up from work only for today. But Pankudi refuses.Sheila witnesses Pankudi’s expressions . Adi still wants to come and tells her that he misses her and Praises her alot so that Pankudi will agree…But still Pankudi refuses and disconnects the call. Sheila comes and starts her fake acts and uses her favorite link “Small town girl ”

Sheila asks Pankudi if adi asked her to come home.. Pankudi doesnot respond. Sheila asks her to go to home as their are no works left to do. But pankudi refuses and tells her that she will go after finishing all her works. Sheila makes faces.

Scene shifts to kullu where Govindan sees naman talking to a lawyer and stops…
Naman makes an excuse and says that he met his friend lawyer by chance. govindan offers to give him a lift but Naman takes his bike and leaves. Govindan feels that something is going wrong.

In Diwan Manson, the scene from the precap was shown. nanaji asks for water from Pankudi. she was about to get it when Rubel shout her name aloud and asks for his food. Pankudi seemed shocked and keeps looking at her till he shouts at her again asking why she is staring at him. and says shanky never gets late when it comes to his work. pankudi comes forward and tells him that she will give nanaji water first and then serve him food. And also tells rubel that he is wasting her time by talking to her right now and asks him to give her 10 minutes.

Rubel talks about Shanky again and Pankudi says he had done so much but none of you respected her. and further adds that they can never get a caretaker like Shanky.

mamiji and latika comes. Rubel shouts at her and orders her not to call him Rubel bhaya but to call him sir. By then..Nanji also comes. Sheila starts her fakie fakie acts again and asks Pankudi to call him whatever she wants and shouts at rubel. Pankudi again reminds rubel that his food will be served within 10 minutes. An angry Rubel goes to his room.. Latika and Sheila follows him too.

In Rubel’s room..Sheila shouts at Rubel and tells her NOT to make such mistakes infront of Nanaji. Rubel tells sheila that he wll make it difficult for Adi and pankudi to live. Sheila again shouts at him.
At Nanaji’s room.. Pankudi gives Nanaji his Medicines. Nanaji asks her to go home. and asks her to come with him to temple the next day with him.

Scene shifts… Latika tells Rubel its okay…bcx It was his mum who shouted at him..

Latika talks to Rubel in a way that he would go against Sheila… Rubel tells Latika that now nothing will be ask the way they were before..Latika smile.

In Harish’s house…Adi complains to his mum and that that Pankudi didnot accept it when he offered to pick her up.
just than pankudi came and they all have a sweet family moment..Avantika remembers her mom and gets emotional. Just then.. Preeti calls ..they put on loud speaker and have sweet + emotional conversation .

the next day avantika gets worried about Mum’s barsi and harish asks her to perform it in his house.

At Diwan mansion the preparations for Naniji’s Barisi were going on and Rubel Orders to stop it… But Pankudi does not obey his order and continues. Sheila makes faces at pankudi (She was wearing her night gown and looked funny Haha)..when Sheila saw nanaji coming..she dragged rubel from Hall..

After they went… Naaiji and Pankudi talks about Nani’s Barsi…

Both Pankudi and Nanaji gets suprised when Kaira Avoids talking to Nanaji…

At office, Rubel and Adi Argues…. After Adi goes Anuj reminds Rubel not to overreact for such issues…Latika and Sheila plans to Flops Nanji’s Barsi and to tell Avantika about Pankudi’s new job. Episode Ends

Precap : Sheila asks Anuj to come home with Rubel and also asks him to call avatika and invite her to barsi . And An employee asks Adi to complete the project and to go to Diwan mansion to get the signature

Update Credit to: Nia

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