Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rubel coming home using the walking support sticks. Sheela cries and hugs him. She says she will take him abroad and get best medication, but not let live on this support. She asks Anuj to find best doctor and they will leave tomorrow. Pankhudi asks her to calm down. Sheela says I can’t, see my son, if I don’t do anything now, he can become handicapped forever. Payal cries. Rubel says I m not alone, see I have two new friends now. He says look at me, I m fine. He acts normal. Everyone cry. Rubel says he is annoyed with everyone, and Pankhudi too. He came after many days and no one welcomed him well. Rubel says I want to see smiling faces. Everyone smile.

Adi takes a selfie and Payal stays far looking at them. She gets angry seeing Rubel’s state and everyone acting normal. Anuj says he spoke to Dr. Rustam and everything will be fine. Harish says yes, miracle happens. Avantika says we are with Rubel. Sheela says but pain looks hard to the one who goes through it. Rubel asks them not to discuss this, as he can’t be normal hearing about it, when I came to know about it, I was upset, but Sheela and Payal are my strength, don’t make me weak. Adi asks him not to come office for few days. Rubel says what will I do at home.

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Adi says you managed for two years without me. Harish says enjoy rest at home. Payal says she will arrange room for Rubel. Pankhudi says I think we should shift him to guest room. Payal is stunned. Adi says about Pankhudi dropping all her cases against the trio. Payal gets angry. Rubel says if Pankhudi did this, I m sure its good. Payal says I think we should take Rubel to room now. Adi tells Sheela that no one will make Rubel feel his weak point.

Rubel smiles and asks them not to start emotional talk. Sheela makes Suji halwa for him. Pankhudi says you will be fine. Rubel says I love this attention. Payal looks at Pankhudi and asks her Rubel is in this state because of the three people, why did you take the case back, they should be punished. Pankhudi says they realized their mistake, they can start a new life. Rubel says after spoiling Rubel’s life. Rubel says its fine, my legs won’t become fine punishing them. Payal says I feel helpless seeing you, we can imagine your pain. Sheela supports Payal. Pankhudi says I did what I felt is right, next time I will ask you. Payal cries. Rubel asks them to cheer up. Pankhudi says she will make guest room ready.

Adi sees Pankhudi upset and asks what happened. Pankhudi says Payal is very upset for Rubel. Adi says yes, but Rubel is positive. She asks him not to mess the room and he makes reasons. He asks her to give a tight hug and hugs her. Harish comes there and covers his eyes. Adi does not leave her and asks Harish to leave. Harish says he can’t go, as he has to give something. Adi leaves her. Harish says over? Fine, I got this holiday package for you both, and dad will not disturb you there. Adi refuses to go and Pankhudi is stunned. Adi explains about Rubel and Pankhudi too says the same. Harish says I did not think this, I m sorry.

He says I m so proud of you guys, be like this always. Its night, Adi and Rubel play video game football. Payal comes there with Pankhudi. Pankhudi asks them to come for dinner. She asks Payal does she like room’s arrangements. Payal leaves annoyed. Harish and Avantika have a talk. She gets a call from landline number. Payal says no one asked me what to do for Rubel. She tells Sheela that no one knows his needs, they are deciding themselves. Sheela says yes, but what can we do now. Payal asks her not to be casual, they did not ask me where to shift Rubel. Sheela says Rubel will not have problem in guest room, let me take care of Rubel, I want him to be on his feet.

Harish tells Avantika why don’t we go for the world tour, its our anniversary gift. She says amazing. They have a sweet moment. She gets the call again. She says who is giving me missed calls and calls back. A lady talks to her and reminds her past, her dad. Avantika asks who are you. The lady ends the call. Harish asks who is it. Avantika says don’t know, a woman. He says its landline number. He gets the number busy. He says many people knew dad, leave it.

Everyone say they are busy tonight. Rubel says why, I m not a fool. They look at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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