Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th January 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Payal’s Dad thanking Rubel for giving a chance to Payal. Ambika asks Pankhudi to take care of family and never allow Nanu’s dreams to break. Pankhudi takes her blessing. Avantika says, I will talk to bhabhi. Anuj says, let her be…and you have to admit in the hospital tomorrow. Adi asks, did dad agree? Avantika says yes. Anuj asks them to rest. Rohit calls Latika and asks her to do something. He says, he has been arrested and Payal flew from his hand. Latika says, I can’t do anything as I said already. I don’t know you. Rohit says, if I want, I can expose you but I did a big mistake. You are there for me outside. I will force you to free me. Latika asks him not to try to be clever. She says, I am coming to get you out. She asks him to go to Kulu after he is free. Rohit agrees.

Adi tells Pankhudi about Avantika’s decision to admit tomorrow and says mom didn’t tell me. Pankhudi takes her side. Adi asks about Kaira. Pankhudi says, how did Sheela mami knows about everything? Adi wonders how? He thinks to talk to Kaira.

Payal comes to her room and tries to talk to Rubel. Payal says, you gave me a new hope today. I know I did a big mistake and it will take time for you to forgive it. I will wait for you with the hope. I lied to everyone. I have fallen in love with you but you will think it as a lie. Rubel is silent. Payal says, I am thankful as I really loves you.

Adi and Pankhudi come to Kaira’s room. Kaira eats icecream and says, you both are reacting as if I loves him. we just went on a concert. She says, I am upset about Katrina and Ranbir. She laughs. Adi says, you are cool. Avantika asks Harish, did you meet Anuj. Harish says yes. He asks her to rest and says, I will go now. Avantika says, tomorrow I am getting admitted in the hospital and asks him to be there. Harish says, don’t know.

Pankhudi asks him to let it be and worries for Preeti and Avantika. Adi says, mom is very stubborn. Pankhudi says, mom is maasi’s sister and no one can between siblings. Adi says, one has to be practical. I will find a solution for maasi. Pankhudi says, mom needs our support especially you and dad.

Preeti relishes something and says it s tasty. Sameer says, you are eating this. Nirmala says, nothing will happen. Preeti says, today I am eating but don’t know what will happen tomorrow. She thinks to talk to Avantika once. She calls her and asks, why you are doing this? If anything happens to you. Avantika says I am strong. Everything going to be good. Preeti says, why you love me so much. Avantika asks her to return the dolls. Preeti says, it is mine now. Avantika asks her to sleep.

Adi comes to Avantika and says I love you mom. Avantika asks him to stop behaving like a girl. She says nothing will happen to me. Adi says, I am scared. Avantika asks him to be brave else Pankhudi will cry. She asks him to sleep.

Anuj tells Sheela that he is leaving for hospital. Sheela is still angry with them. She gets CITI hospital bills and thinks it is Avantika’s bills. She checks and wonders why Anuj didn’t tell her anything. She says, Anuj paid the bills in advance. Sheela gets her brother’s call. Her brother says, we are coming. Sheela asks him to come soon.

Avantika asks Anuj, what was the need to book the entire wing. Anuj says, I want best for my sisters. He asks, can you refuse Dad. Avantika thanks him. Nurse comes and asks Avantika to change her clothes for the test. Pankhudi tells her that Adi went to bring dad. Preeti asks Sameer about Avantika. Nirmala and Sadanand asks her to take rest. Adi comes and says Dad was not at home. Might be stuck with work. Avantika says it is okay. Adi says, we will sort out with Dad after you operation. Avantika gets tears in her eyes. Harish comes and calls her name. Avantika says, I always did what I wanted. You doesn’t agree with me. But you will always be with me. Harish holds her hand.

Anuj tells Harish that his sisters are very strong. Sheela comes with the bills in her hand. Rubel tells her that the operation have started. Sheela talks rudely and asks Sameer, why you ask money from Anuj without letting anyone know about it.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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