Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Amrita and Varun coming to pick Kaira. Varun says there is a change in the plan, Vikram wants Kaira and Varun to leave in ddaytime, not night. Nani asks Varun to be happy as he is going on honeymoon. Varun smiles. Rubel asks Varun to take care of Kaira. Adi comes to meet Vikram. Vikram says so you came before time. Adi asks what did you call me so urgently. Vikram makes few pins fall and asks Adi to pick it for him. He says Kaira left for her honeymoon. Adi picks the pins. Vikram smiles. Avantika comes there and is shocked to see Adi. She shouts Adi. Vikram says wow, Avantika also came. Vikram says welcome, he was just picking the pins. Avantika asks whats going on, why did you call me here.

Vikram says as I want to take the cheque by your hands as you know how much I respect you. Avantika is shocked. Adi says what are you trying to do, we spoke that we won’t involve anyone. Avantika asks Adi whats going on. Vikram says relax, I will tell you everything. Adi says don’t bring mum in between. Vikram says whatever happened is because of her. Avantika says now I m getting it. Vikram says you always do, you are so smart, why don’t you have a seat. Adi gets angry. Avantika says I m sure you won’t like it if I slap you. She says tell me the entire story. Vikram asks Adi to give the cheque. Amrita comes and looks on. Adi gives the cheque. Vikram shows it to Avantika and says see it carefully, its for Rs. 25 crores on my wife Amrita’s name.

He says this cheque came from Diwaan mansion. Avantika looks at Adi. Vikram says don’t talk. Payal asks Sheela to give her the necklace. Sheela says no way. Nani comes and asks is this a house or a zoo. She asks Payal not to argue with Sheela and asks Sheela to give her the necklace to Payal. She scolds Pankhudi. Pankhudi says I felt nice seeing you scold like elders. Nani says I scolded as I don’t like noise. Nani leaves. Rubel comes to Pankhudi and asks about Adi. Pankhudi says he is in office. Rubel says he is not at office, he left stating some work. Pankhudi thinks is Adi in any problem.

Vikram says Avantika did justice with the ashram women and gave me Rs 200 crore penalty. He says you don’t know that I don’t pay the penalty, so from where will the money come to pay the penalty, the answer is from Diwaan mansion. he says don’t be shocked, Adi is involved in this deal. He says Adi did the deal that he will pay for the installments so that Kaira can stay happily ever after. Avantika says don’t bring Kaira in all this. She says what do you think, you will blackmail us, you will never get the money from us, I can’t bend infront of wrong things.

Avantika says I will take Varun and Kaira from here. Vikram laughs and says you can make Kaira like you, but Varun is only a puppet whom I control. He taunts Avantika and says I knew you will not agree for my demands, Kaira won’t move on as she loves Varun and she will end up like you, single and lonely. Avantika says don’t worry about her, we are here to worry about her. She says I will go to police from here, you should worry about yourself, this one cheque is more than enough to get you behind bars. Vikram says well, I think you did not hear me right. He says this cheque is on Amrita’s name and no law can punish anyone without proof, so Amrita will be going to jail.

Avantika says I really pity you, I realized you are shrewd. Vikram says take Amrita with you, I don’t care. Vikram advices Avantika to think about Kaira’s happiness just like Adi is thinking. He says you don’t have any option. He says I will meet you in some time, till you you take the right decision. Sheela talks to Pankhudi that she misses Kaira a lot. She worries about Kaira. Pankhudi says don’t worry, she will be fine. Nani comes. Pankhudi asks her to come and talk to them. Nani asks Sheela to eat less and leaves. Pankhudi smiles.

Vikram says Kaira and Varun left for their honeymoon, I knew you will not agree, so I had to play smart. Adi says we will discuss this, lets go mum. Vikram says I did not call here to tell the truth, but I need something from her. She says may I know what is it. Vikram says a letter of recommendation in which you will write I will head the dispute committee as you are retiring soon. Avantika says I have options. I have spent my 25 years alone, Kaira won’t be alone, you won’t get Rs. 200 crores and no letter, I won’t let Kaira be here, you just wait and watch. She throws the cheque on his face and says lets go Adi. They leave. Pankhudi thinks where did Adi go, I will maake food for her. Sheela calls Pankhudi and shows her a saree photo. Rubel gets a call and comes to know that Adi took 25 crores from the company’s account. Rubel thinks is Adi in any problem.

Avantika talks to Harsih and Adi about Vikram. Adi asks her to agree to Vikram. Avantika refuses.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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