Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th June 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th June 2013 Written Update

Avantika and P talk about what has happened regarding the revelation of how their mother died and what their father did….Avantika opens up further about how her mother was like…She tells P that her mother was an ambitious, energetic and very active woman and seeing her bed ridden broke their hearts…She goes on to say that their mother did not like to be in that position and under those circumstances , the mercy killing was justified as she was just a vegetable…

P goes to her bedroom…P and Adi have some moments to remember that they are actually are a young couple married…P wants to make the bed and Adi says to P that he will work outside as she does not want to disturb her from the light…P objects that he does not have to leave the room…Each are stubborn to their stance but both forget and have a small romantic moment…

Elsewhere, the evil threesome of Rubul, Litika and Sheela are plotting ways to get control of the property again…Sheela believes that by finding out the truth about Nanaji will enable them to get to their goal…She warns Rubul and Latika to play a smart game and not act on impulse, however hard it may be…Sheela says that there is one more person who knows the full truth and they will reveal it once they find who that person is..

P asks Adi that they need to take Kaira out for dinner…She asks Adi to do the honours…He goes to Kaira and plays the reverse psychology on her to agree on going out for dinner with P and Adi…He is taking her to some Italian restaurant..

P receives a letter which is addressed to Nanaji…As Nanaji reads the letter he is shocked with the contents…It looks like someone is blackmailing Nanaji as there is a threatening note written on it…P too reads it and is disturbed by the contents…She has an idea who is behind the note…She decides to consult Adi before confronting the culprit….Litika watches on to see the drama being played

Adi gets to know about the note and they both agree that Litika is behind the blackmail note…Both are angry and decide to confront her…

Elsewhere, in Kulu Mamaji gets the approval of partnership between him and Kailash…However, Kailash will only accept the proposal unless Mamaji does not accept his property in Kulu as collateral…He also gives Mamaji the power of attorney of the property..

PRECAP – P confronts Litika over the blackmail notes…Litika seems shocked and denies any involvement

Update Credit to: Sheena

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