Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha arranging Adi’s cupboard. A medical bottle breaks and she thinks to order a new one. Nani says its good Ayesha did cupboard arrangement, now she looks his wife. Adi comes and asks Shanky for tea. Ayesha says I will bring it. Adi says why you, Shanky will bring. Nani says let her. Adi says fine. Avantika comes there and Ayesha stops. Nani asks why is she worried. Avantika says I met some ladies and they had some complaints and demands. The discuss the matter and Ayesha gives her opinion. Adi says smart. Adi and Avantika go to his room.

He scolds Shanky for arranging his cupboard. Ayesha says she arranged it. Adi scolds her too. Sheela says see her. Adi asks does she not have any work. She says I went to take file, it was all messed up. He says focus on your work, not mine. I don’t like sharing my personal space with anyone. Sheela says Adi is after your dream and you want to impress him, what do you want to prove, that she is a good wife. He says Ayesha knows what to expect from this relation. Adi leaves. Ayesha cries. Nani defends Ayesha and says she is his wife. Avantika says she can never be his wife, let me tell you, I told Ayesha not to interfere in Adi’s life and not try to become his wife.

Nani says but she is his wife, this is wrong. Avantika says you heard what Adi said. I respect you, but I don’t need your permission for Adi. Nani says fine, you are his mum, I won’t tell anything now, but this is wrong happening here. Avantika says fine, I don’t care, I won’t change my decision. Adi asks Avantika to leave him alone. Adi messages Ayesha that he is sorry. Adi comes and looks at her. He asks her to react. He says I m sorry, I got much angry. Ayesha says its ok. She says she was not feeling sleepy and she came outside and saw him working till 4am. He says he has much work, sorry and you sleep now.

She says I got this new bottle of medicine for you. He is shocked. Adi scolds her again and asks her not to touch his medicines. He leaves. She thinks what is that medicines, Pankhudi don’t let my feras come true, I will find it out. Its morning, Ayesha meets Dr Rustam and asks what is this medicine, I got this from his cupboard and he got hyper. He says these are sleeping pills. She says I was afraid, but what is the solution. He says he is depressed and he is not getting natural sleep.

She says I think he is missing Pankhudi, how to make him get rid. He asks her to find out the dose and minimize it. He says his pain in heart has to become less, give him love and care. She thanks him. He says keep me posted, call me if you need any help. Nani calls Ayesha and asks where is she. Ayesha says with Dr Rustam. Nani asks why. Ayesha lies to her. Nani asks her to come home soon. She thinks what to do now. She thinks about everyone’s words. She says I will go against everyone to bring Adi’s life back on track.

Nani asks Payal how is her work going on, I hope you are not misusing money. Payal gets angry. Sheela comes and defends Payal. She says she got the model for Payal and asks Nani not to do modeling. Payal asks Nani not to question her about her boutique. Anuj says she will surely ask you. Anuj asks Payal to give her project details, expenses accounts and everything to him and he wants to check it. She says fine, give me one day time. She thinks Kaira’s money get ruined and my good luck got lost, I have to agree to dad, so that he keeps his mouth shut.

Harish tries to hide his house. Avantika comes and says whats this mess. She says she came before time to check on him. She asks him is he having food on time. He throws all the clothes. She looks at him. Adi is working, and says he will work late night. He gets Ayesha’s call who asks him to come fast, as she wants his help. He asks what happened, where are you.

Rubel tells Avantika that Adi left office, maybe he went to site. Avantika thinks where did he go, and where is Ayesha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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