Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pankhudi testing Anuradha and asks what she put in the dish, Anuradha replies. Pankhudi thinks Why is Revathi not identifying her. Sameer tells his dad that they have got the permission to open the branch of their hospital. Preeti says that’s why they have decided to give gifts to their team and says we brought a gift for you too. She gifts him pen but Sadanand angrily throws it and says he is not greedy to accept the gifts and says one day people will understand my talent. He thanks her and leaves. Sameer and Preeti looks at each other.

Pankhudi thinks what to do, Shall I call Adi. She thinks to call him amidst his anger. Adi waits for Pankhudi’s call and picks it, She asks when you will come home. Adi replies same time as before. Preeti comes to Sadanand who was sitting in dark, she asks are you upset till now, She says sorry if he is hurt from her. She asks why you are upset. Sadanand says sorry and says he dont like gifts. Preeti says she thought he liked it. Sadanand says he likes to rest. Pankhudi tells Adi after he came back from office that she needs to talk something urgently and for that he have to leave his anger. She says she is feeling something strange and mess with Anuradha. Adi asks did something happened? Adi says there is nothing in chote Nana’s heart and he might not give him the cheque instantly.

Adi plays with Shanky, who says please let me go, I have so much work. Manik chacha comes and says he will play with him. Manik chacha and Adi plays the game. Manik chacha asks Pankhudi to come along and says did you people stopped fighting or not. Adi says still she is fighting. Manik chacha plays cupid and asks them to resolve their fight. he says you both are correct on your own way. He asks Adi to break the ice, Adi says lets play the game. Pankhudi goes to check for the breakfast.

Sadanand receives something from the courier in the name of Preeti Deewan. Sadanand says I hope you have changed your surname officially. Preeti says she doesn’t understand this concept, Sameer too takes Preeti’s side. Sadanand says your mother also changed her surname, Sameer says it was her personal choice and Preeti doesn’t want to change it. She says she accepted this family whole heartedly and is that required to be part of it. Sheela tells Rubel that Adi is playing badminton with Manik Chacha. Rubel says do you want me to pretend like Adi and says I can’t do that. Sheela tries to make him understand that you have to act sometimes. Chachiji comes and says goodmorning. Adi comes after playing badminton with Manik chacha and praises his playing skills and says you plays like Nanu. Avantika looks upset. Pankhudi tries to stop Adi but he leaves. Avantika says that he invited Preeti and Sameer over dinner. Chachiji says she did right. She asks for kaira and Revathi. Shanky says Kaira left early. Sheela says Revathi keeps quiet all the time and she didn’t see her much. Chachiji says everyone is different.

Chachiji suggests Kaira and Revathi to get married on the same mandap. Sheela says Revanthi is elder than Kaira and asks didn’t you think of her marriage yet. Pankhudi goes to call Revathi and sees Kapil and Anuradha on the way. Pankhudi knocks on Revathi’s room, as she opens says sorry to Pankhudi. Pankhudi asks her to come for breakfast. Pankhudi hears the tap water running and goes to close the tap. She sees Sindoor in the bathroom and gets surprised. Revathi comes and gets shocked. She makes an excuse that it is of Maa and she will give it to her. Pankhudi tries to talk to Adi but he doesn’t speak with her. She says if you are angry with me then I will close the door and will open it if you say sorry to me. Adi says sorry to her. Pankhudi asks her to say sorry with love. She says how to say sorry in a lovely manner. Adi jokes and says I forgave you and now open the door. Adi says it is one and same. Adi writes Sorry on the glass of the door with a tooth paste. Pankhudi smiles while Pyaar ka dard hain song plays. Adi smiles back.

Chachiji informs everyone that they have decided to shift from Sultanpur to Mumbai. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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