Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Payal telling Sheela and Rubel that Nani has scolded her. Rubel gets angry and says I can tell her anything in anger. Sheela calms him down and says I don’t know how Kaira connected to her. Rubel says I can’t bear her. Adi tells Pankhudi that he is going to meet someone as he is having an affair. Pankhudi says no way, tell me truly where are you going. Adi jokes. He says fine, I m going to meet my friends. Sameer’s mum is angry as Preeti did not come till now. She gets angry and says Preeti will make excuses after coming late. Sameer supports Preeti. His mum says I will not go if Preeti does not come.

Adi sees Preeti and Vikram going in Vikram’s car and thinks what is Vikram doing with Preeti. He follows them. Pankhudi tells Bau ji that Adi and Vikram met on wedding night and since them Adi is very worried. Bau ji says he doubts Vikram, maybe he told something to Adi. Vikram comes to drop Preeti home and acts sweets with her infront of Sameer and his family. Sameer’s mum scolds Preeti and is angry seeing her with Vikram. Adi comes there and says everything is alright. Vikram is shocked to see him. Pankhudi comes to talk to Nani and says I have a headache, do you have a balm. Nani says yes. Adi says I thought I will stop you mid way and take Preeti with me, but you were very fast. Sameer’s mum taunts Preeti and says she does not have time for us. Adi says Preeti should balance life.

Adi manages the situation well infront of Sameer and his parents. Vikram leaves in anger. Preeti thanks Adi. Adi leaves. Nani massages Pankhudi’s head. Pankhudi sees her feet swollen and brings hot water for her. Nani says its very hot. Pankhudi takes care of her. Nani looks at her and smiles. Nani asks her to go and take rest now. Adi stops Vikram and asks him what was all this, why is he involving Preeti in all this. Vikram says she is my employee. Adi says don’t do this. Vikram says don’t get angry, don’t forget Kaira is still in my house. Adi says I m arranging the cheque. Vikram says Kaira is excited for her honeymoon, don’t let her plan fail. Adi asks Vikram to keep Preeti out of this. He says whats your problem, the loss or your ego that got hurt. He says I have the solution for it.

Vikram leaves. Adi says play as many games you want, as I will make you fail by your way. Preeti talks to Sameer and apologizes to him. She says I could not come leaving the work. Sameer says I understand, its not a big deal to miss the reception, you and mum are having problems. Preeti says mum always taunts me. He says why don’t you leave this job. She says why, no. I took a big amount as advance, I can’t leave this job till I get a new one, the house is managed by my job. She says sorry, try to understand. Sameer says I m finding jobs, the day I get a good job, you will have to leave the job, I can’t see tension in this house.

Adi comes home and Pankhudi asks him how was his reunion. Pankhudi asks him to share with her if there is any problem. Adi lies to her. She asks him again and again. Adi scolds her. Pankhudi gets hurt. Adi apologizes to her and says you irritate me a lot. She says you go and change, I will heat the food.

Its morning, Sheela is happy that Nani sponsored the honeymoon trip from her money. Kaira defends Nani. Rubel says why does she behave so rudely. Sheela says I feel everyone gets irritated after an age. Payal jokes with Sheela. Adi comes and greets everyone asking for Pankhudi. He asks Kaira how was her day. Rubel says she is calling Varun many times. Adi is happy and somewhat worried. Rubel asks Adi to drop Kaira home. Adi agrees. Adi gets Vikram’s call and talks to him. Vikram asks him to bring the cheque soon and come to meet him. Adi says give me some time. Vikram asks him to come asap. Adi says I have to go, Rubel you drop Kaira. Rubel says strange, he said he was free.

Avantika and Pankhudi have a talk. Pankhudi tells her about Vikram. Avantika says after the verdict, we all have seen that Vikram was good, he seems to be a nice family man, but I don’t trust him. Pankhudi tells she also had a doubt on him. Pankhudi thinks she should not tell Avantika about Adi.

Avantika sees Adi bowing to Vikram and is shocked. She calls out Adi.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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