Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poonam following Ayesha and talks to Rubel. She misses Ayesha and tells Adi and Rubel that she lost Ayesha. Adi says where did she go, where will we find her. Rubel asks her to reach the café, I m sure we will get Ayesha there. Poonam says fine, we are coming. They reach there and meet Rubel. Rubel says we need to be more careful, maybe he knows all of us. The phone is off again. Adi says its one way out from here and everyone look for Ayesha. Rubel says she is not here. Rubel says maybe they have to go somewhere. Chandan says the caller is traced in near building. Rubel says how will we find her in so many flats. Adi says lets go and think.

They come in the building and the guard stops them. Adi shows Ayesha’s pic. The guard says yes I saw her. Adi says I have to meet her, tell me in which flat she went. Rubel says let me handle. Adi sees the fire alarm and rings it. The guard says what did you do. All the people start running. Adi sees the people. Ayesha is with a lady. They are shocked seeing Ayesha leaving with Kaira. Rubel says Kaira……………. They stop. Kaira and Ayesha are shocked seeing them. Adi says Kaira………… and looks at her.

Rubel asks what are you doing here, why did you not inform us. Adi asks what is the matter, where is Varun. Kaira cries. Adi asks why is Ayesha with you, why are you crying. Kaira says everything is messed up Adi. Rubel hugs her and consoles. Adi calls Avantika and asks her to come Diwaan Mansion now. She says atleast tell me something, fine, I m coming. Avantika calls Harish and asks him to come home. He says what, Adi called us now, are you creating new issue, fine I will come ending my meeting. He says what does Adi have to talk.

Anuj comes home and asks Sheela where is Adi, he called me and asked me to come home. Sheela says yes, Rubel called me. Ambika says yes, Poonam called me. Avantika comes and says I don’t know anything. Payal says maybe its related to Ayesha, maybe Nani knows. Shanky says no, she is not at home, Adi called her and she will also come. Avantika calls Adi and he comes home with Rubel. Everyone look at them. Avantika asks whats the matter. Anuj asks is Adi fine, Sheela says maybe she did something to trap Adi. Rubel says stop it, hear everything first.

Kaira walks in crying. They are shocked seeing her. Poonam brings her. Sheela gets worried and asks what happened, when did you come India, why are you crying. Anuj asks is Varun fine. Avantika asks what happened, what is the matter. Adi says relax, let her come inside first. Ayesha comes in. Everyone looks at Ayesha. Sheela says I understood, she did something to my daughter, tell me. Kaira says enough mum. She says I m here fine only because of Ayesha. Everyone is shocked.

Avantika asks Adi whats going on. Adi says Kaira and Varun, and their child is fine. Sheela asks whats the matter then. Adi says Varun and Kaira have some issues about the child, so she is staying here, in Mumbai. Anuj says but she did not tell us. Avantika asks what about Ayesha in this. Kaira says I will tell you the story. Kaira says after I conceived, the doctor told me my child will be abnormal with complications, having seen the sonography. She cries and tells everything. She says my child would have been the special child. She says doctor asked me and Varun to decide whether we have to keep this child or abort it. Everyone is shocked.

Sheela apologizes to Ayesha and cries. Everyone looks on. Sheela says she made very big mistake, Ayesha can punish her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pankudi will be come back as coma patient

    1. no pankudi will not come .then what will happen to ayesha..


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