Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th December 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Payal wiping her tears and planning to run away and reach Rohit’s guest house. Pankhudi comes and knocks on the door. She comes inside the room and finds her jewellery. She looks out from the window and sees her going. She gets tensed and confused and follows her. Latika tells Rohit that technically Payal will become daughter in law of Deewan after marriage. Rohit says they will make everything to get Payal and he will be benefitted. Avantika comes home and tells i wish you would have come. Harish is silent. Avantika asks, you are upset. Harish says he is not saying anything. Avantika asks, why he is walking away from the marriage talk. Harish says you always wants to give importance to yourself and misinterpreted. Avantika says you would have tell that

you don’t want to talk. Harish says afterall you are Avantika Deewan. Avantika is hurt that still he thinks of her as Avantika Deewan and not as his wife.

Pankhudi follows Payal in the car. Payal asks the driver to drive fast. Pankhudi too asks the driver to drive fast. Sheela wonders why Pankhudi isn’t picking the call. Kamini tells Govardhan that Pankhudi didn’t let her go inside. Govardhan mama says Payal can’t do anything now. Pankhudi’s car gets stuck in the traffic while Payal car’s leaves.

Preeti asks Sameer about their baby. Sameer cries holding her hand. Preeti cries for her baby. They hug and cries. Nirmala and Sadanand feels bad. Rubel tells Adi that Pankhudi and Payal didn’t come and offers to go and check. Adi asks him to be patient until they come. Govardhan mama says they will make him eat the lunch. Kamini offers him sweets. Rubel eats it happily. Payal comes to Rohit’s guest house and sees him leaving in his car with a girl. She doesn’t see Latika’s face. Latika says she have no other option than to go back to deewan mansion. Rohit says but she will think I had betrayed her. Payal enquires the watchman about Rohit. Watchman tells about the girl Latika and says she used to visit him often. Payal thinks Rohit betrayed her and cries. Pankhudi comes to Payal now and asks, what is happening? She asks, why did you married when you don’t want to get married. Did anyone forced you. Payal says that she was forced by her family and also tells that she loves Rohit.

Payal tells her that she didn’t want to cheat anyone but mamaji stops her for telling anything to her and Rubel. She tells everything in flashback. She tells Pankhudi that she thought Rohit is kidnapped again. She says Rohit didn’t turn even once to see her and left with a girl. She cries. Pankhudi says everyone is waiting to welcome you and Rubel has planned his life with you. Payal says I know but I thought to took revenge from Govardhan. She says sorry to her. Pankhudi asks, now what? Payal says she don’t know where to go. Pankhudi gets Rubel’s call. Rubel asks, is Payal okay?Pankhudi put the call on loudspeaker and asks, if you will forgive Payal if she does any mistake. Rubel says he too did many mistakes and is forgiven by them. Pankhudi says she is bringing Payal and cuts the call. She convinces her to come back. Payal says it will be like betraying them. Pankhudi says mamaji is not a good guy and asks her to forget everything. She asks her to trust Rubel. Payal says she can’t give love to Rubel which he might have dreamt. Payal says she can’t love again. Pankhudi convinces her to trust him and everything will fall in place. She says I won’t force you and asks her to give a chance to Rubel and slowly she will fall for Rubel. She asks her to decide.

Payal recalls about Rubel and Rohit. Pankhudi asks Payal not to tell this to anyone and says they will tell Rubel when the right time comes. They leaves. Adi tells Rubel that they are taking too long. Adi says his stomach is paining with overloaded food. Sheela calls and asks about them. She asks, where is Pankhudi as they are waiting for the grah pravesh. Adi says he will check on them.

Adi comes to the room and didn’t find any one there. He wonders where is Payal and Pankhudi? He sees the jewellery on the dressing table. He wonders why Pankhudi isn’t picking the call. Just then he sees them coming from outside and gets surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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