Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 5th April 2013 Written Update

The epi starts with Kaira saying to Pankhu “I cant keep a person as the caretaker of my house who is late on the very first day”…and saying the other person whom she have chosen to continue with her work…Pankhu tried to say something but kaira moves away so Pankhu tries to leave while one of the workers fixing photo-frames on wall drops one…Pankhu instictivelt shouts to them saying “What are you doing?”..Hearing this kaira arrives saying”How dare you shout to my workers standing in my house”..Pankhu replied “I only tried to make them careful”…Kaira saying “It’s just a frame.. if it breaks.. we can buy a new one”…Pankhu counters saying “you can buy new frame, but what about memories that are with this frame??”…Kaira starts thinking something hearing those words while the new caretaker comes from nowhere and starts saying “look at her attitude.. gave such a big lecture for such a small matter..”…Kaira saying ” Who the hell are you to say in between us”..your contract is cancelled…and now you have got the job..Kaira asking how much do you want as salary…Pankhu saying “whatever you want to give”…kaira saying “if i give 100 rupees, then will it be fine?” (This line reminded me off Avantu in her old days)….Pankhu being goody saying “If you think so, then OK..Kaira saying..OK then money do not matters to you..good you have a different view in you which i like”..
Kaira then tries to ask her name while a call comes to her and moves away. An old servant identifies her and asks “will you be able to all these work despite being daughter-in-law of this house?’.Pankhu replying “no trouble in doing work for own house”..

The she went up to meet Nanaji, who gets surprised and equally happy seeing her…He starts saying “you came to give surprise again?”..How is all..Kaira suddenly comes and shouts at her “did you do the work that I asked you to do?”…Nanu feels odd saying a retreating kaira ” Why r u shouting on her like this”…Pankhu stopping him saying “Don’t tell her anything, i have applied for the caretaker job in DM”…to which Nanaji erupts and gets angry (another of her temp. angriness)…while Pankhu tries to make him understand her real reason amidst “Jai siya ram” BG (really the CVs could not think of any better BG for this situation)..and try to call Adi saying “Let me understand how all allowed you for this at first place”…to which Pankhu replies “No one knows about this, so dont tell anybody” and take the phone from Nanji’s hand…Kaira in kitchen saying to Pankhu “take good care of Daddaji and maintain politeness ..and since it is your first day, my expectation will be high from you…

The scene shifts to Adi carrying Harish to work reminiscing old days seeing a father-son sitting on the bike beside them…At work Harish seem to forget his line repeatedly (the scene was to pacify an agirated son) ven after couple of takes …to which the director reacts very angrily and announces recess…In the recess Adi goes up to the director and says, i can guarantee that Aditya kumar is on board due to his merit and ability, so you scould have shown a better patience with him rather than reacting like that, but i can guarantee he will give the best shot post recess…he then goes out to confront his father and acts as if he too is angry with how the director reacted to him and now Harish calms him down. Adi makes him realize “Dad, you have to do this exactly”.. Harish smiles realizing adi;s effort and gave a loving pat on Adi’s shoulder and the rocking duo goes off for shoot… (This is the scene of the day for me)..and as usual Harish gave a perfect shot to which the whole unit along with the director applauded…

di calls Pankhu to give her the happy news of how Hairsh did great on sets…Pankhu exclaimed happily to this while the same servant came asking her to come to the hall to meet everybody…Latika comes up to Sheila flashing her fake smile and sheila greeted her saying “how’s my temporary daughter-in-law”..To which Latika made a weird face and replied “I only come here to meet you because i can meet rubel any time”…This irritates sheila and she repeats in mind “God knows when she will leave us”

Sheila then asks kaira whether she has chosen the care taker saying “I know that my daughter will choose the best”..kaira saying “I dont know whether she is the best”..anyway meet her introducing pankhudi who arrives there with tea”…Sheila’s eyes almost popped up saying “Pankhudi, What did you do kaira? She is Adi’s wife.. how can she be a caretaker? “…Panhudi saying “Yes I am Pankhudi Adi kumar” but how does that makes me a different”….Kaira goes up to her saying “You are pankhudi but why did not you tell me earlier”..Pnakhudi saying “I want to get the job on merit”..Sheila making faces hearing that…while Rubel erupts like a granting pig saying “How dare you enter my house by bluffing kaira who does not know you”…Latika too joins the wagin saying “Dont you have any self-respect”… (Latika, as the question to yourself)…Sheila now coming to Pnkahudi saying and taking her away saying “Pankhudi, you won’t be able do all these…if you want money i will give you that does not mean you have to be a servant, then quickly corrects saying caretaker of this house”…Rubel again shouts to pore ” Mum, why dont we throw out of our house, how very cheap of this lady to return here”…while Nanaji’s voice could be heard from behind…Everybody turns around to see Nanaji saying “Stop Rubel” with some documents in hand”…

The epi ends here…

Precap: Rubel says if she wants to be a caretaker that’s fine but she has to follow some rules… everyone follows rules so she should too. He said that the caretaker has to work 24 hours Shanky did it too… he says are you ready to stay here 24 hours? She is hesitating and in confusion (because she hasn’t told Adi and Co)

Update Credit to: ankur

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