Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi asking Nafisa not to tell Ayesha that she knows everything. She thinks hos to find out, as she knows Ayesha can’t be pregnant. Adi says we will go to hospital and find out. Rubel says I will warn you if I get to know Ayesha is coming there. Nafisa thinks to test Ayesha is pregnant or not and asks her to have raw papayas. She says I did not tell mum. Ayesha says yes, I will tell her when right time comes. Ayesha takes the papaya piece and does not eat it. She says she does not want to eat. She leaves. Nafisa says how to find out. Adi and Poonam come to take Ayesha’s report copy. Poonam shows her doctor’s card. The nurse asks is this unwanted pregnancy case. Adi gets angry. Poonam takes pics of the report and returns the files.

Ayesha is upset. Her phone rings. Nafisa looks at her. Adi and Ayesha reach the hotel room. He says its good we got this address from the hospital. A man comes and says this flat is locked since many days since two years. Adi says why did she give this address. Poonam says what will we do now. Nafisa asks Ayesah to see her designs and encourages her to think about her career. Ayesha says she has some work and has to go.

Harish is upset. Avantika asks him to take media’s call as his film release is soon. He says he is worried for Ayesha. She says this film is your dream, don’t act careless. He says she is like my daughter, we lost our son, and we got him back because of her. She says the press conference is after 3 days and hope to announce that Poonam will be my daughter in law. He says Ayesha is a very nice girl and suitable for my son. He says he will not act irresponsible. Nafisa gets some kids to make Ayesha happy.

Ayesha goes to meet someone. Nafisa thinks sorry, but I have to follow you to know the truth. Poonam says I m sure reports can’t be wrong. Adi says maybe she manipulated, don’t ask me why. He says we can get call records of her number to know whom is she talking, Rubel will help us. Rubel tells Nani that Adi went for some office work. Avantika says this is not done Rubel, you should know it where is Adi. Rubel says I have no idea. Adi calls Rubel. Avantika takes the call and asks where are you, going to meet Ayesha, whats wrong with you, if you love your mum, you will come home right now.

He says he is coming. He tells Poonam he has to go. She says ok, I will leave now. Adi asks why are you helping us. She says I don’t know, Ayesha was my first friend when I came Mumbai. Nafisa follows Ayesha. Ambika says Poonam went for seminar work. Sheela tells Avantika that Poonam is best for Adi. Avantika says it will be their decision, I want him to move on in life. Nani says I m sorry, this 3 day deadline is not fair, you are pressurizing him. Sheela says Avantika won’t think wrong for Adi. How can you support Ayesha? Nani says don’t bring her in this, few people think I don’t worry for Adi. Avantika says I want everyone’s approval in this.

Adi comes home and Avantika asks does he feel he is pressurizing him. Adi says I can’t tell anything, you will get my answer after 3 days. She gets angry. Sheela calms her. Ayesha comes to meet someone and talks to Shanky. Nafisa calls Adi and says she is after Ayesha, she met someone, but she could not see the man’s face. She says its Shanky. She says he is giving her belongings. Adi says we reached a dead end again. He says fine, keep an eye on her and keep updating me. He says what is Ayesha upto. Shanky asks Ayesha will she not come back. She says sorry for troubling you. He says even if you hide, the truth wil;l be out. She says don’t tell anyone I met you, take care of yours and Adi. He blesses her.

Rubel comes to Adi and talks about random address. Adi says we have one option, we have to do her medical test again, and get her call history, we can get some hints. Rubel says sure, I will arrange it.

Rubel says he has got her call records and its one number which is common. Poonam asks him to call by her phone. Adi calls on that number.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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