Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th September 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi remembering the allegations against him. He is offered food and is about to eat but remembers the time when Pankhudi prepared the chapati for him and he didn’t like it. Pankhudi asks him to eat, he says he won’t eat and will eat only soft chapati. Adi says he is missing Pankhudi. He remembers his mom. Pankhudi is crying and asks Avantika whether Adi might have eaten food or not. She says can we take food for him. Harish says we will go in the morning. Pankhudi cries. Avantika leaves with having dinner. Pankhudi cries while the sad version of pyaar ka dard hain plays in the BG. Adi is shown in the police station.

Nirmala asks Preeti that so much happened with your family and you didn’t tell us. Preeti says I was worried and by the time I came home, you slept. Preeti says Adi is innocent. Sadanand says I know, Adi is honest and ethical. He says nothing will happen to Adi. Preeti thank him.

At the police station, Constable informs Pankhudi and Avantika that only one can meet Adi at a time. Pankhudi asks Avantika to meet first. Avantika comes inside and Adi says don’t worry, they will release me soon. Pankhudi comes, Adi sees her and tries to cheer her up. Avantika and Pankhudi comes to the hospital. Pankhudi says doctor is good mom. Avantika says Pankhudi got tensed because of cramp. Avantika asks when Latika was brought to the hospital, weren’t you around? Doctor says she was there and she did her abortion. Avantika says but she had a miscarriage, Doctor realises that she said the truth and lies that Latika had miscarriage and not abortion.

Doctor asks when Latika was admitted, where were you? Doctor changes the topic and asks Avantika to come for checkup. pankhudi suspects her. Sheela comes and asks Latika to try for pregnancy. Latika says she wasn’t ready for the baby and in future too, she may not be ready. Sheela gets shocked and says she will throw her if she plans to not give them a heir. Doctor asks Avantika to take rest and gives the instructions. Pankhudi asks did Latika came to meet you after the miscarriage. Doctor says no. Avantika and Pankhudi leaves. Sheela says she will make her alright and says she is seeing everything. She says don’t forget that I am your mom in law. Avantika tells do you have a doubt on Latika. Pankhudi says Doctor was nervous when she said that. She says she have a plan to verify the truth. Harish asks the CBI officer to let him meet Adi. He says he can’t do anything as officials came for Delhi. Officials comes and says they wants to meet Adi. Harish is shocked.

Avantika and Pankhudi tries to enquire about Latika in the hospital. Ward boy says that Dr. Kusum handled Latika’s case. Pankhudi’s thinks that doctor said that Dr. Mishra handled Latika case. Doctor sees Avantika and interrupts her. Pankhudi was informed that Latika was admitted on 17th. Pankhudi opines that Latika might be involved in this. And nobody knows that she was admitted in the hospital.

Pankhudi tells Rubel that Latika didn’t have miscarriage but she had a abortion. She aborted herself. Rubel is shocked. Harish looks on.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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