Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sameer pampering Preeti as she is pregnant. Preeti tells him that she doesn’t like the cologne smell which he is using. Preeti tells Sameer to get strawberry icecream for her. Sameer says you are special and goes to complete her order. Pankhudi tells Adi that Rubel bhaiyya should get some space to vent out his anger. Adi hopes that Latika give him divorce. Sheela is upset, Preeti asks her not to upset her mood as the wedding can’t happen without her. Preeti tries to cheer up and says that you are our show stopper. Kaira asks Preeti to says everyone that Sheela will not perform today. Sheela says she will perform for sure as it is about their prestige. Kaira asks her to dance in the evening. Sheela says she will make Anuj dance too.

Revathi asks Pankhudi to agree to dance. Dadaji says he can’t dance. Chachiji commands them to dance in the evening. Pankhudi comes and asks Chachaji and Dadaji to dance in the mehendi function. sheela comes and says Anuj isn’t ready to dance. Harish jokes. Revathi says so it is final that you all will be dancing.

While Adi and Rubel are going in the car, they are shocked to see Pankhudi in the back seat. Pankhudi says she wants to go with them. Rubel says he can manage alone but Adi says they will come with him. Ambika asks Revathi, did she saw Pankhudi anywhere? Revathi says no.

Adi, Pankhudi and Rubel comes to Latika’s house. Latika’s mom tells Rubel that Latika is outside. Rubel asks her to get the sign of Latika on these papers. Adi says else get ready to go to jail.Latika comes and shouts at Rubel. Rubel asks her to sign on the papers to dissolve the marriage contract or get ready to go to court. Ambika asks Kaira about Pankhudi and wonders where is she?

Kaira tells Sheela that they will come as Latika couldn’t harm them. Latika tells her mom that she did a mistake by following Chachiji and tells her mom that she got humiliated. She tells that she wants to start afresh and is ready to sign on the papers. She cries and says she is feeling guilty and she don’t have any chance to return to deewan mansion. She sign on the papers and tells Rubel that he is free now. Pankhudi says that I hope you will continue your good thinking in future. Avantika tells sheela that Latika got ready to sign on the papers. Sheela gets happy and says she will gift everyone a gold chain. Preeti asks for a solitaire. Sheela agrees. Adi comes and says Rubel is freed now. Sheela looks at the divorce papers. Adi says he needs time as he just came out from Jail(marriage). Pankhudi asks what he means? Avantika says she knows what he means. Avantika asks Preeti to help Pankhudi to get ready. Kaira asks Sheela about mehendi. Chachiji tells her that it is a symbol of love between husband and wife.

Nirmala tells that the darker color of henna means that the mother in law loves her daughter in law. Adi comes and greets the ladies. He says he wants to attend the function. Preeti asks him to go, Adi says he will attend the function as it is his wife’s mehendi function. He says he is ready to get mehendi done on his hand. Kaira asks him to go. Adi says you people are trying to enpower a man. He leaves.
Pankhudi comes with Kaira and Revathi. Everyone smiles at her.

While everyone are rejoicing at the mehendi function. Preeti feels pain in her abdomen and falls unconscious. Chachiji sees her falling and calls her name.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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