Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi returning home and asking Pankhu “Rubel totally flopped today in the presentation, today, in end I had to somehow handle the situation..then saying “I will pay Rubel for all this for all what he has done”…I will make him say sorry to you and everybody else to what ever he has done to insult us …Pankhu thinking in mind “If Adi is thinking in this line m then he will never let me allow to work as caretaker in DM”..A call comes and Adi goes away..then Panku says …”But how can i remain silent while all my loved ones are being hurt (flashback of Adi getting angry and Nanaji scenes shown)…and decides instantly “I have to take the job to correct and put everything in order …She appears out of dark before god amidst “Jai siya ram” chants

in BG and “Gayatri mantra” like a typical daughter-in-law and transforms into an idol of determination…So it is fixed to save everything Pankhu will go for the interview of DM caretaker…

The scene shifts to kullu where Mami ji expresses her concern to GB mama that everything is not well between Naman and Neha while BG starts saying “You start doubting so quick but ultimately she makes him understand to take the matter seriously…GB goes up to Neha with a present saying “You are also like Pnakhudi to me, no less so hide nothing from me”…I hope eveything is well with Naman”…Neha says “All is well” but without any sign of conviction…GB mama goes off from there saying he has to attend a pooja..

Pankhudi walks up to Harish and Avantika all of sudden while Avantu was serving breakfast to Harish and Adi… and touches her feet…Avantika got surprised seeing this and asked “What happened pankhudi?”…Adi jumping off seeing this action of Pankhu, got very amused to comment ‘must be new way to impress her”…..Pankhudi saying “Very funny” and then breaks off the big news… her decision to go for a new job interview…HarTika blesses her and Adi says “I am sure you will rock the interview” …While Pankhu was walking off for DM for interview, Adi comes from behind in a bike (after long time saw Adi again riding bike again) and after some talking tricks her to come close and thereby gives a quick sweet peck on her cheeks…saying “This will be your good luck charm”…..Pankhu blushes without saying anything…her mind being too loaded perhaps with other thoughts…

In Diwan Mansion Rubel is being shown to dress up before the mirror for office while Sheila comes up to her saying “My dear son (chunnu munnu) got ready”…to which Rubel protests saying to stop embarrasing him. Sheila then continues “I have given Kaira the responsibility of choosing caretaker…she should also do something and make herself feel to be a part of the family,,but dont worry the final decision will be mine”..then says “After all she is my daughter and i care for her happiness (Friends , i felt during delivering this dialogue Sheila looked really sincere and seemed to be speaking her heart for the first time) ..Hearing this Rubel erupts shouting in his ususal way “Why you think we brother-sister are good for nothing and it is you who only can think the best and have got the best brain? In that case..Why dont you then handles the Diwan group of companies too

Kaira comes up and says “Then why dont you leave office works to us”..Hearing this Rubel angrily leaves the room..and sheila starts her usual nonsense rants “how will My lovely daughter choose new caretaker.. i wanna see too.. in end all this experience will come handy in sasural.”…..Kaira didnt seem to be interested at all hearing her mother’s nonsense…

Nanaji seems to be talking to her dead wife (Wow, the picture of Naniji shown for the first time, but due to reflection could not exactly identify the face..though still seeming to be of charming women)..A habit he might have caught from his samdhi ji…kaira hears Nanji talking to the photo and stops before the doorstep for amoent but as Nanu saw it and calls her in,s he runs away..Nanu starts to wonder “What is the problem with this girl” (even we want to know, the big mystery indeed…..)

Pankhudi takes auto and starts to hurry towards DM…Kaira starts calling the interview while sheila comes and sit beside her…Kaira asks”You were supposed to go somewhere”.. Shela saying “Very important work…straightening my hair but can spare a few minutes”…Kaira saying “Why dont you say you dont trust me”…When Sheila saw it wont be possible to takle kaira she leaves the house”…While Sheila went off Pnakhu entered DM and saw her going away”..Pnakhu thinking she might got late when a good-luck text comes from Adi”…While Sheila enters DM, she hears Kaira saying to a lady “Okay you got the job” and hearing this Pankhu looks sad and hurt as if the opportunity slipped off because of her woen mistake…

Epi ends at this point…


Update Credit to: ankur

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