Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha saying this child is not Adi’s. Avantika asks then whose. Ayesha says she does not want to discuss my personal matter. Adi says why not, she has to tell him. She says she wants to move on in life, her marriage is on papers, Adi has Pankhudi’s memories to spend his life, what about me, I m fed up being a friend, please Adi free me from this relation. Ambika smiles. Sheela says this is very bad, she should have waited for some time. She asks Avantika to kick out Ayesha from Diwaan Mansion. Rubel comes with Payal. He says no, Ayesha won’t go anywhere. Rubel asks Ayesha why are you doing this, I can’t believe this, as I know you are lying. He says Avantika always judge a person correctly, what happened today, why is she believing Ayesha. Avantika says what can I say in her personal matter.

Ayesha says she does not want to stay here and is leaving the house now. Nani says stop, you are bahu of this house, talk to me. Ayesha says I want freedom from this marriage, get any other bahu, I can’t be caretaker here. She says thanks for giving me place in this house. Ayesha cries and starts leaving. Avantika says stop. She asks Ayesha is she sure of what she is doing. Ayesha says yes Mrs. Kumar, I have taken my decision. Ayesha leaves. Adi stops Rubel from stopping her. Harish says I don’t believe this, why did you not stop her. Adi says I know she lied, but no use to stop her.

Avantika says you think any girl will lie about her pregnancy, whats the big deal if she wants to move on. Adi says its good she wants to move on, I know she is lying, I will find the truth. Avantika asks him to settle in life. Harish says why are you after Adi and Poonam. Avantika says if not Poonam, we will find some other girl, but he should settle. Adi says why are you all concerned about my life. She asks him to respect his mum, we will fulfill Ayesha’s dreams. Nani cries.

Rubel says I m sorry, this is not business deal, Adi is mature enough and he knows whats good and bad for her. He asks Adi to decide and he will support him. Avantika says I m giving three days, he has to decide he will marry Poonam or not. She says this time trust me. Adi leaves. Nani says how can Ayesha do this. Sheela says you still love her after seeing this, its good she went herself. Avantika says she is gone and now its history, we have to see Adi resettles, I request everyone to cooperate in this. She asks Shanky to give Ayesha’s belongings to her now.

Ambika talks to Poonam. Poonam says Ayesha can’t be pregnant. Ambika says I did not like her. Poonam says Ayesha is nice. Ambika says Avantika spoke to Adi. Poonam says Adi might be upset, I will talk to her. Ambika asks her not to tell anything to him, he is worried for Ayesha, give him two days time, I promise everything will be fine. Ayesha comes to Nafisa and says she left that house. Nafisa is shocked. She asks what happened, did Adi not stop you. Ayesha says I came by her wish, don’t ask anything, can I stay here. Nafisa says this is your house, you can stay, take rest now. Ayesha thinks about everyone’s words.

Adi thinks about Ayesha’s words and says he believes her. Nafisa says what happened that Ayesha came here, shall I call Adi and ask. Harish tells Avantika that we should have given a chance to Ayesha. Avantika says she is saying she wants to move on. Sheela talks to Anuj and asks what will he say now, so characterless. Anuj says don’t know, he can’t believe this. Sheela says after seeing proof. Avantika says forget proofs, she wants to move on, we should accept it, whats wrong with Poonam. Nani says why suddenly. Avantika says Adi should think about his life, I m saying he should consider Poonam. Harish says I m still not convinced what Ayesha is saying, and same time Poonam coming here and you liking her, its not simple. Avantika says you mean I m manipulating, fine, I care for my son. He says I care for him too as I m his dad, what problem you have with Ayesha.

Avantika says what about child. Anuj says I don’t know about child, but Ayesha can’t do anything wrong. Sheela says its good Ayesha is gone, as Anuj is safe as Avantika wants to unite Adi and Poonam. Avantika says Ayesha has a right to be happy, don’t spoil my son’s life for your personal egos. Adi tells Rubel that he can’t believe this, I don’t know she asked me to marry Poonam, all of this suddenly, if Ayesha is safe and happy, I will support her to move on. Poonam comes and says yes, I don’t think Ayesha is such girl. Rubel says how to find the truth. Adi says mum wants us to think about marriage.

Poonam says where might be Ayesha now. Nafisa calls Adi and asks what happened, why did Ayesha leave Diwaan Mansion, she is not telling me anything. Adi says don’t panic, but she said she is pregnant. Nafisa is shocked. He tells her everything. She says all this is nonsense, I will talk to her. Adi says no, we will find the truth, don’t tell you know this. Adi thinks to find the truth.

Nafisa follows Ayesha and calls Adi. She says Ayesha came to meet someone. I m unable to see.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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