Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pankhudi coming back to the trio to talk to them. She says I don’t know anything about you, but I know you guys are not bad. They listen to her in shock after checking she has nothing with her. Avantika asks Sheela to rest. Anuj says he will talk to Kaira and asks Sheela not to come, as Kaira does not know about Rubel. Kaira comes and asks what happened to Rubel. Everyone look at her. Avantika says nothing, he got hurt, he will be fine. Kaira says I m sure its not a small thing, tell me what happened, I promise I won’t be upset. Sheela cries.

Pankhudi says you were toppers in this college, why are you ruining its name now. She says don’t think how I got to know, just accept what you are doing is wrong. Anshul says what you have to do with what I do, if this is your plan, you can’t leave from here. Pankhudi says whats the use to do the work which scares you. Sahil says you know nothing about us, we did so much to reach this place. He says I m university’s topper, I could not do anything, after every crime, we have taken new identities. I m fed up and forgot my real face now, but rich people don’t care as you did not see poverty.

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Ayesha waits outside with Adi and policeman. Pankhudi asks Sahil why did he do this. Sahil says he belonged to middle class family, his dad invested his earnings in my study to secure my family, no, I could not do anything, I was topper and did not get any job. He says he did not get fund for business. She says if you fail, then it does not mean you are failure. He says he wasted three years. She asks how can he fail in three years. Sangeeta says saying is easy, doing is tough. She says she was poor, she had a dream to unburden her father, but she could not do anything. Adi says I trust Pankhudi, she will manage.

Anshul says he is topper in maths, he did not know maths will need English, and he failed and did not get a job from any company, he did not had English medium school in his small city, its not his mistake. She asks can he speak English today, he has money today, why did he not try. Sangeeta asks why does she want to prove, why does she care. Pankhudi says I know I don’t have right to speak, but I know every person has right to share his goodness. Anshul says don’t this lecture, we won’t be scared.

Pankhudi asks why will you be scared from me, get scared from yourself, from your parents. Sangeeta says we love our parents and doing this for them. Pankhudi says then tell them what you do, I know its hard to leave this wrong doings, but its not impossible, life is giving second chance, accept it. Someone knocks the door. Sahil says don’t come inside, else I will not leave Pankhudi. He puts knife at Pankhudi’s neck.

They are shocked seeing their fathers there. Pankhudi asks why are they quiet now, show your strength now. She asks them to cry and hug their parents and admit their mistakes. Sahil’s dad says no use to tell them now, the children who can cheat their parents, we can’t expect anything from them. Sangeeta’s dad says when police jeep came home, I did not believe them, but when I came here, I m shocked. Anshul’s dad asks him to surrender if he respects him. Pankhudi says they did a mistake, if you all don’t forgive you, they will not apologize. The oldies disown them and leave.

Pankhudi asks them to go and apologize to their fathers. She says she has said what she had to say, do they want to start a new life or want to make their valuable relations cry. She says she will wait outside for their decision. Sawant says I don’t think they will surrender, shall we make an announcement. Pankhudi comes out and Adi asks her what happened, are they ready to surrender. Pankhudi says don’t know, hope so. Sahil’s dad says leave it, they won’t change.

The trio comes out and have surrendered. Sahil says we are ready to surrender, but we need 5mins to say something. He says we did lots of wrong doings and admits all his crimes. He says we earned much money to buy any luxury, but could not buy one thing, that’s happiness. He talks to his dad and cries apologizing to him. Sangeeta says she sent money to her father every month and wrote letter to him saying she is happy with the job and everyone praise his upbringing. She says she has written lies always. She cries and apologizes to her dad. She hugs him.

Anshul says even he has always found weaknesses in system and govt, he had weakness and did not try to win over them. He says we all decided that we will surrender to the law. He says we agree to what police punishes us, but we are culprit of Aditya’s family too, you can punish us. Adi forgives them saying Pankhudi taught him to bring change than punish. Anshul says Pankhudi is right, and thanks her. Their fathers also take the blame as they have burdened their expectations on them making them go on wrong path.

They forgive their children and hug them. Pankhudi and Ayesha smile. Adi looks on. Their fathers ask them to go and pass their punishment, then a new life will wait them. Pankhudi says she wants to take the kidnapping complain back, if Adi and Ayesha agree. The trio gets shocked.

Adi tells Pankhudi I don’t know how you will react hearing this, but you have to know the truth. Ayesha gets tensed.

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