Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd December 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with everyone having dinner. Sheela says no one have time to do the work. She says she can understand about Avantika but what about Preeti. Rubel says his buas will attend his marriage. Anuj says we will celebrate it later. Adi asks Rubel about the date. Rubel says he said everything and she didn’t say anything. He says he didn’t give her a chance to say anything. Adi asks Pankhudi, what happened. Pankhudi says she is thinking about mom and says she is feeling tensed and worried for the marriage. Adi rubbishes her worries. Sheela asks Rubel to get marry soon. Pankhudi says Govardhan mama is bringing Payal here to get ready. Rubel calls Preeti. Sameer picks the call and tells Sameer he is upset. Sameer says they are stuck in the meeting. Rubel says you can’t

come for my marriage. Sameer says they can’t cancel the meeting. Rubel reminds him that today is his marriage day. Sameer tries to convince him saying this meeting is important for the hospital. Rubel has no choice but to agree. He tells Sheela that Preeti is not coming. Sheela gets angry on Preeti. Pankhudi gets tensed. Sheela says she can do everything alone.

Avantika recalls Harish’s accusations against her. She recalls Sheela asking her to come for Rubel’s marriage and Harish’s words that he won’t attend Rubel’s marriage. She cries as she feels helpless. Adi is talking on phone. Kamini comes with Payal and Govardhan mama. Sheela asks Pankhudi to take Payal in her room and get her ready. Pankhudi tells Payal that soon nervousness will go. Kamini gives the jewellery to Payal saying it is given to her by her mom. Sheela shows the costly jewellery to kamini. Kamini praises the jewellery. Sheela handover the jewellery to Pankhudi. Avantika and Harish gets Sheela and Anuj’s call respectively but they disconnect the calls. Sheela tells Anuj that why Avantika didn’t pick the call. She says Avantika could have come if she wishes. Anuj asks her not to be upset. Sheela says people will gossip if they don’t come.

Pankhudi compliments Payal after getting her ready and asks her to smile. She tells her that she will send Kaira there, but Payal asks her not to tell her as she might be busy. Pankhudi leaves. Payal calls Rohit but he disconnects the call and looks at Latika who was sitting with him. Payal thinks, did Govardhan mama kidnapped him again. She thinks what to do as she can’t spoil Rubel’s life and she can’t cheat herself. She decides to elope before Pankhudi comes. She cries and says sorry to her dead mom. She says she can’t marry anyone except Rohit. She recalls Rohit’s words to get the jewellery, but she removes the jewellery as she can’t play with her dear ones emotions. Just as she is about to jump from the window. Kaira comes and asks her why she is looking nervous. Payal says she is feeling nervous and that’s why removed the jewellery. Kaira asks her to sit and says she will be with her until they leave for the venue. Payal says she will get ready. Kaira says she will help her. Adi comes and Pankhudi asks, how she is looking? Adi asks him to use the mirror. Pankhudi asks him to reply. Adi compliments her beauty and then says sometimes he lies too. They look at each other while the PKDH song plays in the BG. They hug each other passionately.

Kaira helps Payal in wearing the jewellery again. Payal wonders what to do. Adi calls Preeti and asks, why she is attending the meeting today. Preeti says it is important and tells him to enjoy. Adi says mom and dad didn’t come because of Payal’s confusion. Preeti feels pain and tells him that she will talk to him later. Adi hears her paining voice and looks on.

Sheela asks Pankhudi to call the bride Payal. Pankhudi and Kaira goes to bring her. Adi pulls Rubel’s leg saying he is blushing. Kaira and Pankhudi opens the door of Payal’s room.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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