Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi asking Pankhudi to end their fight. She says you accept you love me more. They argue again and put icecreams on each other. He says you lost, I failed in love. She says yes, even I tease you always. He says yes, its loss to be husband, I have to bear it. He says you have good qualities and pulls her leg. He holds her hand and says I did not meet more beautiful person than you, like the way you unite everyone and bring smile on their faces and make my every moment beautiful, only you can do this, don’t know I can match to it or not. She says its you, so am I, keep loving me and we won’t know how life passes. She hugs him and they smile.

Sheela likes the party hall decorations. Anuj says you did not do this, and saying as if you did everything. Ayush says smile and takes her pic. He says its perfect for my cartoon pic. Anuj laughs. Sheela says take Payal’s pic, she is cartoon. Ayush calls her Khadoos saas. He asks where is Pankhudi. Pankhudi is worried for the tests, as she has done the tests. She gets doctor’s call and he says congrats, tests are positive, you are pregnant, we sent the reports by courier, you will get it in evening. She smiles and cries. She says I m mad, I m crying knowing this good news, I will tell everyone.

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Payal is doing arrangements. Rubel says Kaira could not come, and mum is happy. Anuj says its fine. Payal says Ved ji is last hope for Kaira. Sheela misses Kaira. Adi says Kaira is brave girl, I also get worried to become a dad. Pankhudi hears this. Adi says can you imagine Pankhudi if anyone calls you mum, and you run after baby all day, its not easy to raise kids. Pankhudi looks at them and thinks. She goes back to her room. Pankhudi gets ready for the party and thinks how to tell Adi. Nana ji talks to the audience and thanks for watching the show always. He says lets see the journey. Adi and Pankhudi’s characterization is said in background and they get ready for party and come in the hall.

Pankhudi says see, your Adi did not come till now. Adi comes to her and says sorry. He says no one else came, why should I be sorry. They argue again. He says we won’t fight now. He holds her and says you are mine. She says your ego gets hurt when you say sorry. He says when he said sorry standing on bus like hero. She says so what, can’t you say sorry. He says fine, sorry, a husband has to become fool infront of wife. She says you mean I m fool. He says yes, I can prove, you loved me and acted to love someone else. She says yes, it proves you are fool, you loved me and took years to say. He says yes, I m feeling hot, why did guests not come, check makeup in mirror.

Anuj and Sheela get ready and argue. They welcome the guests. Anuj says you won’t change ever. Sheela says I can sense Avantika in you. He says what did she tell you. Sheela says she always shut up, enough, and loud voice always. She gets Avantika’s call and talks to her sweetly. She says she was missing her and was talking to Anuj about her. Anuj says its good to be away from them, they fight, and still together. Pankhudi and Payal say yes, and Payal thanks her for forgiving and covering her mistakes. She asks about her health, is she fine. Pankhudi says it was because of weather change. Rubel sees so much love and says his eyes got filled, he can’t take it. He talks to Adi and says dad is right, when ladies show so much love, its danger. Adi says yes, its war every day after marriage.

Rubel says yes, but Payal is right, you and Pankhudi are together, and I m here with you, I always had bitterness in heart, and you both have changed me. Adi says don’t praise me much. Ayush joins them and the brothers have a talk. Anuj thanks Bau ji and Pankhudi’s family for coming in the party. Bau ji says we felt proud that you all and Harish gave name to Ayush. Ayush gives envelop to Adi and says Shanky gave it. Adi sees the letter in it and is shocked reading it. Rubel asks what happened Adi.

Bau ji tells Pankhudi that she and Adi did a lot for family, and now its time to take family ahead. Pankhudi thinks don’t know how will Adi react. Adi leaves the letter and goes out. Rubel reads it. Adi says why did Pankhudi not tell me, how could she do this. He messages her to come outside the house and she goes to meet him. She says she will tell him now if she gets a chance. Rubel tells Shanky that Pankhudi is going to meet Adi, its right time to begin and tells his plan.

Adi asks whats Pankhudi’s problem, how can she hide this from him, I know you are pregnant. She says Adi, I wanted to tell you but…. He says you thought you will tell me if you wish. She says I heard you talking about kids and did not know how will you react. He says you should have told me. He gets annoyed. She says listen to me once. He leaves in the car. She cries and thinks she was afraid of this, what to do now.

Bau ji asks Pankhudi where did Adi go. She says don’t know, Its my mistake, I should have told him. Bua ji says is it that he is not ready for child. Sheela hears them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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