Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sheela asking Payal to obey her if she wants her to accept her. She says, you have to take care of everything after me. She asks her to talk to Pankhudi if need be. Payal says, you asked me not to talk to Pankhudi. Sheela says, but I am giving you permission now. Payal gets happy and thanks her. Sheela recalls Adi asking her not to let Rubel future effected as he loves Payal very much. Payal comes and tells Pankhudi that Sheela gave her permission to talk to her. Shanky says, that’s why you both were not talking. Payal says, now I can share your pain. Pankhudi says, I will cry now. Sheela is waiting for Mangal and Padma. They are shown meeting Latika. Mangal says, give us permission to go. Latika smiles. Mangal comes home and calls for Sheela. He lies

saying they went to the temple to pray for Rubel. He asks Padma to give the prasad to Sheela. Sheela tells Mangal that Rubel refused to sit on the MD chair. She says, I will not be surprised if Rubel gives his chair to Adi. Mangal says, Rubel is a good guy and says no one will be able to take your place. Sheela asks, why Rubel is upset with me. Padma asks her to handle Rubel with love. Preeti tells the management that she agrees to get the doctors on board. Management says, Doctor wants anyone to resign by taking the responsibility. Preeti says, I will resign. They say you can’t resign and asks Sameer to resign. Sameer agrees to resign and tells Preeti of his decision.

Padma and Sheela are praising Rubel infront of her guests. Pankhudi and Payal bring the snacks for them. One guest says that the owner is now your daughter in law. Sheela says, I never showed it but…They asks, why Adi is fired from the MD position. Sheela says, it is good that the right person has become MD. Padma asks Pankhudi, if she got Adi’s call. Pankhudi says, he will call whenever he gets time. PAdma insults Adi. Avantika says, every work is equally important and asks her not to worry about Adi. Padma says, you felt bad. I was telling the truth. Sheela says, why you are taunting my bhabhi. Adi couldn’t take care of his responsibility and that’s why you changed him. Sheela says, why you are taunting her. Avantika says, that’s because she was taunting my daughter in law. If Rubel has become MD then it doesn’t mean you both will dominate my daughter in law. All the guests leave after passing comments. Sheela asks, why you did a drama? Avantika says, I am Adi’s mom and I will not keep quiet. She says, responsibility comes before the power.

Sadanand asks Sameer why he resigned suddenly. Sameer says, it was my responsibility to take action but I didn’t take any action when that doctors was caught. Nirmala asks Preeti to make Sameer understand. Preeti says, I can’t make him understand. Nirmala says, husband and wife should take their decision according to each other. She leaves without eating anything. Sadanand says, now you have to look for the other job. Sameer nods.

Kaira says, why Adi is behaving this way and why Rubel accepted this chair. She says, something is wrong and I need to find out. Adi is having a bad time at the site. He tries to call Pankhudi but couldn’t because of the network problem. Someone comes and gives him dinner. Adi says, I am very hungry and asks his employee to rest.

Payal says, you didn’t have a bite without Adi. Pankhudi says, I couldn’t eat without Adi. Adi finds it hard to adjust. He looks at the food and says I can’t eat. He says, I should not be choosy. Rubel and Payal sees Pankhudi missing Adi. Rubel asks her to meet Adi. Pankhudi says, how I will go alone. Rubel says, I will asks driver to take you. He asks her to take the dinner for Adi. Pankhudi thanks him. Rubel says, Adi has to bear so much for me. Govardhan mama tells Dadaji that the party is giving ticket to someone else. Kaira comes and talks rudely with Rubel. She says, your dream have come true. Rubel says, did you think I have played any game. She asks him to tell the truth. Kaira is shocked to know about Sheela asking Adi to leave MD position for him. She says, how could mom do this with Adi. Rubel requests her not to tell this to anyone. Kaira says, I will talk to her. Payal requests her not to talk to anyone. Kaira says, I will talk to Adi.

Adi wakes up and asks, who is there? He collides with Pankhudi. Pankhudi says, you got so many excuses not to call me. Adi couldn’t light the lamp. Pankhudi lit it. She sees a wound on Adi’s hand. She gets worried.


Rubel reads in the newspaper about him becoming the new MD in place of Adi by Anuj. Mangal says, why they will write this? Sheela says, whose work is this. Mangal and Padma get tensed.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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