Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pankhudi putting the tape on Adi’s mouth. She says, first you fighted with me and then went to Dad’s place. Adi asks her to remove the tap. Adi holds her romantically. Pankhudi says, I don’t like whenever you scold me, I like only your lovely words. She removes the tape. Adi and Pankhudi get romantic while the happy version of Pyaar ka dard hain meetha meetha pyaara pyaara…………plays…..Pankhudi and Adi hug each other romantically. Sheela tells Anuj that today you were smiling. I can’t take a decision about my son. Anuj says, you was wrong. Sheela says, Adi can’t be wrong naa. Anuj says, I support them and says, marriage is not a drama. Sheela says, I will go to my brother’s home to Dholpur and then you can leave happily here. Anuj asks, are you going for sure? Sheela says yes…Anuj says, but you have to wait at the station. He says, we have to think about our children’s happiness. He says, Rubel is angry at Payal but he doesn’t want Payal to go. We have to think about his happiness. Adi and Pankhudi talk about Preeti. Pankhudi says, I am sure that you will bring her out of depression. Adi says, I am not a super human. Pankhudi thanks him for giving a second chance to Payal. Adi says, I was sad that Payal was bearing everyone scoldings. Pankhudi says but you were angry on me. Adi makes her smile. Pankhudi says, I will go to mom as she didn’t come for dinner. Rubel is sleeping, Payal comes and covers him with blanket. Rubel wakes up and says, life is not a film where love happens suddenly. I can take care of myself. Payal thinks I know you loves me and I have to prove myself better.

Pankhudi comes to Avantika and asks about her. Avantika says, I am fine and asks about Payal? Pankhudi says she is fine and Rubel’s anger will go off soon. Avantika says, Harish don’t want her to donate the kidney and says, my kidney matches with her. If anything happens to her then I can’t forgive myself. She asks, Am I doing anything wrong? Pankhudi says, you are right being a sister and dad is right being a husband. Avantika says, it is a diplomatic answer. Pankhudi says, I would have done what you are doing. Adi meets Sameer and asks about Preeti. Sameer says, Preeti left every hope to get well. She is behaving as if everything is over. He asks him to talk to her as she listens to him. Adi says ok.

Adi’s secretary gives Kushal Maheshwari card to Adi. Adi asks her to send him in. Rohit comes in disguise as Kushal Maheswari. He enters wearing suit. Adi looks on. Rohit introduces himself as Khushal Maheswari and says I have a business proposal and tells Govardhan mama’s name. He says, he asked me to meet you. Adi asks him to go ahead. Adi calls Govardhan mama and says I am sitting with Khushal, your friend’s son. Govardhan mama says, oh! he reached there. Rohit is tensed. Today’s kids are so fast. Adi asks Kushal to come to Deewan Mansion for dinner. Rohit says, it will be awkward for me. Adi asks him to come. Rohit agrees and thanks him for the invite.

Govardhan mama tells Kamini about Rohit’s plan. Flashback is shown, where Rohit asking him to support him as he is going to Deewan Mansion else he will spoil Payal’s life. Kamini says, give him money if he wants. Govardhan mama gets worried about Pankhudi and Payal and thinks to do something before he did any damage. Adi calls Pankhudi and says guest are coming home and will have dinner with us. Pankhudi asks him to have tea first. Pankhudi asks, who is coming? Adi says, you spoiled my mood as I have to drink cold tea. Pankhudi asks for the guest. Adi says surprise and asks her to wait.

Anuj says, lets wait till my reports come. Sheela says, think about Preeti, when Avantika is ready then why you are insisting. Anuj says, I am their elder brother. Sheela says, I am worried for her too. Anuj asks her to get the test done for donation. Sheela says it is a good thing but I think why to interfere between you siblings and excuses herself. Preeti calls Sameer and asks, why did you call me here at Jiju’s set. Sameer says, he was busy so we came here. Adi tells Sameer that this plan will work. Avantika says, everyone are emotional about my decision but once I took the decision I don’t step back. Anuj says, I will bear all the expenses of her treatment. Avantika asks him to stop being emotional. Anuj asks her not to share this with anyone especially with Sheela. Avantika looks on.

Rohit comes to Deewan Mansion to have dinner. A dish falls down from Payal’s hand. Rohit picks it up and says sorry to Payal and touches her hand. Payal is speechless.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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