Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha saying she will come in the screening in her own designs. Anuj talks to Sheela and asks about Kaira. He asks how do you like Poonam. Sheela scold him for eyeing Poonam. Anuj laughs and says you won’t change, get ready soon. He says he will see Adi and Rubel and leaves. The media comes at the screening and takes Harish’s interview. Avantika comes. Harish says its small screening for friends and family. Avantika says for me my husband’s happiness matters. Adi comes with Poonam and Ambika. Rubel comes with Payal. They give some happy comments. Harish asks Adi about Ayesha. Avantika comes and talks about Poonam. She says Anuj did not come.

Anuj and Sheela arrive. Sheela looks at the media and no one comes to take her interview and pics. Anuj pulls her leg. He says he will not show off and leaves. Sheela walks to the reporters but no one identifies her. She gives the interview without anyone asking her. Adi waits for Ayesha. Poonam asks him to call her. He says I m sure she will come. Ayesha comes looking gorgeous. Ayesha walks in with Nani. Poonam says I told you she will come. Ayesha sees Adi and Poonam together. She says she wants everyone to get their share of happiness, I mean this film should get hit.

Ayesha walks to Adi and Avantika comes in between. She takes Adi and leaves. Harish thanks his entire team, costars and family. Everyone clap for him. Harish says he wants to thank his parents, his wife Avantika. Adi says Ayesha I m feeling so nice seeing my parents happy, its all because of Pankhudi that they are together. Ayesha thinks Adi will share everything with Poonam now. Ayesha walks by Adi. He is shocked seeing Ayesha and looks at Poonam.

Everyone like the movie. Adi says dad I m proud of you and hugs him. Everyone compliment. Sheela thinks what was good, no song, no good clothes, but I have to say something. Sheela praises the movie and says you should get all awards. Adi looks for Ayesha. He asks Nani where is Ayesha. Nani says she went to meet Nafisa in interval, as she has some problem. Adi thinks is she trying to avoid me, but why. Everyone come home. Nani asks Shanky to see did Ayesha come back. Sheela says why did Ayesha go in between. Shanky says Ayesha is not in her room.

Harish says I hope Nafisa is not in any big problem. Ayesha comes and Harish asks is the problem sorted. Ayesha says sorry, Nafisa needed some papers which I had. She says she is tired and goes to change. Ayesha comes to her room and is upset. Adi comes to her and sees her sad. He asks from what is she running. He says you are behaving weird since many days, I want to know what is it. She says what can it be. He says are you trying to avoid me. She says why will I do it. He says why did you not come on site and behaved on screening as if I don’t exist.

She says she was busy with Nafisa. He says fine, call her, I will talk to her. She argues with him. He says he is trying to support her in her dream. She says I don’t want your copyright in my dream, we both have a life, don’t join it. Adi is shocked and says ok, what do you want. She says I want you to move on in your life and free me from this marriage. She says you can marry Poonam, she is very nice. He is shocked and says when did she come in between now. She says you can think Poonam can be your life partner. He says whats all this, what does this mean.

She says she is fed up being his friend, free me, don’t make me your private property. Adi is very hurt by her words. Ayesha shouts on him and shows fake anger.

Sheela talks to Ayesha and asks where did she go. She says what work Ayesha has, what is this work affair.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Very good,maybe Adi will get to know his responsibility to Ayesha as a husband n get to know the real reason as why Poonam is in his house

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