Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th April 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th April 2013 Written Update

Anuj invites Adi and his entire family to his Birthday Party, Surprised Adi enquires whether All employees are invited , Anuj rejoins saying that it is between Mama & Bhanja and Mama is inviting his Bhanja * Itni sadbudhi ek wish milne par.. why could not Pankhi wish him daily *

Shiela calls up Avantika and invites her for the party putting on a bright face * Por lass is unaware that avantika cannot see her face* ..Avantika cuts off Shiela’s blabbering, states that this must have been Pankhudi’s idea and asserts that she will not be joining the party as she is still THE wife and Mother of Harish and Adi respectiviely * lest we forget this vital fact* Shiela is delighted by this turn of events.


The Party is getting ready , All are in Party dress .. Nanu notices Rubal strolling by, hails him and summons him to join the party and wish his father, A excited and scatter brained Shiela urges Anuj to change his dress ..and come up in his birthday suit .. Anuj moves to change his suit, Shiela moves to get the cake but is stopped by Kaira who volunteers to get the cake ..Anuj is pleased to hear his daughter engaging in the party.

Anuj changes his suit, gets ready to cut the cake, when he gets a 1000 volt jolt when a harsh voice stops him from blowing the candle, Looking up, Anuj is shocked to see a posse of Police !! * what, u expected Rakhi Sawant* lead by a diminutive man who claims breach of contract by Dewan’s saying that Dewan Group of companies has not paid for the contracts .. Anuj expresses Surprise and declares that Rubal was the one handling it .. but the Partner is not ready to listen .. and pushes for Anuj’s arrest despite Nanu volunteering to pay the compensation…In all this brouhaha , Rubal maintains a Golden Silence , unbroken and seen to be believed .. A disturbed Pankhudi calls up Avantika…while Adi tries to stall the arrest…but nope, the belligerent associate wants his pound of flesh and seeks the arrest..A docile Anuj begins to walk towards the door when the strident tone of Avantika stops the procession.

Avantika demands to read the contract, bamboozles the Associate and straightens the matter .. Anuj expresses his gratitude the police leave.. Avantika waves it away .. Adi who was watching the silence of Rubal is disgusted by the selfishness of Rubal, takes him to task, Rubal voice box gets active now and he tries to take several digs at Avantika, insinuating that she is a gold digger ..Anuj has had enough , turns and delivers a slap… which stuns everybody including Rubal.

Anuj thunders that Avantika is not somebody but his own Sis ..and part of family…. Shiela is thunderstruck ..Latika is rooted to the spot..The bro and sis appear to have mended the bridge BUT not with Shiela in the running..

As the party gets over, Shiela begins to brainwash Anuj , Anuj, the witless lamb appears to succumb ..while His Gene/DNA/Blood and Son Rubal too is being similarly brainwashed by Latika to act against his parents and Dewan’s.. The ever foolish Rubal swears to follow his own road while Latika gives a satisfied smile at job well done.


Bhajan is being sung in the Mandir, curious Dewans follow the sound as does Pankhudi..All stand watching mutely at some source..

Update Credit to: Tanthya

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