Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avantika asking Ayesha to go ahead with the celebrations. Ayesha gets happy and smiles. Avantika leaves and Sheela goes after her to talk to her. Sheela says Avantika, see Ayesha knows what Adi wants more than you, I m understanding, she took his property and is slowly controlling him, he is going away from his mum, he can make us agree for something else too. Harish stops Avantika and says you were not wrong, but Ayesha’s was more right, trust me, Adi will enjoy these celebrations. Ayesha takes Shanky’s help. He thanks her for uniting the family. She asks him to do all the work. He says sure, if Nanu was here and saw you doing this for Adi, he might be very happy. She smiles.

Anuj comes to Ayesha and she asks him about Kaira. He says everything is sorted therem but I wanted to say you sorry, as you had to take the blame on you, and everyone treated you badly. He holds her hand and says I m sorry, a father could not think anything else. She says would you say sorry to Pankhudi too. He says thanks. She asks him to repay. He says tell me what is the order. She says you give the order to everyone and make everyone feel Pankhudi came back. He says I m always with you.

He says I know everyone is misunderstanding you, but they will also love you, like I do. She says thanks, I want to give happiness to Adi and everyone. Sheela sees a box in her room and reads the chit to wear this designer saree. Even Avantika gets the box and the message. She crushes the chit and says I don’t care. She sees Pankhudi’s pic and agrees to wear it. Payal gets the box and says just wait and watch. Sheela says she is making us mad, by winning over us, if I don’t wear this, Nani will scold me.

Payal comes to Ayesha and throws the box on the floor. She asks what do you think you are, if you gift us clothes, you will become family. They argue. Payal says you will always be a stranger for us. I will kick you out of this house one day. Anuj comes and sees this. Anuj says you should be out off this house , after what you did with Kaira, you don’t have any right to stay here, I came to know everything, how can you invest money like this, without telling anyone.

Payal says I wanted to help Kaira. Anuj says alright, what after money was duped, you did not attend Kaira’s calls, you both are equal culprit for me, you know this would have troubled Kaira. You know Ayesha took the blame on her because of your mistake, I m sorry, but she is better than you. Payals asy but Nani took the money from safe. Anuj says no, I took it, to not create trouble for you, so that Sheela should not taunt you, as Rubel does not get upset, I became a thief in my house because of you, you should thank her, as she took all your problems on her head.

Payal says I m sorry dad. Anuj asks her to say sorry to Ayesha. Ayesha says its fine, Payal realized her mistake and its not less than sorry. She asks Payal to wear the dress, and she will feel she won a place on her heart. Payal takes the box. Ayesha talks to Nani and Shanky and they tell about Pankhudi. They miss Pankhudi. Ayesha asks them to decide about the cake. Shanky says Sheela can make the perfect cake. Nani says I don’t think she can do it well. Shanky says no one can match her in making cake. Ayesha says fine, we will have cake made by her. Nani asks but how. Ayesha says just see and goes to Sheela. She praises Sheela and asks did she like the saree. It will become beautiful when you wear it.

Sheela says I taught all the style to Avantika. Ayesha says really, then please wear my saree. Sheela says fine and self praises her. Ayesha asks what does she like. Sheela says eating, watching tv, shopping. Ayesha asks whats she expert in. Sheela says drawing, singing, dancing, cooking. Ayesha asks does she know making cake. Sheela says yes. Ayesha says great, you make the cake for evening. Sheela says I won’t make the cake today, why for you. Ayesha says else I will go from here with the property. Sheela sees Shanky and Nani saying the same.

Ayesha says if Avantika makes me go, I will need property. Sheela says fine, I will make the world class cake. Ayesha hugs Sheela and shows thumbs up to Nani and Shanky. She thanks Sheela and goes. Avantika says don’t know what Ayesha wants to do. Adi can’t move on in life because of her, whats wrong with my family, everyone is agreeing to her. I have to do something. Nani and Harish are happy seeing the arrangements and praises Pankhudi.

He says I wish everyone could see her goodness, I really feel bad for her sometimes, can’t she get everyone’s love, she deserves it, as she is Pankhudi’s shadow. Ayesha look cute and talks to herself. Anuj comes and says whats the questions. Ayesha says its 4. Harish says its 5 questions, last one will be surprise test from me. Anuj says you will pass this exam. Rubel says 5 question,s interesting, and whats this. Payal wears the dress Ayesha gifted and says I had to wear this as dad wanted, else he would have said anything to Sheela or Rubel. Sheela and Payal see each other and smile. Sheela says her dress is better than my dress, Ayesha made a good dress for her.

Payal thinks she is very happy to wear an expensive saree, and I m wearing this dress. They start arguing. Sheela asks why is she afraid. Ayesha comes and says I will tell. Payal gets tensed.

Ayesha brings Adi and Shanky brings Harish. Adi acts rude and leaves.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Finally !! Hey hasan happy friendship dy 🙂

  2. Y does Adi act rudely in mondays episode 🙁 I kno he misses panku but ayeshas efforts ko Bhi thoda value kia Karo yaar.. Bechari pankudi k jaisa banne chali he..

  3. Hii .. Anyone der? I used to watch dis serial only until pankudi was alive.. How is it now? And happy friendship day to all my friends who have commented above and also to those who merely read the comments and enjoy :p come on ! U guys have to text today .. Cheers to telly updates!!

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