Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vikram thanking Adi for what he did. He apologizes to everyone for the trouble. Anuj does the kanyadaan. Everyone are happy. Avantika and Harish does the ghatbandhan. The pandit chant the mantras. They take the rounds and Nani looks on smiling. Mangalam…………..plays…………….. Everyone put flowers on the couple. Nani cries. Varun applies the sindoor to Kaira. The pandit says the marriage is completed. Everyone claps/ Adi is crying and having food. Pankhudi asks him to come out as its Kaira’s bidaai. She sees him crying. He says I can’t come, I won’t see her going. She says she has to go, come with me. He says no. She says fine, you don’t think about others, Kaira will feel bad if you don’t meet her. He says I m coming.

He says I

was eating to dictract my mind. Nani meets Adi and Pankhudi says my flight is at 5 am, I will leave, I don’t want any scenes now. She leaves. Kaira’s bidaai is shown. Sheela cries and says I will call and fight with you daily. She blesses Kaira and says think of that home as yours and don’t do anything wrong. She hugs Kaira. Anuj asks Varun to take care of Kaira as she gets angry soon. Vikram thinks he will take care of her as she is the key of his dreams. Anuj hugs Kaira. Kaira greets and hugs everyone taking their blessings and tips. Vikram says Avantika’s wrong decision can spoil Kaira’s life.

Vikram thinks now its time to forget old relations Kaira. Rubel says I m sorry Kaira, I always irritated you, you got scolded by mom because of me. He hugs Kaira and asks Varun to take good care of his sister else…………. Vikram thinks lets see Rubel, who does what. Adi hugs Kaira and says I can do anything for you, be happy always. Nani blesses Kaira and Varun. Kaira asks her to fulfill her wish and asks her to stay at her house always. Nani is shocked. Kaira says ca you stay here for some more days. She says a daughter asked you something, please stay. She asks her to promise. Nani cries and blesses her promising her she will stay here. Everyone are happy. Kaira hugs her and thanks her.

Maiyya ke mann ki rani baba ka angan chod chali…………………plays…………………Kaira cries hugging everyone. Adi and Rubel push the car and wave bye. Vikram and Amrita also leave. Nani tells everyone that she will stay here as a guests and asks them to stop the drama. Rubel gets angry. Adi stops Rubel. Adi says fine Nani, you can stay here as you want. Pankhudi asks Nani to take rest. Nani scolds Rubel. Rubel says this is not done, why did we stop her, why should we bend to her, what wrong did I say. Avantika says don’t fight, we should go and sleep. Rubel says no one will understand me. He leaves.

Amrita does Kaira and Varun’s aarti and welcomes them inside. Vikram stops Kaira. Everyone looks on. Vikram smiles and says I want a promise from you, that you accept this house as yours and forget your old house. He says I don’t want Kaira to go away as I got a sister. I want to keep her with love. He welcomes them. The guests talk about Kaira’s past.

Adi gets a call from Vikram and says I will come.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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