Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd April 2013 Written Update

Adi asking Pankhu about Kaira and to call her since she is now in India…Jaise hi yaad kiya Kaira ka call a gaya. Kaira saying “You wre the only one who used to remind me and call me sometimes, but why did you not invite me in your wedding”…Adi says ” Meri shaadi jis halaat mein hui thhi, i could not invite anyone”…Kaita asks “Are you happy?”.Adi saying” Very much and was never more happy”…

Scene shifts to Sheila coming to Nanu and saying “Take all my jewellary to raise your fund”…Seeing him calm, Sheila saying “Please dont say no”…So preeti saying “Preeti didnt’ say no to you”.. (Preetii’s one liners are too good)..Nanaji as usual saying No. So Sheila asking… ” Then how will you raise fund”..Nanu saying “Dont worry till i am there”..When Anuj-Rubel arrives there , he says “Those who are flying high with their new-found power and trying to stop our funds, don’t think it has happened and will happen, i will fulfill my wife’s wishes”…Kaira seeing from balcony..

Sheila and Rubel planning to oust Shanky as their next step to corner Nanaji and make him alone..Sheila giving evil smiles. Shanky giving kaira her favorite Chocolate milk shake and Kaira saying ” Kash ghar ke baki memebers bhi apke tarah hote”..(so true kaira, love you for this line)…

PaYa walking together while Adi is upto his ususal chatter-box mode with Pankhu and again saying that he will come to pick her from work while Pnkahu saying no. Suddenly Adi catches Pnakhu and shifts to the other side saying “Cant you see and walk, what would have happen if the bas hit you (BTW the bus was going through the middle of road)..Pnakhu saying.. stop teating me like a kid)

In Diwan Mansion, Sheila serving breakfast to her team and saying, now is the time to do something to shanky so that we can remain once and all… Sheila entering with a tray with soup which Rubel intentionally pushes as Shanky trips over tospalsh a few drops of soup on Sheila…Rubel kamina, joh ki issi mauke ki intezaar mein thha tut pada uss par “Dhakka mar raha hai and shouting on her like a complete janglee”…Really a sorry moment what happened next..Kaira tried to save him, even Nanaji came but surorisingly asked him to leave DM just like Adi…He confessed “This house is not fit for good people any more, so beter tyou leave”…Shanky saying “But how can i leave you and who will take care care of you in that case”…Nanaji saying “These people want to make me alone, but i wil not break down inspite of these people’s intense desire to make me weak”…Still Shanky looking as if he is clueless what he will do next and what is happening to him while carying hearing his saabji…Nanu saying “Before i get weak, you better leave”…Now sheila is mum while a few moments earlier he was feigning to stop rubel from insulting Shanky…Nanu telling a shanky before he was leaving portending to Anuj “Dont differentiate between son and daughter since daughters always stand by teir parents when it matters the most (i sincerely hope this word becomes true for Sheila).Kaira hugging Shanky as shanky took Nanu’s blessings and left…Sorry to say but this moment for the frst time made my eye moist seeing PKDH..Me to feeling DM from now on becoming “Degraded Mansion”..

Shanky goes to Harish and breaks down in tear hugging him…Avantu-Harish and Pankhu hearing shanky saying what Rubel did to him. Avantu saying “i cant belive this and you will stay with us”.Shanky saying ” Badi baby No, i have decided to return to my village and dont want to be a burden on you.. The love and respect you have given me is my life-long treasure”…Avantu saying “No one can take you off from our hearts”…Pnakhu saying “kaka, you cant go like that ,let me call Adi and he will make you understand”…Pankhu calls Adi breaking the news, Adi giving a surprise wala expression while the epi ends…

Precap: will update later, if any..

Update Credit to: ankur281

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