Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shanky asking Pankhudi to come for dinner. Pankhudi says I will have dinner with Adi. Nani catches Rubel having jam. She says enjoy it if you like so much. Rubel asks her not to tell anyone about this. She says fine and smiles. He apologizes to her. She says I m also sorry, I could not return your affection, we will start relations from a fresh one. She hugs him and asks him to keep enjoying jam. Rubel thanks her. She leaves. Avantika and Harish sees Adi’s chidlhood pics. Harish thinks when Adi and Pankhudi have a child, on whom will he go. He says its high time, we should talk to them. Avantika says no, they are kids, its only 2 years, let them enjoy. Harish says we should talk. She says no, they should stop fighting first. Harish says see when Pankhudi goes Kullu, Adi will get his senses.

Vikram talks sweetly to Kaira and she is happy. She says I want to handle responsibilities and make Amrita rest. Vikram asks Varun to be responsible and says lets play cricket. He gives the bat to Varun and says I will bowl today. He apologizes for whatever he did. Varun says its fine, we can forget it. Varun hugs him. Vikram says we have to return 150 crores to Khanna and I thought to sell our company stock. Kaira says do what you feel is right. Vikram goes to play. Khanna plans to kill Adi.

Adi comes home and sees Pankhudi sleeping. Pyaar ka dard hai………………plays……………… He makes her sleep well. Shanky comes to Adi and tells him that Pankhudi did not have food, she slept waiting. Adi says I will also not have food now. He asks Shanky to arrange the food in morning as he has to leave early. Adi looks at Pankhudi and smiles. Adi holds her hand and kisses her.

Sheela tells Anuj that Pankhudi went Kullu without informing Adi, now he will run after her. She asks shall we send Payal to her mum’s place. Anuj says fine, ask her, if she wants to go then let her go, you are doing this to get rid of her, very cheap. Sheela says I thought I will be free after a bahu comes, but it does not happen. Payal asks Sheela to go to any devotional place. Anuj smiles. Payal says Pankhudi asked us to have tea together. Sheela says see, look at her, she does not stop following me.

Harish says Adi can’t live without Pankhudi. Rubel comes to him and asks about Pankhudi. Harish laughs and tells him his plan. Rubel says so its plan to trouble my brother. Harish says don’t tell anything to Adi, else I will send Payal to Kullu too. Rubel says no, don’t send Payal. Harish says Pankhudi called us there to have tea. Pankhudi says Adi does not know I m going Kullu. Shanky tells her that Adi left for Pune in morning. Nani comes and says inform Adi on phone. Sheela says yes, he will miss you. Nani says take some gifts for all family members. Harish talks to Nani and says Avantika is coming. Nani says Kaira was coming, but I asked her to stay there as Amrita is unwell.

She says Adi is annoyed with Pankhudi. Harish says everyone fights in this house. He says jokes apart, I m relieved that you are taking care of this house. He talks about Nanu’s death which has shaken everyone. She says I promise I will always be with this family for guiding them. Pankhudi packs her bag. She arranges the pics and talks to Nanu’s pic. Pankhudi misses Adi and says will Adi be upset after I leave. Payal asks Rubel where is he going. Rubel says I have to go for some important meeting. He jokes and Payal gets serious.

They start arguing. She asks him no to taunt her as she has some self respect. He says mum jokes with you, don’t take it on heart. She asks him not to joke with him. Nani asks Pankhudi to leave for the airport. Sheela asks when will you come. Pankhudi says don’t know, I will stay for some days. Sheela says I m thinking to go somewhere on holiday. Nani asks where. Sheela jokes. Nani says fine, I know everything. Pankhudi asks them not to fight else she won’t go. She asks them to hug. Sheela says fine and hugs Nani. Pankhudi smiles.

Pankhudi and Adi talk on phone. Pankhudi says I love you Adi and falls off the cliff.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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