Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Anuj asking Sheela to start the marriage preparation. Pankhudi says they will do it and says she is feeling bad for Payal 2. Kamini tells Payal 1 that she will be happy to marry Rubel and will tell them about it. Govardhan mama asks Kamini not to leave Payal 1 even for a min. She obliges. Didi tells Harish that they will go from here as they will be busy in Rubel’s marriage. Harish says he will search a good groom for Payal 2. And says you will live here until she is settled. Didi agrees and says she can’t see him sad nor his daughter. Avantika tells Harish, that she don’t know why the situation is embrassing? Harish says you didn’t listen to me. Avantika says she don’t have an idea about it. Harish blames Adi and Avantika and asks her to think about Payal 2. He leaves angrily. Avantika asks him to stop and asks him why he is making her culprit as she has not done anything intentionally. Harish blames her and says you want everything to do our way. he says I am feeling insulted as I can’t talk to my niece property.

Govardhan mama comes to Payal 1′s room and finds her nowhere. He calls her but she doesn’t pick the call. Kamini comes and says she was watching Tv in the other room. Govardhan mama says you will be responsible if she did something unusual. Pankhudi sees Payal 1 with Rohit on the road and asks the driver to take a U turn. Ambika tells Sushma about Rubel and Payal’s alliance. Sushma says it is good news. Ambika says she heard much about Payal and says she is having an affair with someone. Pankhudi asks the driver to take her to the hotel. Rohit tells Payal that he was kidnapped and his phone was snatched. He somehow escaped and called her from the public booth. Payal 1 says her papa and phuphaji created a bad image of him and compelled her to get engaged to Rubel. Rohit says how can you suspect me. Payal acts innocent. Rohit plans to teach them a lesson and asks Payal to say yes to marry Rubel.

Payal’s father is talking about Payal. Pankhudi comes and asks, is everything alright? Kamini says bhaiyya is worrying about her as Payal is saying she will marry after a year. Pankhudi says girls gets nervous. Pankhudi says they can wait if Payal wants. Govardhan mama lies saying she wants to do job. Pankhudi tells them that she saw Payal with some guy. Rohit tells Payal to say yes to marry Rubel and plans to elope on the marriage day. Payal 1 says her family will be insulted if she elopes on the marriage day and she says she doesn’t care for their insult. Rohit says he can’t asks for money from his papa and asks Payal to get jewellery as they will need it. Payal agrees.

Pankhudi tells them that Sheela wants the marriage to happen next week. Adi, Rubel and Kaira are sitting somewhere while Rubel is sad. Adi asks him, why he is sad. rubel says he is already tensed. Adi asks him to invite Payal 1 for lunch. Rubel says he is not sure. Rubel calls Payal 1 and asks her to meet. Payal 1 says I will come. Rohit says he will also come. But Payal says let her handle this. Adi and Kaira pulls his leg. Preeti tells Sameer about Rubel’s roka with Payal 1. Sameer asks her to have medicine. Nirmala tells Sadanand that her friend asks girl’s medical report with kundli. Sadanand asks, do you want to say that we should have asked Preeti’s report. Nirmala says she is seeing Sameer’s pain. Sadanand asks, then what we could do? Avantika tells Adi about her argument with Harish. Adi says he will talk to him. Avantika says she will handle. pankhudi says Sheela mami is asking you to come to deewan Mansion for fixing marriage date. Kamini says she isn’t picking the call. Govardhan mama calls Payal and asks her to come soon. Payal 1 says she is going to meet Rubel. Pankhudi says it is ok and says she will talk with Adi.

Govardhan mama tells Kamini and Payal’s dad that he kidnapped Rohit and he escaped somehow. He wonders what will happen if Rohit meets Payal. Adi comes to meet Avantika. He asks about Payal 2 and didi? Avantika says they are in room and Harish went out. Pankhudi calls Adi, Adi says he is at mom’s place and will take time to come.

Adi tells Harish that he should be there for Rubel’s marriage. Harish says he won’t attend the marriage. Latika comes and pats on Rohit. Rohit asks, who are you?.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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