Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arif talking to Ayesha. She says I have a dream to become a big fashion designer. She gets a call from Adi and ends it. Ghalib looks at Adi. She gives some advice to Arif and he does not listen to her. Arif asks her to think new, and fresh. She smiles and says you speak well, write a book. Adi calls her again. She keeps disconnecting. He asks her to talk. She says no, its driver’s call. Adi says how will I wait here. He sits under a tree. He says she will be angry if I go in. Ghalib says Adi looks mad wasting his and my time.

Sheela runs on the tread mill. Rubel asks her why is she doing this. Sheela says I m doing this as I m much angry. She says I don’t know why are we making Payal stay here. He says if you want Payal to leave, she has to go from here. Rubel says I don’t want to talk on this topic. She says we have to take any decision. He says right now, I don’t understand. He says don’t remind me that I lost my child and leaves. Sheela says I understand and this time I will take a decision.

Ayesha comes out and sees Adi sitting under the tree. Ghalib sees Ayesha and says what was she doing inside. Adi tells Ayesha that he came to take her. He says I m here since morning, why are you doing here. He says so that I can be sure you are fine. She gets angry and scolds him. Ayesha says move, I have to go. Adi says no way, lets go together. She thinks its hot, and she should go in AC car. She says fine, but say sorry sitting on your knees. He asks why. She blackmails. He says sorry sitting down. Ghalib sees Adi holding his ears. Ayesha says fine.

Adi smiles and she holds his hand. She says make me have gola. He says fine, come. They leave in the car. Ghalib follows them. He says whats going on in between them, I have to find out. Nafisa hears Payal talking to her friend. Nafisa says Ayesha told me everything about you. Payal gets annoyed and says go and tell the media. Nafisa says I just wanted to say I felt bad for you. She says Ayesha should have not stopped you. Payal is surprised.

Nafisa says you have much patience, and fills her ears. Payal leaves. Nafisa stops her and says where are you going. Payal looks at her angrily and leaves. Nafisa smiles and says go fast, don’t worry about Rubel, I will keep him happy. Adi makes Ayesha have golas. Ghalib says she did not talk to me like this before, whats good in Adi that she is ready to call him husband. He says if you are nit mine, I won’t let you become anyone else’s. He throws a stone and Adi sees it. He saves Ayesha and they fall.

Ghalib hides and sees Ayesha hurt. Ghalib says they are not scared and more closer, I will show them. He throws another big stone and Adi sees him. Adi runs after him.. Ghalib flees in an auto. Ayesha scolds Adi for touching her. He says I was touching for your good, seeing the wound. He says who can it be. She says maybe your business rival, was it Ghalib. Adi says yes, maybe, you are right. He makes her sit in the car.

He says I felt good hearing my name from you. Rubel comes home and Nafisa sees him much worried. She says I think I should talk to him. She asks him why is he worried. She says Ruksaar want to go out, so can we take her out. Rubel says I will ask the driver. She says my mum won’t like this, you would have taken us, its fine, I will explain Ruksaar. Rubel says I m sorry. She says its ok. She says come with me to have tea in outhouse. He agrees and goes with her.

Adi brings Ayesha home and applies ointment on her wound. Ghalib gets angry thinking of them and says I have to keep an eye on them and be careful. Adi holds her hand and she scolds him. He says your name can change but my love can’t change. Pyaar ka dard hai……………..plays…………….

Ruksaar asks Ayesha to choose between Adi and Arif.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  1. Nafisaa !!!! Damn why is she acting villian 🙁 …. hate her

  2. Me too….i hate nafisa…..
    Payal is a nice girl…only thing was she does’nt get Rubel’s time…and she is not able to get a solution to it…. she took decisions in anger and haste…..which is showing her in bad light!! And that useless,bossy female…nafisa is taking advantage of poor Rubel’s depression!!!!!!

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