Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha saying she did this on her mum and Harish’s insistence. Nani defends her and faints being hyper. Payal takes her inside. Anuj comes and asks what happened, why are you all not ready. Rustam leaves asking someone to collect fax. Nafisa tells Arif that he is Dr. Rustam, who treats Adi. Arif says lets leave, I will talk to Mehra. Nafisa sees the pics and asks whose is it. Nurse says its Kullu’s landslide accident pics. Nafisa says even Pankhudi dies in it. Arif says lets go now. Nafisa sees a pic and is shocked.

She sees Pankhudi’s pic. Anuj talks to Adi and says this should have not happened, but I m a father so I understand why Harish did this. Adi says I don’t have time, I will go Kullu back and find Pankhudi. Sheela says what will get there. She says Harish did this so that you stay at home, but how will you understand this. Anuj says when he is at our place, then he will understand. Rubel says look Adi, I m not supporting Harish but I feel you should not go back to Kullu. Adi says I will go Kull, I don’t need anyone here.

Harish stops Adi and asks what does he want. He says you can’t take revenge by going Kullu, if you don’t get Pankhudi whole life, will you not come back home. Adi says yes, don’t show concern. Harish says son…. Adi says don’t call me son, you lost this right. Harish cries. Adi fumes on him. Ayesha stops Adi. She says I don’t know what you think about me. Harish wanted my help, so I came Mumbai. She says then I met you before time, the plan was ruined.

She says I could have told you, but I did not, seeing your happiness. She defends Harish. Adi leaves. Everyone looks on. Rustam sees the images and says I wanted more. Nurse says fax machine is not working. He calls someone to get more images. Rubel says hiw can everyone justify themselves. Payal says Ayesha has no shame. Anuj says it was hard for her too, to do this drama, to live a new identity. Sheela says but she wanted to take Pankhudi’s place, kick her out. Ayesha says enough, I m going to London tomorrow and my family will leave then, you can take money for rent.

Harish says I brought her here, tell me if you have any anger. He says you go to outhouse Ayesha. Ayesha says I want to meet Adi for last time. Sheela says no need to ghurt him again. Harish says fine, you can meet him. He says Adi will calm down, he will come and hug his dad. She asks where did he go. Harish says I think I know. Nafisa sees the fax and shows Arif the pic, she says it means Pankhudi is really dead. The timing is good. She says we wo’t need fake DC now, we can get the real, then Ayesha’s drama end. Arif says yes, she will be stuck here then.

Adi thinks about Ayesha and their kiss. He thinks about Pankhudi. Ayesha comes to him and sees him sad. Nilofer asks Harish why did this happen, don’t know what Ayesha is going through, I m worried for her. He says Adi will not scold Ayesha, I know my son. She says its good everything became clear. She says we should not be linked again now. Nafisa comes home and sees Harish leaving.

Ayesha comes to Adi. She says I know you are annoyed with me, but still I won’t go without telling whats in my heart, as I can’t live the burden that I cheated someone. She accepts her mistake of not telling him, but seeing his love for Pankhudi, she did not had guts to tell him the truth. She says don’t be quiet, get angry. Adi says you are not at fault, we were strangers, but dad, my family, they cheated me. He says I should be guilty, I used to claim my right on you, kept you in wrong situations and you did not tell me, I m shocked by your goodness, you risked your life for me.

He says I m sorry Ayesha. You are free from today, you can live your life freely, no tension of any Adi. He says you are going London tomorrow and I will start finding my Pankhudi again, our ways will be different, but if we meet again, then…… She cries. He holds her hand and says I will be happy meeting a friend.

Nilofer asks Ayesha to leave her past here, Ayesha says she wants to meet everyone for the last time.

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