Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avantika and Ayesha coming home. Ayesha thinks Avantika scolded her on the way, and Poonam did the right thing to call police. Ayesha says if they teased us more, what would we do, if police comes late then, police can’t be around us everytime, I did self defense, I don’t think fighting for oneself is wrong in law. Avantika looks at her. Sheela asks Avantika is she fine and she scolded everyone. She taunts Ayesha. Avantika says eve teasing was wrong in every way, what Poonam did was right, but what Ayesha did was also right. Everyone is shocked.

Avantika says I completely agree with Ayesha, a girl can’t wait for police, a girl should know self defense tricks, I have decided I will promote self defense in every school of Mumbai, every girl should know self defense. They will get trained free of cost. Everyone smile. Adi is glad and claps. Payal and Rubel solve all their matters. They cry and patch up. Payal apologizes for being so materialistic and hugs him. Ayesha says she wants to see his film. Harish says we will keep film screening tomorrow just fro family. Poonam says he can get promotions too. Harish says he does not have time and funds for it. Anuj says don’t worry, I spoke to Avantika, we will hire someone for promotions. Adi hugs him. Everyone is confident about his film. Poonam does not make Ayesha speak and talks to Adi. Ayesha feels bad being cornered.

Sheela says tell me will press come there. Adi says yes, they will take your interview. Sheela asks Poonam to help her. Payal says Rubel lets start fresh, I know I should have told this before, but I m saying now, can’t we make a new start in good way. Rubel says ofcourse Payal, better late than never. He says I m happy that I got my Payal back, I don’t want anything else. He hugs her. She says she will go and apologize to Nafisa. He nods yes and smiles. She thinks thanks Poonam for making her realize this. Rubel thinks thanks Ayesha for making this possible.

Avantika is glad that Adi and Harish have a good opinion about Poonam. She says its hard to impress her son. Harish says lets talk about film now. Rubel and Payal come home happily. Sheela thinks how are they together. Rubel says Payal changed and we are together. Sheela asks what did Payal do. Payal says its Rubel’s goodness that he has forgiven me. Sheela says but I agreed to him and apologized to Ayesha. She gets angry on Rubel and says Poonam did many mistakes and he is covering it. Sheela speaks against Payal saying she is greedy. Sheela calls everyone out.

Sheela tells everyone that Payal was drunk yesterday night. Rubel says yes, she had much drinks, but trust me, it was my mistake, Payal was upset because of me. He says everything is sorted between us after 2 years. He holds Payal’s hand and says all problems are over, we decided we will make a new star. Adi says its really awesome. Everyone smile. Payal apologizes to them. She says she wants to thank someone who made her realize his mistake. She goes to Poonam and thanks her.

Rubel is shocked seeing Payal hugging Poonam. Avantika says fine. He says wait a min, we should thank ………… Ayesha says Rubel and stops him from saying. Ayesha asks Sheela to hug Payal as everyone has forgiven her. Nani says yes. Sheela hugs Payal. Ayesha goes away. Ayesha comes to her room and talks to Pankhudi’s pic. Rubel comes and asks why did she do this, and stop him from telling everyone that it was her plan. She says whats the difference, I did not wish Nafisa’s name to come in between, go and spend time with Payal now. He thanks her and says you and Pankhudi are same, she also found her happiness in other’s happiness, thanks again. She thinks she could not win anyone’s hearts.

Adi asks Ayesha to come on site for boutique. He asks Poonam to come along Ayesha. Ayesha is thinking what to do.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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