Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi asking Nafisa about Ayesha. She says she is not at home. Adi says fine. Avantika asks Sawant to use his sources and find her. Adi worries. Harish talks to Pankhudi. She asks why did police come, is everything fine. He asks her to take rest. The trio bring Ayesha somewhere and talk how they have smartly managed the police by hiding Pankhudi in morgue. Ayesha thinks yes, foolish, she came with them, their band will play now as they got Ayesha, not Pankhudi. She thinks how she found Pankhudi and took her place. The FB shows the morgue scene. She thinks what does they want from Pankhudi. The trio plan to keep the secret always the secret. Ayesha thinks to find out and end all risks from Pankhudi’s head.

Sawant says we checked everywhere, the nurse was not from Diwaan mansion. Adi says the driver was also not right. Anuj tells Sheela that Kaira is coming to see Rubel. Sheela worries. Adi asks Saleem does he know the driver. Saleem says no, he was from my village. Sawant asks where will we get him. Saleem says he does not know anything and asks Adi to explain him. He says he came suddenly asking for work. Adi trusts him and says those people are smart. Pankhudi smiles meeting her family.

Everyone come to ask Dr Rustam about Rubel. Sawant gets to knowa bout the van which was stolen, and the people changing their car and running. Adi gets Avantika’s call. Avantika asks Adi to come fast. Adi asks Anuj and Payal what happened to Rubel. Payal cries. Adi asks whats the matter. Harish says iys backbone is broken. Adi is shocked. Harish says his nerves is damaged and doctor said he can’t stand on his feet. Adi says what does this mean, how can this be possible. Sheela cries. Dr. Rustam says you guys got it wrong, I said there are chances, let the reports come, I was just warning you.

Adi says he wants to meet Rubel. Dr Rustam says not now. Adi says you have to make him fine. He asks him not to worry. Ambika tells Pankhudi that she had a mannat for his recovery. Nani tells Kaira wanted to come, but I left her at home. She asks Bau ji to take care of Pankhudi. Nilofer comes there and confronts Nani about Ayesha. Nani says this is Pankhudi, let her rest, we will talk outside. Adi comes and Nilofer asks where is my Ayesha. Adi says come out, I will explain. Nilofer says no, tell me here. Nafisa looks on. Pankhudi asks who is Ayesha. Nilofer says she is my daughter and….. Avantika says she is our family member.

Avantika says Ayesha is helping me in work and asks Nilofer not to worry. Nilofer asks where is she. Adi says we don’t know where she is. Nilofer and Nafisa are shocked. Adi says police will find her. Nilofer says maybe the goons took Ayesha thinking she is Pankhudi. Pankhudi asks what is she saying, who is Ayesha. Avantika says it’s a long story, Ayesha is your look alike. Pankhudi is shocked. Pankhudi asks but where did you get her. Adi says first thing is to get Ayesha back. Pankhudi promises Nilofer that they all will get Ayesha back. Everyone smile.

She says she will help the police. Ayesha hears the people talking about the flat. Sahil gets angry on Sangeeta and says he is fed up of running. Anshul asks him to forget everything. Sahil says I can’t forget that one night. Ayesha hears them.

Sangeeta asks Anshul and Sahil to calm down and think how to get out. Sahil says we have to take Pankhudi out of Mumbai.

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