Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th September 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pankhudi telling Chachaji and Chachiji to pack their bags as very soon they will leave this house. She offers tea, much to their anger, then drinks herself and asks them to get tea from kitchen. She leaves. Chachiji tells We won’t go, You have to leave so pack your bags.

Anuj tells Avantika that sadly, you have influenced Pankhudi. He don’t like the way Pankhudi is behaving with Chachaji and Chachiji. Avantika says I am sorry that you don’t like but I’ m proud of Pankhudi. She should behave like that only. She says there is no point in arguing.

Pankhudi and Adi comes to some place. Adi says that he didn’t know this place and Rubel told him about this place. Pankhudi says this place is beautiful and says she likes Taj Mahal. She

says Taj mahal was a symbol of love. Adi says but Rani didn’t saw it, what is the use of it. Adi says whatever one wants to do, have to do infront of his life partner so that she can appreciate it. Adi says he won’t do as such. Pankhudi says she was thinking something. Adi asks what? Pankhudi says she have to call Mom. Adi asks her to call mom and maasi. Adi says he have to make a call to the office. Adi and Pankhudi comes to tatoo designer seperately. Adi asks the tatoo designer to write Pankhudi’s name where as Pankhudi asks him to write Adi name. while the designer are doing the tatoo, Adi and Pankhudi feels pain. Pankhudi wipes her tears after it is done.

Chachaji tells Chachiji that the lawyer called him and said he is going for some days outside Mumbai. Chachiji says Adi will search for this will and asks them to keep it in lawyer’s office. Kapil says it will be safe in Lawyer’s office. He tells Chachaji that he will keep this will in lawyer’s office. Chachaji says ok, he will get the taxi. Kapil thinks after getting the will work, next will be Pankhudi on his hit list.

Adi reaches somewhere, may be stadium and wonders where is Pankhudi, she didn’t come. Just then Pankhudi comes, Adi asks where were you? Pankhudi says she has a surprise and asks him to close his eyes. Adi says he have a surprise too. Both of them argues. Adi says ok, we will open the surprise together, they turns on opposite site and open the eyes. Pankhudi and Adi asks where is the surprise. Pankhudi says backside. She shows him the tatoo which has Adi’s name written on her neck. Adi kisses her and she feels him. Adi asks him, is it paining. Pankhudi says little. Adi asks then why you did you did it. Adi says you spoiled my surprise and shows her the tattoo on him. Pankhudi is touched while the song pyaar ka dard hain plays. He rests on her lap.

Rubel sees Chachaji and Kapil going somewhere in the middle of night and wonders where they are going so late at night. He thinks he have to find out.

Adi and Pankhudi recalls their old memories. Pankhudi says she didn’t know why she loves him this duffer. Adi says you are a duffer that you didn’t accept your love for me and went to kulu to marry.

Adi and Pankhudi recalls their memories of their marriage when Adi filled her forehead with vermillion. Adi says he took sometime to accept it. pankhudi says you took so many weeks, months. Then they recalls Adi confessing his love for Pankhudi while the pyaar ka dard hain song plays in the BG. Adi and Pankhudi smiles and Adi kisses Pankhudi affectionately. Adi and Pankhudi dances romantically on the song Aaj main hun aaj tu hain aur mohabbat hain…. haan yeh chahat hain…… aur mohabbat hain….

Rubel follows Chachaji and sees him talking to the watchman. Watchman says he can’t go inside, but Chachaji asks him to call Bhatia. Watchman says ok. Chachaji sits in the car and goes inside. Rubel thinks, why they came to Bhatia’s house, may be they came for will issue. I can’t go else they will get suspicious.

Kapil talks to some goon and asks him, whether he got the photo. He says yes, Kapil asks him to do the work and he will inform him about the time. Chachiji comes and hears everything. He turns around and tells Chachiji that their tension will be gone tomorrow. Chachiji smiles.

While everyone is sitting for breakfast, Latika comes and greets them. Sheela taunts her for coming back. Latika says she came back as this is her house. Rubel sends an sms to Pankhudi asking about Adi. It reads he needs to talk urgent. Pankhudi replies he is just coming. Chachiji notices that they are exchanging sms. Sheela tells Pankhudi that Chachiji is very happy with your return as you has snatched everything. I mean home responsibility. Chachiji says you are right and tells Pankhudi that she was taking care of everything and taunts saying today’s daughter in law. Adi comes and asks Revathi to get ready as they are going to Music academy to get her admission. Revathi is shocked. Chachiji is shocked while Anuradha and Pankhudi smiles….

Pankhudi is waiting for someone, may be Adi. Kapil’s goon call him and says this is the right chance to kidnap this girl. Kapil says don’t do anything but keep an eye on her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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