Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the reporters asking questions to Avantika about her affair and Ayush being her son. Rubel manages the media and asks them to leave. Rubel says he will see to it that this news is not printed. They all wonder how did media get to know this. Rubel says he spoke to his friends and they are shocked too. Pankhudi pacifies Ayush. Ayush says why was Adi fighting with them, its bad. Pankhudi says Ayush is scared, take him to room, I will be with Adi. Avantika takes Ayush. Payal asks the reporter to print all info in papers tomorrow and he will get the payment. She says sorry Avantika Bua, you want to rule in this house, see tomorrow. She thinks she hires the reporter. Sheela comes to Payal. She asks did any reporter call you. Payal says she did not give any comment.

Sheela asks did she do all this. Payal says you feel I don’t care for this house. Sheela says I will kick out you of my house, if you are behind this. Adi apologizes to Avantika and asks her to follow her routine, what if anyone questions. She says yes, I did not do any mistake, why should I run away, I m ready to face any question. Adi says I love you mum. She says I love you too Adi. Pankhudi serves food to Harish. The door bell rings. Mr and Mrs Sinha come there. Pankhudi greets them. Sinha says its our 40th wedding anniversary party and we came to invite you all. Pankhudi says you are lucky, very few people get this chance.

Mrs. Sinha says the time was not same, but bad time passes by our togetherness. Sinha says husband and wife means supporting each other and not seeing the lesser things. It makes Harish think. They leave. Pankhudi says they told good words, can you not forget mum’s past. Its morning, Rubel sees the news and calls everyone. He shows the news and says this is ridiculous, how did they get accurate details about Ayush. Rubel says I did not say this details to my friends, it means someone is leaking it.

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Anuj says did Mrs. Verma do this. Pankhudi says why will she do this. Sheela says then who knows this. Avantika says anyways, the damage is done, I m going office. Sheela asks her to stay at home for few days. Avantika says no, people will think I m wrong. Pankhudi asks her not to go alone. Adi says I m coming with you mum. Avantika says promise you will control your emotions. Ayush says I will also come. Pankhudi says they are going for boring work, we will be at home and play game. Avantika thanks Pankhudi and leaves with Adi.

The reporters stop their car and Adi asks the driver to keep going. Sheela asks Pankhudi who is doing all this. Pankhudi says don’t know, only our family knows this, but Mrs. Verma won’t do this, else she would have done it before and not got Ayush here. Sheela says yes. Ayush comes there and shows newspaper pic of Adi beating reporter. He says I want to become he man like him. Pankhudi says have food first and goes. Sheela says once I get proof against Payal, I will see her.

Avantika and Adi are at office and ask Anita to request press to leave. Anita says govt senior have called a meeting. Avantika asks which one, about the news printed today. Anita says yes, they are waiting. Avantika says I m coming. Avantika and Adi come in the meeting. She says I know what printed in newspaper, you all are concerned by it. She says each and every word is true, Ayush is my son, its my personal issue and I don’t think it will affect my work. The man says but this will affect society and people will question on your character. Adi says you can’t say this.

Avantika says I did not do anything wrong. Mr Singh says you are public figure and we want to resign from this chair and post. Avantika says I think you have wasted your time, I will not resign. He says then we will take another step against you. She says I will maintain my dignity. Adi says its really sad to see hypocrites in society, you talk about women empowerment and equal rights, and making a dutiful lady resign, yes Ayush was her son before the wedlock, it does not mean her talent and hardwork does not matter. He says good day and leaves with Avantika.

Ayush plays and asks Pankhudi is Harish is dad too, if he is Adi’s dad. Shanky comes and says Adi and Avantika came from office, they look worried. She asks Ayush to make painting to make Avantika happy. Avantika tells everyone that they want her to resign. Rubel says its unfair. Avantika says yes, so I did not resign. She gets a letter and reads it. She says govt sent me termination letter. Anuj says we can file case in court. Sheela says no, it will be big issue. Adi says if mum is quiet, they will think she is guilty, she can’t give up chair so easily. Avantika says she wants to call press conference and end this issue.

Adi says there will be many such questions in conference. She says we have to face it one day, and I have family with me. Pankhudi says yes, we are together. She goes. Anuj tells everything to Harish. He says she wants to make it clear that she did not do anything wrong. Harish says when people ask about her character, its tough. Anuj asks him to talk to Avantika. Harish thinks if Avantika does not care about her respect, he will not do anything this time.

Avantika apologizes to Harish for hiding this from him, and she knows he is seeing this press conference. She says she is taking Ayush and going to US forever. Harish sees all this on tv and is shocked.

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