Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nani asking Ayesha what happened between her and Adi. Adi comes and says 1 min Nani. Everyone look at him. Adi walks towards Ayesha. He looks at her and takes her infront of Pankhudi’s pic. He looks at the pic and holds it being sad. He asks her who is she. Nani and Harish get tensed. Sheela says whats this question, she is your Pankhudi. Adi says no, she is not my Pankhudi. Adi says she is not my Pankhudi, maybe Ghalib was right, she is his Ayesha. Rubel says wahts wrong, you said yesterday night that she is remembering everything.

Adi says no, she is not, I know Pankhudi’s every breath, she is not her, so I could understand she is not my Pankhudi. He cries and says she is not her. He holds her and asks why did you try to become Pankhudi. Nani says she is Pankhudi. Adi says no, she can’t be Pankhudi. Her mum lied to us, I don’t know why. Nani says I know her, why will she lie. Adi looks at her and asks are you involved with them. You knew this right, tell me the truth. He says you did this with me, who gave you this right to take this big decision of my life. Nani cries.

Harish says enough Adi, its not Nani’s mistake, its my mistake. He says you said it right, she is not Pankhudi, but Ayesha. Everyone is shocked. He says let me complete my talk, then you can say. He says I went to Lucknow for shooting two months ago and I saw her there. Nafisa talks to Arif and says she is not Pankhudi. He says are you serious. Nafisa asks her to stop Ayesha in Mumbai else he can’t marry her. Arif says why are you doing this, what help do you want. She says I want a fake death certificate to prove she is Ayesha, they will make her stay there. Arif says if they take any legal action against her. She says no, just do what I say.

Arif says fine. He says we have to go where the victims were taken. Nafisa says I knew you will help me and smiles. She says you really loved Ayesha. She says if Ayesha’s lie is proved, she will break and she will come to you. He says I got the doctors who are working on Kullu victims. Adi cries. Harish says I did this to give you your life back, but fate did not want this, as my plan failed. He says I brought Ayesha here as Pankhudi. I m sorry son.

Arif and Nafisa come to meet a doctor Mehra and asks for fake DC. Rustam says he will get some fax from Dr. Mehra about Kullu victims face reconstruction. Arif says my friend needs it, trust me, his life will not go ahead. Dr. Mehra agrees as its for a good cause. The fax comes and Arif looks at it. Adi asks why did you do this dad. Harish says it was my plan. Ayesha cries. Harish says I just wanted to give you a life, you forget Pankhudi and start a new life, so I did this. Adi says you tried to end my reason to be alive. He says how can you think you will give me new life by killing Pankhudi. He asks who gave you this right to take this decision.

Harish says you did not grow so big to question me. Adi says I m not so small that you take decision for my life without asking me. Adi says it was my wife’s matter. I lost so much time, Pankhudi might be waiting for me, where will be she, in what state. Harish is shocked seeing his madness again. Nani explains Adi its not Harish’s mistake. Adi asks Payal, Sheela and Rubel did they know she is Ayesha. Rubel says no. Adi breaks down as he is unable to believe anyone.

Rubel consoles Adi. Adi says I will do what I want, don’t touch me. Nani says Pankhudi will never come now, she is…. Adi says what, she is dead? He asks Harish does he have any proof of her death.

Arif and Nafisa wait in Mehra’s cabin. She sees the fax machine and sees some pics. She sees Rustam coming and keeps it back. She hides with Arif. Sheela says I understand Adi, calm down now. She says Harish was right, if children are not happy, think what does parents’ suffer. Rubel says you mean parents’ cal decide for their children. Sheela says yes, I can do the same. Payal says its Ayesha’s mistake, what was the use to do this drama. Harish says no, we have forced her, it was just bad luck. Rubel says yes, Ayesha did this because of Harish, he is at fault.

Payal says did she feel good being Pankhudi here. Sheela taunts Ayesha and says you bumped into Adi, to come in this house, seeing we are rich. Ayesha says enough Mami ji, you are crossing your limit.

Harish tells Adi that will he not come home if he does not get Pankhudi all his life. Adi says yes, don’t call me son, you lost this right.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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