Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Payal asking Rubel to drink the milk. Rubel says no. Payal asks him to take care of his health. Rubel says I am absolutely fine. Payal says, whenever you go out I will come with you. Rubel asks, is everything alright at home? Adi is looking changed. Payal says, everything is fine. But Mom is upset. She asks him to sleep. Preeti tells someone that this hospital is associated with her mother’s name. She can’t malign her reputation. They say patients are without medical help and if anything happens with anyone then media can hype it. Sameer says, I will talk to doctors and says decision was not needed. Journalist Suhani comes to Deewan Mansion to take their interview. She asks for Adi. Adi greets her. Suhani greets Rubel. Rubel says I am good. Suhani asks, with whom I shall asks question first. Adi says, ofcourse me. Suhani asks him to whom he will give credit for his success. Adi says, I will give success credit to only you. Adi says, whatever I got today is because of my hardwork. He says, when I joined this company, this company have reached the top. I am the only reason for the company’s achievements. Everyone are shocked. Avantika tells Suhani that we are not prepared for the interview. Suhani says ok, no problem. Adi asks, what is the problem. Avantika asks her to excuse them. Suhani leaves. Adi says, I don’t get this. I don’t have free time like others.

Avantika says, do you realise what answers you have been giving in the interviews. Adi says, I can’t say thank you in every interview and says fact is company’s turnover is increased because of me. Avantika says, thousands of employees work for the company. Adi says, they get cheque for it. Adi says, I am capable that’s why you have made me MD. Anuj says, you are capable but your way of saying is wrong. Adi says, when you have make me MD then why you are guiding me. Avantika scolds him. Rubel tries to protect Adi. Avantika says, I wants to know what is going on in his head. Adi asks her not to over react. He says, I am face of the company. Anuj asks him not to forget that Deewan group will be remembered by Purushottam Deewan. Adi says, that’s what we have to changed. He says, Purushottam Deewan is past and Aditya Kumar is present and future. If we want to see your future successful then we have to forget our past. Everyone are shell shocked. Avantika slaps him hard. Mangal and Padma are happy. Avantika asks, what is wrong with you? Adi says, what is wrong with you? Why you are trying to dictate me everything. I am not a kid. I am the boss of this company. I have power. Avantika says, you have forgotten your values and your nanu. She says, those who respect the past gets successful. She says, I have taken the decision. Aditya Kumar will not be a MD of the company from now onwards.

Avantika says, I am freeing your from the responsibilities of MD. Rubel says, I want to talk to Adi. Adi says, I don’t need anyone’s favour. Avantika asks Rubel not to feel bad for him. Rubel says, company needs a MD. Avantika declares Rubel to be the next MD. Adi is in tears and recalls his promise made to Sheela. Avantika says, this decision is final. Rubel says, I won’t accept it. Avantika says, you will take over Adi’s responsibilities and Adi will work at the site at the lowest level. Adi accepts her decision. Adi tells Rubel that you deserve the chair and position. Harish and Pankhudi feels bad for Adi. Adi goes to his room.

Preeti comes home. Nirmala asks, where is Sameer? Preeti says, Sameer is negotiating with the doctors. Nirmala gets tensed as Sameer is alone. Preeti says, I came to take the documents and going back. Adi talks with Nanu’s photo and says sorry for speaking against him. He says, please forgive me once. Pankhudi comes. Adi says, mom is hurt. Pankhudi says, she will feel proud when she get to know the truth. Adi says, I can’t tell anyone and feeling helpless. Pankhudi says everything will be fine. Pankhudi says, I hope mami ji is happy now.

Mangal asks Sheela to have sweets. He says, Avantika is very clever and made Rubel MD of the company. Padma says, Didi will get her rights. Mangal says, I want my justice. Anuj tells Avantika that you took this decision in a hurry. Avantika says, no. I don’t know what is wrong with Adi. I can’t let anything bad happen with Dad’s company. She asks Harish, why you are silent. Harish says, don’t stretch the topic. Forgive Adi and let Rubel be the MD. Avantika says, I can’t forgive him. Adi tells Pankhudi that he is suffocating and wants to go somewhere. Pankhudi agrees. Rubel tells Payal that he can’t believe. How could Adi do this. Payal says, even I can’t believe. Rubel says, thing is something else which we are unable to see. He says I am 100 percent sure that somewhere something is amiss.

Rubel asks Adi to answer him and asks why you have done this. Adi is speechless. Rubel says, if you don’t answer then I will jump from here. Pankhudi tries to stop him. Adi is still silent.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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