Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Revathi singing a song Iss rang ko iss sang ko….., uff kya mohabbat hain. she smiles. Everyone applauded her for her singing. Rubel says he raise the toast for Adi, Pankhudi and all of them for their unity and togetherness. He says sorry to Adi for his mistakes and for everything else. He says he is sorry for the car which Adi liked but he asked from Dadaji. They hugs in groups with Pankhudi, Kaira, Revathi and Anuradha. Anuradha thanks them for involving them in their group.

Rubel says I know you have to talk to me about the will but spare tonight for Pankhudi as she is the one who missed you much. He gives him jeep keys and asks him to take Pankhudi for a ride. He leaves with Kaira. Adi asks Pankhudi, shall we leave. Pankhudi says where they will go at night. Adi says they will go and have icecream. In the car, Pankhudi asks Adi to drive slowly. Adi asks are you feeling sacred. She says no. Adi says I want to reach on the clouds with you. He sounds happy while riding the jeep. Pankhudi asks Adi, why you are surprised. She says she can’t trust him. Adi says can’t you trust your husband. They starts their usual nok jhok. Adi laughs. Pankhudi says all husband’s are like that. She says she won’t have icecream.

Pankhudi says every person believes in something. Adi says until you start having icecream, I will eat two icecreams in a day. Anuj calls Gupta (Pankhudi’s Dadaji) and says he needs his help. Dadaji asks what? Anuj says something which is muted for us. He says Pankhudi should make Revathi understand and she is provoking Revathi. He asks Dadaji to tell Pankhudi that she should make Revathi understand. Dadaji says Pankhudi knows what she is doing and he is with her in every step. He says I won’t stop her. Anuj says it is ok and I forgot that you are her Dada.

Pankhudi and Adi are in the Jeep and Pankhudi says she has changed after marriage. Adi says he too has changed after their marriage. Adi jokes that she is attached to him like a bat. Pankhudi says you are a blood sucking vampire. Adi says ok, now see, how I will ride the jeep fast. Pankhudi says sorry while the song Pyaar ka dard hain plays. Both of them eyelocks and smiles.

In the morning, Avantika comes to Preeti’s office and says she needs to talk to her. Preeti asks, is there any new problem. Avantika asks is everything fine at home. Preeti says everything is fine, just have small issues at home. Avantika says you should not lie to me.

Adi tells Rubel that there is no point in taking risk. Adi gives him coffee, Rubel says don’t try to bribe me by giving coffee. Rubel says I insists that we have to accept the proposal. Adi says he have to take Pankhudi on a date and says he is thinking where to take her. Rubel says he knows some place. Adi says give me the address and have coffee. Rubel asks him to sign on the proposal and he will give the address. Preeti says she will sort out her problems as her relation is very precious. Avantika says ok. Preeti says she is understanding relations after her marriage.

Avantika sees Anuj, Anuj asks how come you are here in office. Avantika says sorry as she didn’t inform him. Anuj says it was your decision. Avantika says you should have stopped me. Pankhudi comes to chachaji and asks him not to drink the tea given by Chachiji. She says don’t think I am concerned about you. She says you are guests for us. she asks chachiji to pack her bags fast as they have to go from here soon.

Pankhudi and Adi are there in some stadium and Pankhudi shows her tatoo which has Adi’s name. Adi kisses on the tatoo, while Pankhudi feels him. He asks what happened?

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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