Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sheela telling Pankhudi that she is upset with her as she stayed at Kamini place yesterday night and she has to do the work alone for Rubel’s roka ceremony. Kaira tells Pankhudi that Rubel has gone mad and he is getting ready with much enthusiasm. Anuj speaks about Kaira’s marriage. Kaira says she will not marry as of now. Adi tells them that Preeti maasi can’t come as she has to go for some work. Pankhudi suggests they shall go to Preeti maasi’s home with Payal. Govardhan mama, Kamini mami and Payal 1 and her dad come and with the pleasantries. She asks for Sheela. Adi says she is getting ready as her bahu is coming. Avantika, Harish, Payal 2 and her mom come now. Harish asks for Rubel. Adi says he is getting ready. Rubel walks down the stairs and everyone looks at him happily. Rubel says sorry for keep them waiting. Harish pulls his leg. Avantika asks for Sheela. Kaira says she will come. Everyone settle down and then Sheela comes with the shagun plate. She looks at Payal 1 and then at Payal 2. Both of them stands up, Sheela proceeds towards Payal 2. She says this is my daughter in law nek/shagun. Pankhudi, Kamini, Govardhan, Payal 1 and her father get surprised and shocked.

Rubel is equally shocked. Sheela gives the shagun plate to Payal 2. Rubel says 1 min and says why you are joking even now. Sheela didn’t understand. Rubel says, you are giving shagun to the other Payal just to irritate me. Avantika says this is not a joke. Rubel asks, if he is getting married to Pankhudi’s cousin then why they are giving Shagun to Adi’s cousin. Everyone are shocked. Harish says what is this confusion and you are about to get married to my Payal. Rubel says he was talking about Pankhudi’s cousin Payal. Anuj asks, what he is thinking about. Rubel says he likes Payal 1. Pankhudi says she knows about it. Avantika asks, didn’t you and Adi communicated about it. Adi and Pankhudi says they didn’t realise that they were talking about the other Payal. Adi asks Rubel, why you misguide us. Rubel says he was talking about Payal 1. Adi says, you went for dinner with my cousin. Pankhudi says he went for dinner with Payal 1. Adi wonders how it happened. Harish says nobody knows about it. Rubel says he is very clear about his choice and says he likes Payal 1.

Payal 2 is heartbroken and gets tears in her eyes. Payal 2 goes near him and asks why he is joking. Rubel says he isn’t joking, he says sorry for the misunderstanding. She asks, then why did you sent sms to me? she shows the sms. Rubel says he sent this sms to Payal 1. Payal 2 asks, then why I got it. Rubel checks on his mobile and sees the number. He tells Adi that he thought he is communicating with Pankhudi’s cousin Payal.

Avantika says she saw him mingling with Payal 2. Rubel says to make them confortable. He apologizes to Payal 2 and says he can’t get engage to her. Payal 2 gets shattered and cries. Avantika conforts her. Pankhudi blames herself for the misunderstanding. Adi says you are not to be blamed. Sheela feels for Rubel. Govardhan mama and Kamini says they didn’t do right to agree for this. Harish says we shall decide what to do? Govardhan mama says lets talk about Rubel and Payal 1 marriage. Avantika asks,why Payal 2 should be punished. Kamini speaks infavour of Payal 1. Harish’s sister falls down unable to take it any longer. harish gets angry on Avantika.

Anuj says this confusion have happened because of the same name. Sheela asks, what to do now? Govardhan, Kamini, Payal and her father leaves. Payal 1 asks, are they satisfied after embarassing them. kamini says Rubel likes you. Payal 1 says but she don’t like him and she will not accept him. Payal’s dad says what we will answer to everyone. Payal 1 says, I will inform everyone about Rohit. Her father tries to convince her. She gets sms from Rohit asking her to marry Rubel. She gets shocked and teary eyed. Govardhan mama looks on as he might be behind Rohit’s message.

Payal 1 calls Rohit but he didn’t pick the call. Kamini asks, to whom she is calling again and again. Her Dad asks, what she is doing. Payal 1 tells her Dad that Rohit messaged her to marry Rubel and forget him. He says it is good that you came to know of his true nature. Govardhan mama says he is not good and asks her to marry Rubel. Payal 1 says she needs a answer for Rohit. Rohit is seen somewhere and his hands and legs are cuffed. He says Payal will be only his.

Payal 2 mother cries for her daughter’s. Harish blames himself. Adi says it was my mistake. Adi says sorry and says he will try to correct everything. Rubel comes there and says nothing will change and says sorry for the confusion. Payal’s mum says we shall leave now. Harish says we shall leave now.

Govardhan mama asks Payal 1, whether she wants to wait for Rohit. Payal 1 asks, why he did this so suddenly. She says she can’t be happy with Rubel..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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